Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well, we stopped at Taco Bell on our way home tonight since it was late when we left the church after recording ALL DAY LONG!  The singing wasn’t so hard (well, when I could find my part, lol) but the standing up all day gets ya.  Can’t sing so well sitting down, ya know.  Course standing up doesn’t help some people, but that’s not very nice of me to say and really, I shouldn’t talk about myself like that, right?  So I crossed it out.  ;-) 

Anyway, Taco Bell…KC loves the Volcano Tacos, so I thought I’d try the Volcano Nachos.  As the first one entered my mouth, the thought crossed my mind that this could possibly be a big mistake, but it tasted good, so I kept going.  Of course, by the fifth nacho, I had no taste buds left, but I kept eating like an idiot a person who had nothing else to eat and was hungry.  LOL.  IMG_6362However, NOW?  Oh.  Dear.  There are sounds inside my stomach that actually DO resemble something getting ready to erupt.  And I almost wish it would because it’s giving me heartburn.  UGH. 

And now that I’ve shared all that personal information with you, I think I’m going to close my computer and then close my eyes.  Cuz you see that yawning puppy over there (or you could take it as a possible i think i’m gonna be sick look, cuz that kinda fits me right now, too)?  That puppy is sleeping right now and I’M the one yawning (and possibly feeling sick).  I think she’s got the right idea (about sleeping…lol.  *grin*  Good night! 

PS aren’t you proud?  I am exhausted and slightly nauseated but I still managed to write something.  ;-)  Trying to get back in the habit again.  *grin*  Now for real, GOOD NIGHT!  ;-)


  1. If I was singing that bad you should have told in person and not on your blog.

  2. The yawing puppy photo? Made me yawn. Maybe I'll go have a nap...

  3. Regina, didn't you see where I was talking about ME? I never even heard you guys in the front row. ;-) It was the back row with issues....lololol....oops....see there I go again. lol

    And Lynn...enjoy your nap. ;-)

  4. Cute photo! Hope you are feeling better this morning.

  5. Anonymous9:52 AM

    EW....I'm sorry 'bout the taco!! And as for the yawning puppy I knew what you meant. I came home took a bath and went to bed!!


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