Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Monday

Yeah right.  Garfield and I???  We have a lot in common.  This cartoon reminds me of that…ga100315 

LOL.  Anyway. 

Weekend was great.  Mostly.  I survived.  That was great, too.  LOL.  More on that in a separate post.  Probably not tonight though.  ;-)

I haven’t posted in awhile…been a little unavailable.  LOL.  As in, had a lot on my mind and not the time or energy to write it down.  I found these last week and they really kinda sum up some of what’s been on my mind lately:tradition03compromise insanity03 pressure03

And this next one has nothing to do with what’s on my mind these days, I just found it incredibly funny!   romance

If you can’t read that last one, it says “Love is in the air.  And it’s pooping on my head.”  BWAHAHAHA.

In other news, we are giving serious consideration to adopting two more kids. 

03261502a[1]Are you thinking we might be crazy? 

Well, we might be.  But here’s a picture of some of the family, and we are supposed to go look at them tomorrow.  LOOK.  LOL.  Being that these “kids” are actually baby dogs, I’m quite hoping that once we LOOK, that the puppies will be quite persuasive in that way that only puppies can be, and that any remaining reservations about adding two of them to our family will just fade right away.  *GRIN*  And then, once that happens, maybe two of them will come home with us.  MAYBE.  =)       

That’s really about all I’ve got going on right this minute…I mean, there’s all kinds of things going on, of course, like that my hubby left an ink pen attached to his shirt and it went through the laundry leaving ink blots on all our good clothes and I am on load number 3 of trying to scrub the stains back out.  (Thankfully, I can report that I think all of the stains are finally gone…lucky for KC…since one of my most favorite floorsweepers was in that load…lol).  Anyway, my point is, lots of stuff going on but not that much worth blogging about.  LOL! 

I’m gonna head out here and see if I can get some of the photos from youth camp uploaded.  Later, gater!

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  1. Aw...I love puppies. What kind are they?


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