Friday, April 30, 2010

April Photos


Well, time’s up for the photo hunt…must say that I’m very proud of myself…had all but FOUR pics that I had to get at the last minute.  ;-)  Go me. 


And without further ado…




  1. A Different Point of View
    From a worm’s point of view, that 4x4 post is a city block long!!!  And I hope he’s not afraid of heights!!! 
  2. A Perspective Shot 
    I believe it pretty much speaks for itself…

  3. Touch
    My touch pads, their touch pads…

  4. Taste
    Little man enjoying one of them GIANT suckers!!!

  5. Sight
    My eyes…

  6. Sound
    Fire truck going by…down the wrong lane of traffic to get around…loudly. 

  7. Smell
    Ahsoka’s nose.

  8. Sign of Spring (or autumn)
    Hostas peeking through the ground.

  9. Flowers
    faith-flowers1 faith-flowers2
    Couldn’t pick a favorite….these beauties are right outside my basement door and made all those scars from moving our stuff past them totally worth it!!!  lol

  10. A letter formed/found in nature (Examples)
    Why…it’s a Y!!! 

  11. Trio
    Lovelies from the lovely Aunt C!!!

  12. Fish
    A wooden fish…

  13. Water
    Some kind of tree with gorgeous leaves right in front of our house….it had just rained.

  14. Skyward
    Sunset in our neighborhood!

  15. Mother Earth
    Not sure if this qualifies but it kinda represents a form of earth…?

  16. Something Rare
    These steaks are so rare they’re still moo-ing at me!!!

  17. Something Healthy
    faith-healthy2 faith-healthy1
    Our adorable pups!

  18. Something Colorful
    Those leaves on the tree in front again…this time it was a sunny blue sky.

  19. Something Spicy
    It’s Spice Island’s Pepper…..

  20. Something Triangular
    Faith-Something Triangular
    Well…nuff said.

That’s it.  I’m calling it a day.  It’s 9:44 and I’m ready for bed.  I was so busy today I didn’t even open my computer until 8:45.  WHOA.  That’s busy!  lol!  And another busy one tomorrow…so I’m going to bed now.  NIGHT!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Channeling Pioneer Woman

Well, I just had a moment.  I was editing my pics for the photo hunt that ends tomorrow and I had quite a few shots of cows and dogs.  LOL.  And I was using her actions to top it off….want a spoiler?  LOL….thought so…IMG_6341ewebIMG_6360e2web

Oh all right, I confess, my cow pictures are nothing like PW’s cow pictures (plus I don’t think she finds it necessary to clone out disturbingly distracting singlewide trailers in the background…lol, welcome to NC…you MIGHT BE A….uh…anyway) and you probably already saw that one of Obi-wan from last week, but it’s become one of my favorite shots…and this is a little different tweak to it…lol. 

So now.  It’s really late and I’ve got a busy day tomorrow in which I have a quick meeting right after I drop Munchkin off at school which means I have to get up and get a shower and get dressed AND feed and walk the dogs BEFORE dragging my sorry carcass out the door at 7:25 in the morning.  Which means that I should REALLY go to bed 2 hours ago now.  LOL. 

Stay tuned for the picture post tomorrow…I would do it tonight but I have three shots I haven’t yet managed to get so I gots to get those sometime during my crazy day tomorrow.  Goodnight! 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Done Broke It

You know…the blogging every day kick I was on there for a few days.  I broke it yesterday.  At least I came back today though instead of just saying, “Oh well” and skipping another day! ;-)

Yesterday was a little difficult…KC called me at 10:30-ish and said the M.I.L. had called and they were in the ER with my F.I.L. and thought he’d had a heart attack.  He had all the symptoms and the doctor said he HAD had a heart attack, so they shipped him up the mountain to the professionals (;-P) and when the pro’s did the heart cath, his heart looks fine.  That was good news.  I’m not real sure on what exactly happened, but something about they think he might have inhaled some poison or something from burning brush the day before?  And maybe it caused symptoms that were much like a heart attack?  Or something.

Anyways, so yesterday I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off working on getting ready for Munchkin’s party this weekend and then I get that call, and I shuffled my plans around so I could get back to the house and meet KC to go up the mountain to the hospital.  Then we didn’t get back until like 9:00 last night…it’s quite the drive from where we are now up to Asheville…yikes.  LOL.  Thankfully though, the F.I.L. is going to be fine and it wasn’t anything super serious.

Back to the weekend plans, Munchkin’s having a cowgirl/boy party this year.  If I left it up to her, it would be princess every year and that gets old…especially since 90% of the church kids her age are male (LOL), so this year KC picked a more gender neutral theme.  Haha!

I googled all these ideas for it on the internet and I think we’re gonna have some fun activities for the kids.  I need to spray paint some rocks to make gold rocks for the gold mining, and I’m still looking for some kind of fence piece (for photos), and cowboy boots (any size, for the decorations and snake toss…like bean bags only it’s “there’s a snake in my boot” toss – lol) so if anyone has boots or a fence section they could loan me for this Saturday, please please please let me know…and I’ll even give ya a piece of cake and some grub to thank ya!  *GRIN* 

Oh my, it’s late…after midnight.  We were at the church late tonight finishing up the recording for the choir cd and I’m bushed.  SOOOO….I’m gonna go now and ya’ll have a great night…er…morning.  ;-) 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

God Knows

I help (well, sometimes I’m just there, not exactly much help, but oh well) in Sunday School for the 8-12’s and this morning Kelly was talking about one of the verses we were using in the activity.  It is a verse in Psalms that talks about how we’re fearfully and wonderfully made and how God makes everyone special, and while the whole lesson was more general about knowing your Bible and having God’s word in your heart, what she said when we were talking about this verse really stuck with me. 

She was talking about how God knows every little thing about us inside and out because he created us.  So much so that every hair on our head is numbered and at least for us girls who have shedding issues, that number changes daily…sometimes a LOT.  But He still knows. 

And as I sat there and thought about that, I know it’s nothing new, but to think that God, the creator of the universe, cares enough about every single one of us that He knows EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of who we are and what we think, that at any given moment, He’s got a count of the hairs on our head—a number that can change from one moment to the next.  That’s paying pretty close attention. 

I was thinking, sometimes we can turn our backs and our kids get in trouble before we know it, or we don’t see exactly what their doing, but God doesn’t turn His back.  Even though sometimes it feels like he does, he isn’t.  When things happen to our bodies or we have thoughts pop into our heads, He sees it all.  And sometimes that’s easy to forget.  But it’s true and it’s really stuck with me today. 

That thought I was thinking yesterday that I mentally smacked myself for…He heard that.  That scar on my hand that I don’t know where it came from…He saw exactly where it happened.  Those hairs that seem to gravitate to the corners of the bathroom floor…He knows exactly the moment they dropped out of my head.  I don’t know, but He does.

There’s a song we sing in the choir that comes to mind:

You may not have the answers to the questions in your life. 
And you and I may never know all the reasons why. 
You feel you’ve been forsaken, if only someone knew. 
If someone only understood just what you’re going through.

God knows and God cares. 
He holds the answers to all your prayers. 
God knows and God cares. 
He gave His only Son to die,
On the cross so you and I would know
That God knows.

Thanks, God. :-)

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well, we stopped at Taco Bell on our way home tonight since it was late when we left the church after recording ALL DAY LONG!  The singing wasn’t so hard (well, when I could find my part, lol) but the standing up all day gets ya.  Can’t sing so well sitting down, ya know.  Course standing up doesn’t help some people, but that’s not very nice of me to say and really, I shouldn’t talk about myself like that, right?  So I crossed it out.  ;-) 

Anyway, Taco Bell…KC loves the Volcano Tacos, so I thought I’d try the Volcano Nachos.  As the first one entered my mouth, the thought crossed my mind that this could possibly be a big mistake, but it tasted good, so I kept going.  Of course, by the fifth nacho, I had no taste buds left, but I kept eating like an idiot a person who had nothing else to eat and was hungry.  LOL.  IMG_6362However, NOW?  Oh.  Dear.  There are sounds inside my stomach that actually DO resemble something getting ready to erupt.  And I almost wish it would because it’s giving me heartburn.  UGH. 

And now that I’ve shared all that personal information with you, I think I’m going to close my computer and then close my eyes.  Cuz you see that yawning puppy over there (or you could take it as a possible i think i’m gonna be sick look, cuz that kinda fits me right now, too)?  That puppy is sleeping right now and I’M the one yawning (and possibly feeling sick).  I think she’s got the right idea (about sleeping…lol.  *grin*  Good night! 

PS aren’t you proud?  I am exhausted and slightly nauseated but I still managed to write something.  ;-)  Trying to get back in the habit again.  *grin*  Now for real, GOOD NIGHT!  ;-)

Friday, April 23, 2010



is how I feel today. 

Man, this week has been a KILLER.  The M.I.L. came on Monday and dude, is she a slave driver!!  ;-)  Just kidding.  Actually, her son is the slave driver, but we won’t talk about that.  LOL!

Anyway, M.I.L. was here Monday to Thursday.  On Monday, we painted.  On Tuesday, we painted.  On Wednesday, we painted.  On Thursday, we painted.  Then she went home and I painted some more (I mean, after four days, it was almost a habit, you know?).  On Friday, I got up and KEPT painting.  This week has been a blur.  Or a smear.  A PAINT smear.  *sigh*  KC wants the basement finished by Munchkin’s birthday party…and dear me, if that’s not an entire THIRD of this 4000 square foot house.  BUT…that entire third is entirely painted now (except for my crafty room and the unfinished storage room).  So yeah.  Hang on a sec while I go see if I can drag up some before and after’s for ya…oh except some of them are not quite “AFTER” yet since there is still junk in the basement rooms that we haven’t quite found homes for yet.  LOL. 

Okay, here’s the basement:

KC’s gym: This was done last time KC’s mom was here:IMG_5231ewebIMG_6379eweb

Basement Family Room: This was Monday…and part of Tuesday, thanks to Mister Wolfpack that had to be sanded and puttied in an attempt to remove his existence.  And this is the room that is junked up right now that needs to be cleaned…lol.

PingPong/Faith’s Studio Room: I lost track of days by this point…I’m not sure when we did what, but this IS the order we did them…lol. 

Basement Bath: I hope no one wants to know what color we did in the bathrooms because I couldn’t reproduce it if I tried.  But the best part is that the bathroom makeovers were essentially FREE since I used little bits of leftover paint and just mixed until I had something that looked reasonably nice. 
IMG_5232eweb IMG_6375eweb

Going downstairs: This was a two tone…we painted the ceiling, too.  It looks much better in real life.  And we still need to put the railing back up. 

This is the MIL taking the rail off on the lower half of the stairs…and again, the after looks much better in real life except we still need to put that rail back up.   

Upstairs Bath: This is what I painted last night after KC’s mom left.  Again, another shade of Faith Blue.  LOL.  This one was really scraping the bottom…I only had a little bit left of the good blue and then a purply looking color that I have no idea where it came from and a darker blue and then it still didn’t seem like it would be enough paint to cover the whole room, so I dumped some of the brown from the hallways into it to stretch it far enough.  I like it and it goes really nice with the brown shower curtain we already had.  And you just can’t beat FREE!  LOL. 

Then after all the painting and everything else this week (oh yeah, we had to CLEAN before we painted, too because of all the grime and dead bugs in the basement…just wasn’t a priority down there when we first moved in…lol),

we also have the choir recording this weekend (Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday) so it’s been some late nights and hard work on that, too. 

I’m exhausted.  And the weekend isn’t over yet.  Not complaining though, don’t get me wrong.  Life is good…just so busy it gets overwhelming sometimes. 

At least you’re getting an update this time…;-)  IMG_6306eweb

Oh and the puppies are getting big….I might have to give them their own separate photo album instead of putting all the pictures in here.  *grin*  They are just SOOOO cute!  I love taking pictures IMG_6391ewebof them. 



Want a little perspective on how BIG these guys are gonna get?  Well, I’ve always heard you can tell by the paws…….these guys?  Well, here are their paws in my hand….Obi’s you can see my whole hand, but on Ahsoka, I didn’t have the angle right, so all you see is my thumb…still…the size of my thumb versus the size of their paws….lol. 


And this next one?  This picture just makes my heart go pitter patter.  ;-)  For more than one reason…lol ;-) ;-)  IMG_6335eweb
And now, it is WAYYYY past my bedtime and another long day tomorrow, so me and these puppies are gonna drag ourselves off to bed.  *yawn*    

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Sometimes…just sometimes….I can relate to Jon! lololol!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Well, that’s what time it is and now it’s time for bed.  And again, it’s Wednesday, and i haven’t posted for another whole week.  SHEESH.  Where did the week go? 

Oh yeah.  I’ve been painting all this week so far…

*finger cramps* from painting….that’s why I haint blogged.  That’s my story and I’m stickin to it.  LOL….don’t worry, before and after shots will eventually appear.  *GRIN* 


Wednesday, April 14, 2010


am SOOOOO sorry for the horrible neglect of the blog.  It’s been like a week since a post and even longer since a post that wasn’t scrap related…lol.  Ouch!  I’m having a blog block and I have to figure out a way to get over it.  Seriously, I don’t even get on the internet OR my computer much these days.  I just don’t have the un-interrupted time that I had BEFORE puppies.  It’s like having babies all over again.  Well, they kinda ARE.  Anyway. 

I’ve got tons of pics that I need to get uploaded and worked on.  I actually did a swap with a friend of mine (Hi Jules! ;-P) and I took pics of her and her hubby and she took pics of me and my fam.  She has a new camera which is a mac daddy and makes my camera look like a wimp…we took all the pics with her camera, and I left with some serious camera envy (but I am totally not ready to put down that kinda moola even though it was a GREAT camera) LOL! 

We did that on Saturday, and then from that, went to the Youth outing at the park in Mo-town.  I didn’t use my camera, these are ones that Sis Regina took 25005_115856325097547_100000195407770_278804_7985229_n(bless her, since otherwise this post wouldn’t have any pictures25005_115860288430484_100000195407770_278818_6052919_n…lololol). 

Anyways, she didn’t take flattering pictures of me, but that’s not entirely her fault (although she COULD have waited until my mouth 25005_115854971764349_100000195407770_278798_1631832_nwas NOT stuffed with so much food that I resembled a chipmunk) but hey, at least we have pictures, right?  LOL! 

So we played volleyball and kickball (the poor team I was on in kickball got S.T.O.M.P.ed….but oh well…lol)  Some of us were better losers than others…lolol ;-).  OH WELL, right?  LOL. 

This week has been a little eventful also…appointments for the munchkin, kept my favorite “nephews” on Tuesday, munchkin got sick and spent all yesterday evening puking (oh THAT was lovely), today was more appointments….and in all that, trying to keep up with the pups and (sheesh, the potty trainin…can’t turn my back for a SECOND!) all that…nuts.  I just can’t keep up with it all….hence the lack of blogging and computer time.  LOL. 

And now, I am feeling the urge to go check out that white chocolate cheesecake I whipped up a few hours ago…(not that I had time, but that was about making the hubby happy, and that’s pretty high on the priority list…and come on…who am I kidding?  I like white chocolate, too…lol!) 

Later, gators!