Saturday, May 29, 2010

Where Do I Start?

I guess I’ve been cheating a bit by posting videos of my adorable dogs instead of posting real blogs….sorry…please forgive me.  I’ve been a little on the busy side this week, not to mention when it comes to my personal life, that’s been a little disgusting lately and I haven’t wanted to bore (or gross out anyone) so I’ve tried to stay away. 

But unfortunately, one can only do that so long before one runs out of cute videos and it turns into a bad (or sad) case of blog neglect.  And since I hate it when other people commit that crime, I’m here to keep from being the pot.  You know…the one that called the kettle black? 

Speaking of committing crimes…I went yard saling this morning, and although I consider it a crime for people to throw trash in their yard, put a price on it, and call it a yard sale, that was the only crime committed this morning.  I went yard saling LAST Saturday morning as well, only it didn’t go quite as well for me.  Not quite as well, as in, $255 out of my pocket and not a single piece of yard sale treasure to show for it.  I didn’t even GET to a yard sale…I drove all the way across town and right before I got to this gigantic yard sale I was headed to, I got a blue light and a nice WHITE slip of paper.  No pink warning for me.  So I turned around and just drove back home without even getting in one single yard sale.  Man, I consider every single one of those things I just mentioned to be a CRIME…seriously.  Everything except the part where I had just turned onto a different road, hadn’t noticed a speed limit sign yet, and was very clearly out in the country and it *SHOULD* have been 55, in which case 60 wasn’t a big deal, not to mention the fact that I was from out of town and not familiar with the area….that’s a mistake and deserves a warning, right?  Hello?  And I was even really nice and polite to Mr. State Trooper.  BUT ANYWAY!  This week I followed all the highway rules and regulations.  I even went 10 miles BELOW the speed limit just for safety’s sake.  Not to mention I had cops behind me like three separate times and I’m now 1000% paranoid.  Not even rolling stops today!  I was NOT going to ruin my yard sale time like it was ruined last Saturday.  But then every single yard sale I stopped at was nothing but junk and I didn’t buy a single thing.  Phoooo---eey.

And we won’t even DISCUSS how much of a crime it is that every mistake I make gets me pulled over and KC can pass in a no passing zone, be going at least 15 over the speed limit, and not have his seatbelt on and the cop will wave and drive on by.  And I suppose I’ll have to admit, it was probably a crime for me to drive home that Saturday praying fervently that KC would get a ticket on his way home that very day so that I could get a little empathy.  LOL! 

Moving on.  That gory-ness I mentioned earlier?  Well, I’ll just try to gloss over it, but I’m a total klutz (which anyone who knows me already knows) and totally ripped the top of my toe off almost up to my toenail on a sharp corner of the metal sawhorses in the garage.  Wearing flipflops and my toe slid underneath and I didn’t realize it and when I backed up, I tried to leave the top half of my toe under there.  I don’t even know how bad it was except that there really isn’t that much skin on the top of your toe anyway, so I’m guessing it was pretty close to the bone, I just closed my eyes and flipped the flap of skin back over the wound…and I’m not doing a very good job of glossing over this, am I?  Okay, well, skipping over the rest of that, I spent 3 days limping and bleeding through dozens of bandaids and was thisclose to going to the urgent care to get stitches, but it did finally stop bleeding every time I moved, and now it’s just blue and very sore.  Actually, my entire toe is blue and yellow, and looks kinda gross.  I’m sorry…I said I would gloss. 

I’m just making up for a week of not talking.  ;-) ;-) 

Speaking of not talking, I posted a full update on our kids situations on the private blog tonight.  If you don’t have access, feel free to shoot me an email. 

Also on the topic of not talking, I’m kinda proud of myself, because I was reading something the other day that was completely inaccurate and I wrote out this long comment disputing it with facts and maybe a little sarcasm and then decided that I should just hold my tongue for peace’s sake.  You know, Peace….that’s Pete’s sister.  ;-)  So I just closed out the screen, took a deep breath, and said, they’re entitled to their opinion, just like I’m entitled to mine.  Thank the Lord for that gentle nudge that said, “You really don’t need to say that, just leave it alone.”  Of course, I can’t say that I’m proud of the fact that I tried to rephrase my disagreement in all kinds of different ways and without the sarcasm to try to find some way to be able to disagree without disobeying that nudge, but when I couldn’t, at least I listened.  LOL.  And that’s the beauty of the internet…if I’d been in person, I’d just have blared out my opinion and had to retract it; on the internet, I can blare out my opinion, think twice about it and delete it without saying it.  *GRIN* 

What else from this week?  Oh yeah, Little Mama and Little Bit will be here til August.  She and I went out yesterday and thrifted up a brand new dresser for 15 buckaroos.  LOL…it was that cheap because the top was damaged, but we’re gonna use wood filler and then paint the entire booger black.  And since we are painting it anyway, I also picked up one of those bookshelf mirrors that was missing the dresser to go with it for 5 buckaroos….and we’ll just paint it to match the dresser.  It will work and that way she will have something to put her stuff in and a mirror to get ready in her own personal space.  So I was pretty psyched that we found a dresser and mirror for 20 bucks.  I’ll post before and after pics when I get it finished. 

Court was interesting…I had K-man and I wanted to be in the courtroom this time since I was pretty sure she was going to decide to stay with us and I wanted to hear for myself what was going on.  And I don’t know who all has been to court lately, but around here, they don’t let you take in cell phones or purses or bookbags of any kind anymore.  Not even diaper bags…which is kinda stinky (LITERALLY) when you’re taking a baby in somewhere for more than a couple of hours!  Well, I needed something to occupy K-man (and also to keep him from hearing/seeing some of the stuff that goes on in court…this particular day, there were a bunch of juvie cases and a parade of little boys in chains came through the court during various cases…CRAZY!)  Anyway, I snuck in his Leapster case with fresh batteries and headphones and sat him in the floor under my feet where he played happily (mostly) and quietly (mostly) for 2+ hours and thank God, nobody noticed or heard anything.  LOL! 

Gone swimming several days this week…weather has been awesome (minus the super thunderstorms, which we enjoyed from inside the house…lol). 

And um…let’s see…tomorrow is my little brother’s birthday.  He doesn’t read my blog, but Happy Birthday anyway, Nate!  We are driving down to the town where he lives and going to church and lunch with him tomorrow.  My parents are going, too…that will be cool.  =)  Speaking of tomorrow, it’s almost here and I need to get some sleep….

NIGHT ya’ll!  Sorry for the boring and grody post. 


  1. Aww Faith!
    I'm so sorry about your toe.
    That is one of the worst spots to heal for some reason.
    We could have kept K man for you on court day. All you had to do was ask.
    I'm glad he was good for you.
    Love you.

  2. Wow, what a long post! But I enjoyed reading about your busy life. Well, except the toe part, that made me feel a little queezy. I just about felt your pain...only I didn't and I'm sorry you have had to deal with that. And hey don't worry about the blog neglet. Have you seen mine lately? LOL. I've been in our neighbor's pool this past week too. Isn't it wonderful? We'll have to get together and have some swimming pool fun sometime. My house or yours. :o) Love ya girl and sorry for the long comment. But I decided a long post deserves a long comment. Don't you think? :o)

  3. definitely made up for your lack in blogging :) I'm so sorry about your toe. OW!! I hate stupid stuff like that. I loved how you snuck in the Leapster. I'm jealous of your pool ;) Love you!


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