Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Well, days keep flying past me…I don’t know where time is going.  Honestly, I don’t.  Suddenly being 90 seems just around the corner.  Well, okay, that’s a slight exaggeration but you know what I’m saying. 

Twenty-seven and it feels like just yesterday I was turning eighteen.  I remember being seven and thinking eight would NEVER arrive.  I think that was the turning point.  Every year after that, birthdays came faster and faster.  Now I just blink and another year is gone.  I mean, hello?  Wasn’t it just Christmas?  Has it really been almost a year since our beach vacation?  Didn’t Munchkin JUST START KINDERGARTEN?  And now there’s only two days left until she’s a rising first-grader?  WHA….?? 

Anyway.  It’s time for bed.  And I’m going to go close my eyes and it will be morning.  And I will feel like I’ve had no sleep.  As usual.  And then I’ll blink again and it will be Thursday and Munchkin will be out of school for the summer.  And wait…oh yes, then time will drag for awhile, I’m sure.  LOL.  Munchkin 24/7…that will make my days MUCH longer.  ;-) ;-)  lol!  Well, okay, probably not. 

Okay, I’m gone now.  But I was here.  I blogged.  Tata! 

PS This dog on my lap is not a lap dog size anymore….I blinked.  And then my lap shrunk.  ;-)


  1. So very true...same feeling here. 21!!! Half my life is gone....okay not really. I guess I'm a little prone to exaggeration as well ;)

  2. I know that feeling too. I was just telling Lori the other day that I remember being 12 and thinking 18 would never come. I remember thinking graduation day would never come and now I've (or you and me) have been out of school for 10 YRS!!!! Where does the time go? Now just how you are feeling.


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