Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Done Broke It

You know…the blogging every day kick I was on there for a few days.  I broke it yesterday.  At least I came back today though instead of just saying, “Oh well” and skipping another day! ;-)

Yesterday was a little difficult…KC called me at 10:30-ish and said the M.I.L. had called and they were in the ER with my F.I.L. and thought he’d had a heart attack.  He had all the symptoms and the doctor said he HAD had a heart attack, so they shipped him up the mountain to the professionals (;-P) and when the pro’s did the heart cath, his heart looks fine.  That was good news.  I’m not real sure on what exactly happened, but something about they think he might have inhaled some poison or something from burning brush the day before?  And maybe it caused symptoms that were much like a heart attack?  Or something.

Anyways, so yesterday I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off working on getting ready for Munchkin’s party this weekend and then I get that call, and I shuffled my plans around so I could get back to the house and meet KC to go up the mountain to the hospital.  Then we didn’t get back until like 9:00 last night…it’s quite the drive from where we are now up to Asheville…yikes.  LOL.  Thankfully though, the F.I.L. is going to be fine and it wasn’t anything super serious.

Back to the weekend plans, Munchkin’s having a cowgirl/boy party this year.  If I left it up to her, it would be princess every year and that gets old…especially since 90% of the church kids her age are male (LOL), so this year KC picked a more gender neutral theme.  Haha!

I googled all these ideas for it on the internet and I think we’re gonna have some fun activities for the kids.  I need to spray paint some rocks to make gold rocks for the gold mining, and I’m still looking for some kind of fence piece (for photos), and cowboy boots (any size, for the decorations and snake toss…like bean bags only it’s “there’s a snake in my boot” toss – lol) so if anyone has boots or a fence section they could loan me for this Saturday, please please please let me know…and I’ll even give ya a piece of cake and some grub to thank ya!  *GRIN* 

Oh my, it’s late…after midnight.  We were at the church late tonight finishing up the recording for the choir cd and I’m bushed.  SOOOO….I’m gonna go now and ya’ll have a great night…er…morning.  ;-) 


  1. we have some cowboy boots we'll bring. I'll try to bring them to church tonight!!

  2. I think momma might loan you a section of our fence! ;) Get beck to ya on that!! =D

  3. Sounds like such a fun party! I'm sure she'll love it even though it's not a princess theme. :o) Glad it wasn't the worse for your FIL. I'm sure that is a big relief to everyone.


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