Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh Mothballs.

Well, I’m at Grandma’s this week.  No air condition, no internet.  JOY.  LOL.  Staying with Grandma for the week so my uncle can have a break and he’s taking his son (my cousin) camping for a few days. 

Poor Grandma, I didn’t realize how much her health had deteriorated since the last time I was up.  She seemed better today than yesterday, so I guess maybe she has good days and bad, but she spends a lot of time slumped over in her chair dozing off.  She kinda scares me a little because I’m afraid she’s going to just roll right off the chair but Uncle M says she does it all the time.  *sigh* 

I feel bad for her.  She doesn’t remember much either.  She asked me at one point if I had ever met her son and his wife…and she was talking about my parents.  She does know who I am, because when I pointed out myself (at around age 13 or so) in the picture with her son and his wife, she was like, “Oh, that’s right.  There you are.”  Poor thing.  I feel terrible for her.  I guess it’s been a couple of years since I was up last, but I just didn’t realize how far downhill she’s gone.  Speaking of that, I need to go look in on her….she’s getting ready for bed and she sits on the side of the bed and falls asleep instead of laying down.  =( 

I really can’t complain at all about my forgetfulness or being tired.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we could be a lot worse off. 

Oh, and the mothballs in the title…well, they’re also in my grandma’s basement.  I’m not sure what memory the smell of mothballs brings back, but there is something that just lurks at the edge of my consciousness every time I open the basement door and am smacked in the face by the odor.  I’m not positive, but I DON’T think it was exactly a happy memory.  LOL. 


  1. this is something you will never regret...... Our families is a great asset... probaly the most valueable... God bless you dear.... and enjoy the mothballs... LOL

  2. It's great that you're getting to spend time with your Grandma. I'm sorry she's not doing well. Enjoy the good moments!

  3. Aw. Sister Kelly has real good memories of her granny. Has she told you some stories. They make her smile.
    Tell my third baby her mama misses her awful bad!

  4. Well you'll never regret spending time with your family. Make the most of it chicka.... time goes by way too fast.

    I miss my Gran something awful. She was the BEST! I laugh out loud at some of the things we shared together. Back then it was tonz of work but I'd do it all over again just to get to kiss her cheek.


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