Friday, June 04, 2010

Oh My.

It has been a week.  It’s been a week since I blogged, but really…it’s been a WEEK.  I have been running like crazy.  I’ve been back to the town we used to live in like every day this week…which isn’t such a big deal except you’re looking at a good half hour (especially when you follow those ridiculous speed limits which aren’t really for safety as much as revenue) each way plus time for appointments and such.  Plus, every time I turn around, I need something from the store, so between all that and Munchkin’s school drops and pick-ups, I’ve been in the van more than usual this week. 

The dogs are driving me NUTS….I think because I’ve had them crated for extra hours this week.  Don’t know what the kids problem is though….I can’t blame a crate for the way THEY are driving me nuts.  And just think, next Thursday I won’t have a Kindergartener anymore.  Except I’ll have that EX-Kindergartener for the entire summer.  LOL!  YIKES….

Wanted: Sanity Pills.  Desperately needed.  In case I don’t find any, I guess I’ll go with Midol…will probably work just as well.  LOL. 

Anyway, we went swimming a few days this week…when it wasn’t storming.  The pool is warming up nicely and the swimming is GREAT now!  *grin*  86 degrees today.  Woohoo.  The baby caught a cold and we took it to the doc today, so I missed most of the swim time with KC and the kids but I got back in time to get fifteen minutes or so in…lol.  Little Bit will be okay, I think…

Blogged over here on the private blog again.  Amazing as it seems, Little Mama and Little Bit have been here for 3 weeks already…soon be a month.  Crazy.  She fits right in, and hasn’t been a lick of trouble, *fingers crossed that it continues smoothly….lol* 

Well, it’s really time for bed.  I need to get up early in the morning and get some stuff done.  *sigh*  One good thing about Munchkin getting out of school….hopefully I will get a few mornings of sleeping in.  HA.  RIGHT.  Maybe if I threaten them with no movies for a month, MAYBE then they’ll stay in their beds past 7:15.  LOL.  Okay…I’m gone now.  LATER!


  1. can i be invited to your private blog?

    if your not comfortable with that I won't be offended so don't worry about it :)

  2. All I can think about in btwn. my busy-ness and this heat is spending time in the pool next door. And it's great...cause usually IF I'm home during the day, the neighbor's aren't and I have it to myself. LOL. When things slow down a bit for you, or when the kids are out of school, give me a call and we'll get together sometime.


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