Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Just Don’t Know…

What to do with myself…

LOL…except that’s the only part of that song that fits right now.  LOL! 

And really, I know lots of things that myself should be doing, but myself is just not in the mood.  Like the kitty litter should totally be changed because I forgot it this morning when I took out the trash.  And there is laundry scattered all over my bed.  (I did it today, so we won’t be naked tomorrow…teehehe).  Not to mention there are a zillion things I could be doing to get ready for our trip to the state of the big O on Thursday.  But I don’t want to do anything.  Yuck.  Need some motivating.  *sigh*  Tomorrow is errands and then the MIL will be here tomorrow evening to house/kid/puppy sit the little mama and little baby and the two crazy puppies while we’re gone. 

I think tomorrow morning sounds like a great morning for coffee.  Maybe that will motivate me to pick my little self up and get all 11 hundred things done by the time I need to leave for errands at 9:30 in the morning.  LOL. 

The bad thing about being unmotivated is that Munchkin copies EVERYTHING I do.  So on the days when I am at a complete motivational loss, HEY…so is SHE.  Except that I can be perfectly happy vegging with a book or a magazine and NOT SO for her.  No, when SHE is at a complete motivational loss, it’s my job (she thinks) to be her entertainer.  Hello, I have my hands full trying to find my OWN inspiration, much less entertaining you while I’m at it.  LOL.  Maybe I should teach her that song.  It could be her theme…she goes through it at least once or twice a day.  (Like once in the morning when she gets out of bed and it lasts until lunch and then again after lunch and it lasts till bedtime.  LOL…j/k).  It hasn’t been so bad until the last couple of days when the rains and storms have killed pool time…lol.  Oh well. 

Anyway, so that’s life in our house.  In other news, some of the other pressure has started easing off.  ;-)  And that’s all I’ll say about that.

I think that’s the majority of the mess around here…the van was in the shop the last couple of days…getting the timing belt changed so we won’t have any issues in our travels over the next few weeks, so I stuck around the house the last few days since I wasn’t keen on packing us all in the batmobile to go anywhere unless it was an absolute necessity.  *grin*  Van’s back though, so tomorrow’s errands should be pretty simple. 

Would have been a little difficult packing 5 of us in the batmobile PLUS devil cat (I mean Snowball…hey, if KC can insult my dogs with every breath, I am SO not going to be forgiving of her hatefulness highness) since one of my errands is to get her hatefulness highness a rabies shot and grooming.  Heaven knows she needs to have that rabies shot…if she insists on sleeping on ME at night and then having the nerve to chomp into the back of my leg when I move the slightest half inch in my sleep….GRR.  At least my dogs are friendly.  They might knock ya down but they are totally loving on you while they’re knocking ya down.  ;-)  Hey honey, you know those titles you suggested awhile back?  I have one…Cat For Sale - $1 (Disclaimer: You could possibly die in your sleep with this purchase) ;-)

LOL.  Time to head for bed…later (if I don’t get eaten before morning….teehehe)!

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