Wednesday, April 14, 2010


am SOOOOO sorry for the horrible neglect of the blog.  It’s been like a week since a post and even longer since a post that wasn’t scrap related…lol.  Ouch!  I’m having a blog block and I have to figure out a way to get over it.  Seriously, I don’t even get on the internet OR my computer much these days.  I just don’t have the un-interrupted time that I had BEFORE puppies.  It’s like having babies all over again.  Well, they kinda ARE.  Anyway. 

I’ve got tons of pics that I need to get uploaded and worked on.  I actually did a swap with a friend of mine (Hi Jules! ;-P) and I took pics of her and her hubby and she took pics of me and my fam.  She has a new camera which is a mac daddy and makes my camera look like a wimp…we took all the pics with her camera, and I left with some serious camera envy (but I am totally not ready to put down that kinda moola even though it was a GREAT camera) LOL! 

We did that on Saturday, and then from that, went to the Youth outing at the park in Mo-town.  I didn’t use my camera, these are ones that Sis Regina took 25005_115856325097547_100000195407770_278804_7985229_n(bless her, since otherwise this post wouldn’t have any pictures25005_115860288430484_100000195407770_278818_6052919_n…lololol). 

Anyways, she didn’t take flattering pictures of me, but that’s not entirely her fault (although she COULD have waited until my mouth 25005_115854971764349_100000195407770_278798_1631832_nwas NOT stuffed with so much food that I resembled a chipmunk) but hey, at least we have pictures, right?  LOL! 

So we played volleyball and kickball (the poor team I was on in kickball got S.T.O.M.P.ed….but oh well…lol)  Some of us were better losers than others…lolol ;-).  OH WELL, right?  LOL. 

This week has been a little eventful also…appointments for the munchkin, kept my favorite “nephews” on Tuesday, munchkin got sick and spent all yesterday evening puking (oh THAT was lovely), today was more appointments….and in all that, trying to keep up with the pups and (sheesh, the potty trainin…can’t turn my back for a SECOND!) all that…nuts.  I just can’t keep up with it all….hence the lack of blogging and computer time.  LOL. 

And now, I am feeling the urge to go check out that white chocolate cheesecake I whipped up a few hours ago…(not that I had time, but that was about making the hubby happy, and that’s pretty high on the priority list…and come on…who am I kidding?  I like white chocolate, too…lol!) 

Later, gators! 



  1. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Wow. Your life sounds very....eventful right now!!!! Poor Munchkin I hope she feels better!! And about the was like that with Maddie too. But in the end it's all worth it!!! Keep ur chin up!
    ;) Kelby

  2. your schedule sounds about as hectic as mine.... and i don't know about you but i'm gonna (try) to empty my plate a little. soon....

    oh and THANKS for Tuesday, the boys had a grand ole time and i really appreciate it!!!

    love ya friend!

  3. I recall those "Some of us were better losers than others…" days. :)Looked like y'all had fun.

  4. Well I'm glad you enjoyed my camera so much! :o) I've been envying your camera for so long that I decided it was my turn to up you. LOL. Not really, but it was fun to say. Had a great time swapp'n photo sessions with you! Hopefully, I will get you your CD soon. Like maybe this coming week. I'm just wiped out after all that has happened on my end this week. Don't worry about the blog block...I've got it too.


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