Sunday, April 25, 2010

God Knows

I help (well, sometimes I’m just there, not exactly much help, but oh well) in Sunday School for the 8-12’s and this morning Kelly was talking about one of the verses we were using in the activity.  It is a verse in Psalms that talks about how we’re fearfully and wonderfully made and how God makes everyone special, and while the whole lesson was more general about knowing your Bible and having God’s word in your heart, what she said when we were talking about this verse really stuck with me. 

She was talking about how God knows every little thing about us inside and out because he created us.  So much so that every hair on our head is numbered and at least for us girls who have shedding issues, that number changes daily…sometimes a LOT.  But He still knows. 

And as I sat there and thought about that, I know it’s nothing new, but to think that God, the creator of the universe, cares enough about every single one of us that He knows EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of who we are and what we think, that at any given moment, He’s got a count of the hairs on our head—a number that can change from one moment to the next.  That’s paying pretty close attention. 

I was thinking, sometimes we can turn our backs and our kids get in trouble before we know it, or we don’t see exactly what their doing, but God doesn’t turn His back.  Even though sometimes it feels like he does, he isn’t.  When things happen to our bodies or we have thoughts pop into our heads, He sees it all.  And sometimes that’s easy to forget.  But it’s true and it’s really stuck with me today. 

That thought I was thinking yesterday that I mentally smacked myself for…He heard that.  That scar on my hand that I don’t know where it came from…He saw exactly where it happened.  Those hairs that seem to gravitate to the corners of the bathroom floor…He knows exactly the moment they dropped out of my head.  I don’t know, but He does.

There’s a song we sing in the choir that comes to mind:

You may not have the answers to the questions in your life. 
And you and I may never know all the reasons why. 
You feel you’ve been forsaken, if only someone knew. 
If someone only understood just what you’re going through.

God knows and God cares. 
He holds the answers to all your prayers. 
God knows and God cares. 
He gave His only Son to die,
On the cross so you and I would know
That God knows.

Thanks, God. :-)


  1. He does know and I'm encouraged by that. While BK was talking yesterday morning during the song "I Know That I Can Make It", my mind went to the song "There is Hope". I knew that God had placed that song in my mind when Bro. Casey told us to turn to that page to sing. God knows and He has it all in control. That's good to know.

  2. well, if you ask said it better. it's more poetic :o)

    and as for your role in SS, you're my right arm sista. i always dread the days you aren't there.


  3. Anonymous9:48 AM

    I know what you mean It really is truly amazing! I have done that before...mentally slapped myself because of everything going on in my mind. Awesome post!!!


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