Monday, May 17, 2010


Well, since I’ve done two layouts on Mammaw now, I figured I should do a page on Pappaw, too.  Especially after I found a picture of him when I was looking for one to use of Mammaw.  He died when I was 10 so I don’t have as vivid memories of him as I have of Mammaw, but I do remember him sitting in his wooden rocking chair just rocking back and forth and listening to me jabber on. lived across the yard from our house, so it wasn’t anything unusual for me to run across the yard and make myself at home on their couch and listen to Pappaw and Mammaw sittin next to the old stove and talking to each other.  I remember as a kid, not being able to understand all of his words when he was telling stories or talking to me, and I think his hearing wasn’t so good, so I would always just nod and act like I understood perfectly because I didn’t want him to feel bad that I didn’t understand him.  I’m not sure what all I agreed to, I just know that as a kid, I always agreed with him, whether I understood exactly what he was saying or not. 

This song was sang at his funeral I think, and though I don’t remember much of the funeral, this song is the one I think of when I remember Pappaw. 

Click on the image to go to a gallery with credits and links…I used like 6 different kits and linking all those was a little difficult so I’m gonna be lazy about linking them here.  LOL.

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