Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I am so exhausted.  Have had a crazy week and not much spare time.  Don’t really have spare time now, but I’m here anyway.  LOL.  Not that anyone missed me…seems like everyone is busy these days, myself included.  ;-) 

I won’t bore anyone with the details of our crazy life, except to say that it’s just been filled with appointments and running hither and yon almost every spare minute.  And the spare minutes usually find us in the pool except it seems like it keeps storming on our pool time the last few times.  *sigh*  Oh well.  Probably a good thing….KC’s already been calling me Pocahontas from being out there so much.  LOL! 

Well, before it started storming on our pool time today, IMG_6871ewebI had to get a dead frog out of the pool filter…I was very gingerly pulling out the chlorine tabs around the dead dude when a live one jumped out at me.  Scared the fire out of me.  I went all girly and jumped back yelping.  LOL.  The frogs don’t generally creep me out except when I don’t really want to touch a dead one and then a live one jumps out at me when I don’t expect it.  Haha.  

Here’s a pic from another frog the other day…lol…Ahsoka was fascinated with it.  LOL.  I’m just glad she didn’t try to take a bite…that would have been discusting. 

Well, the schedule is insane for the rest of the week.  Actually all but one day from here to the end of June is completely free and I am doubtful that it will remain so.  LOL.  *sigh*  I kinda feel like I’m in the deep end of a swimming pool with no exit.  Treading water only works for so long before you get exhausted and sink.  lol.  Anyway….deep breath and here we go again. 


  1. well hopefully things will slow down for you soon. take deep breaths and relax. ;o)

  2. That's an awesome picture! I love it!! And I love frogs, but I've been startled by them before, too.

  3. LOL. I'm sure that would have scared the hibber-jibbers out of me too! Just where are all of these frongs coming from? Tell them to go live in the garden or flowerbeds. That way the keep the bug population down and your plants will thrive. We used to have a frog in our beds, but I don't know what happened to him.

  4. Just keep swimming, swimming, ..... lol
    Love you


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