Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Monday

Yeah right.  Garfield and I???  We have a lot in common.  This cartoon reminds me of that…ga100315 

LOL.  Anyway. 

Weekend was great.  Mostly.  I survived.  That was great, too.  LOL.  More on that in a separate post.  Probably not tonight though.  ;-)

I haven’t posted in awhile…been a little unavailable.  LOL.  As in, had a lot on my mind and not the time or energy to write it down.  I found these last week and they really kinda sum up some of what’s been on my mind lately:tradition03compromise insanity03 pressure03

And this next one has nothing to do with what’s on my mind these days, I just found it incredibly funny!   romance

If you can’t read that last one, it says “Love is in the air.  And it’s pooping on my head.”  BWAHAHAHA.

In other news, we are giving serious consideration to adopting two more kids. 

03261502a[1]Are you thinking we might be crazy? 

Well, we might be.  But here’s a picture of some of the family, and we are supposed to go look at them tomorrow.  LOOK.  LOL.  Being that these “kids” are actually baby dogs, I’m quite hoping that once we LOOK, that the puppies will be quite persuasive in that way that only puppies can be, and that any remaining reservations about adding two of them to our family will just fade right away.  *GRIN*  And then, once that happens, maybe two of them will come home with us.  MAYBE.  =)       

That’s really about all I’ve got going on right this minute…I mean, there’s all kinds of things going on, of course, like that my hubby left an ink pen attached to his shirt and it went through the laundry leaving ink blots on all our good clothes and I am on load number 3 of trying to scrub the stains back out.  (Thankfully, I can report that I think all of the stains are finally gone…lucky for KC…since one of my most favorite floorsweepers was in that load…lol).  Anyway, my point is, lots of stuff going on but not that much worth blogging about.  LOL! 

I’m gonna head out here and see if I can get some of the photos from youth camp uploaded.  Later, gater!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Lunch with the nonna....the kman loves his nonna!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I’m So Nice

Well, I’m feeling so very generous right now (lol...wait...I'm always nice, right?) …I was working on the chore cards for the munchkin and decided I’d share them as quick pages. So without further ado, here:preview

You can click on the image to download.

These were made with Danielle Corbitt’s Recycled Art kit, which you can pick up at Polka Dot Plum. It’s an awesome kit that goes with almost anything.

I’m working on a chore chart to go with the cards so I can keep up with what she “earns” but I haven’t got that far yet. LOL. I’m still trying to collect pictures to put to all the “chore/routine” cards. I will eventually get there, I’m sure.

To use these quickpages, you just need a photo editing program, and you can open them, and print them as is, and just cut out the photo spot and slide your photos behind them and write on the labels, or you can put your photos behind them in your editing program and type over the labels and print them. These would make really cute ABC books for little kids, if you printed them and laminated them to keep them from falling apart, or just plain ol’ brag books or chore cards…got lots of uses. Enjoy! =)

Oh and here are a couple of the chore cards I made out of them:main chores1night chores4

Now I just have to finish them and see if they help Munchkin stay on task a little better without me nagging. lol!

PS In case you didn’t catch the part about the blog train in yesterday’s post, and you want more awesome freebies, just go catch the March Mater Madness Blog Train. But hurry…that one ends this Sunday!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mixed Feelings

*FREEBIE ALERT…it’s on down in the post, or if you want to skip my blah blah, just click here.*

Well, it was a different sort of weekend.  I had signed up to take Munchkin to a IMG_5873ewebmother/daughter campout at the Girl Scout Camp for a one night “preview” of Girl Scouts on Friday night/Saturday morning.  Ya’ll probably saw the cell phone pic in our room…you would have laughed if you’d seen me holding my phone up in the air in the cabin and trying for the fifteenth time to get it to send all the way before the signal faded again.  We were indeed in the middle of nowhere.


I got a little creeped out driving up there because we didn’t see anybody all the way up the dirt road curving around the mountainside and it was that dusky evening light, not like in the middle of the day…and in the forest to top it off…slightly creepy.  And then we got there and there WERE other people there, but nobody I knew, which was what I expected.  Way out of my comfort zone, but I tried to adjust…and it was sorta fun.  IMG_5915eweb

Some of the other chicks were on the annoying side, but thankfully, the girls in our cabin were really nice and not annoying.  LOL.  This girl in the pic was the other girl in our cabin and made instant friends with Munchkin.  *grin* IMG_5905eweb

Munchkin seemed to have a good time…except for the part where she didn’t get enough sleep and had issues.  Can’t really blame her…I didn’t get enough sleep (well, not enough QUALITY sleep) and then we had to be up by 6:30 and in the breakfast area by 7am.  :-O  OW.  All in all, it was a fun trip though…    

Church yesterday was very sober.  Anna, a girl from Ohio, only 18 years old, went to be with Jesus yesterday morning.  She was thrown from her horse on Friday and had serious internal injuries.  I didn’t know her that well, but I never, ever heard anything about her that wasn’t 100% good.  Even not knowing her that well, it saddens me that her life ended so young…it just seems so tragic for such a sweet young girl to be gone.  I don’t know…I guess I might think about things too much, but I find myself thinking about how the world needs more good people and less of the bad, and why can’t it go like that?   It doesn’t make sense.  My heart goes out to her family, her fiance, and her friends…   IMG_0199eweb

This was at youth camp just last September, Anna is the one on the end in the left side of the picture.  Youth camp is coming up again this weekend and from what I understand, she was planning on being there again.  It’s a very sobering thought, how quickly life can be altered. 

I heard last week that a guy I knew from school died back in January in a freak accident…according to the article I found online, he fell down a hotel shaft in the middle of the night.  He was close to my age.  I don’t know if he was drinking or if it wasn’t an accident or what, but he was close to my age…and now he’s gone.  I ate lunch with him a couple times (many moons ago, before I got married, we were just friends…it wasn’t anything like that), but we had a class together and talked a few times, and of course it wasn’t a major friendship and it faded away after class ended and I didn’t talk to him much after that, and then I eventually got (back) together with KC and we got married and that was that.  But now he’s gone, and it just really makes you realize how abruptly this life can end at any point.   Anna was 18.  John was 27 or 28.  It’s very sobering. 

I’m trying to get off the heavy stuff a little, but my mind keeps going back to it.  I’ll try to lighten up a bit now, though. 

PreviewQPswebI’m a little behind with the digital scrapping stuff, but I did get my stuff done for the March Mater Madness blog train.  You should check it out, I did 6 quickpages for an 8x8 album, and one of the other CT members did another 6 pages in the same kits, so you can make a 12 page (or more if you use some pages twice) quick album and just pop your pics in and print.  It’s so cool.  Plus there are lots of other freebies to be found.  Click HERE to ride the train, but hurry…it only runs through the 28th and then all the links will be gone.  

On other stuff, I think I might have an eating problem…I’m trying to regain control…being seriously bloated gives me lots of incentive because I feel uber thick right this minute and I hate it.  But someone…uh….mentioned in the comments on that post a few days ago that perhaps there might be a reason for my recent eating issues…a reason that would last about 9 months?  Well, just to clear that up, THAT’S NOT the reason.  Although it’s a pretty good possibility that hormones ARE involved, I’m positive that those hormones will let me go back to normal eating habits in say…about 5 days.  LOL.  *sigh*.  PMS is horrid….but in light of recent events, I’d have to admit, pretty trivial.  *sigh again*

And although I hate to end on that note, KC is already asleep and the bed is calling my name.  PS, dear God, thank you that I have a wonderful bed and not a squeaky cot.  I am so spoiled and not just because of that, but I am very grateful.  So thank you!   

Friday, March 19, 2010

In Our Cabin...

It is gonna be a loooooonnnnngggg night on these here girl scout camp cots. Dear heavenly father.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Houston? We Have A Problem.

Something is dreadfully wrong with me.  I do not know what it is, but I do not generally have a sweet tooth.  I can pass on the candy aisle, and except for a pan of hot brownies or an occasional box of nerds, I usually don’t have many problems resisting temptation when it comes to the sweet stuff. 

But for the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a weird craving for sugary super unhealthy foods.  As in, I baked MYSELF a birthday cake last week because it was a good excuse to eat cake.  As in, I made cookies 2 weeks ago without KC asking for them.  As in, right this second, I am inhaling Oreo pudding that I made a few hours ago. 

I realized there was a problem today when I was at the grocery store at 7:45am and I put the second box of cookies in the cart…and then I realized it again when I got to the milk section, and a jug of chocolate milk somehow appeared in my buggy.  And then when I had to get a bag of Easter candy for Munchkin’s school, somehow I got an extra bag.  And when I got to the checkout, there were three boxes of pudding in the buggy. 

But then I got home and MADE two boxes of those puddings that ended up in my cart.  Didn’t even put them in the cabinet first.  Something is WRONG with this picture!  I hardly ever buy anything sweet…generally if it’s sweet in our house, KC picked it up!!!  And weirder than that, is that at supper, I couldn’t wait to get the puddin’ out, so desert was on the table WITH our supper…and KC, mister sweet tooth, himself, didn’t want any…HELLO?  Something is WRONG!

coolest-candy-land-cake-14-34446And not only that, I even gave the Munchkin an option to do a  Candyland party for her birthday…imagine all the sweets that go along with THAT theme.  I mean, just check out that cake over there…and that was only one of MANY sugary options!!!  I suppose I should be grateful (and amazed, because that child has more of a sweet tooth than the cookie monster) that she declined the Candyland theme idea, but the biggest surprise is that I even gave her that choice!  I am used to be a total sugar Nazi and I don’t know what’s happening!?!fat

This just isn’t like me. 

And I’m getting worried that THIS --------->> 
will soon be like me.


And on a totally different topic, please note, you peeps who are so stinkin’ picky about my blog header being so 2009….the blog has finally made it to the new year.  ;-)  ;-)  Happy?  LOL!  That’s one problem with an easy fix. 

Now, puddin’s gone…gonna go raid the candy dish. 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pink, Purple, & Yellow

Church Workday Rule #1359:
Never tell two chicks who aren't quite totally enthused with the assignment of painting the church boiler room to "just go to the basement and grab whatever leftover paint you can find," or you might end up with a really girly boiler room. They DID say whatever paint we found!!!

We really can't be blamed for picking roses and lavender and sunshine out of the 298 old cans of paint in the basement (that came from who knows what and has been there for who knows how long)...nope, can't be blamed at all.

If ya gotta paint around all those pipes, the best way to have a good time doing it is to pick fun, cheerful colors that make you smile, AND also irk the men who assigned the task. ;-) They will think twice before giving us free reign with the paint colors again...*grin*

PS: It's a good thing we gots good hubby's who were finally able to see the humor and laugh about it...after they recovered from their shock and disbelief and discust, right, Sis.T?

Oh yeah, and in case you can't tell from the picture (my cellphone was all I had with, the wall with the door is pink (pretty bright, actually) and the wall behind the yellow shelf is purple. We started with the purple and painted till it ran out and then started on the pink. We were gonna put yellow on the walls, too, but the one we found originally was bad and we didn't find the other gallon of yellow until after the walls were already pink and purple, so the shelf got a nice coat of sunshine. *GRIN*

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gone Crazy

Well, the title could apply to lots of things about me, but right now I’m referring to how I’ve been with the digital scrapping lately.  LOL.  Here’s a few more layouts I need to write down the credits for so that when I get ready to post them in the galleries on their various release dates, I won’t have to rack my brain to remember all those little details.  LOL.  (When this is posted on the blog, the kits I used for them will all be available)

(clicking on any of the layouts will make them larger)sno copyweb

Template: one of Cara’s Humpty Dumpty Templates from last year…I altered it and took a few pieces off since I’ve already used it in the challenge, so this is not an official HD layout. LOL
SweetTomato_Celebrate_PreviewKit: Celebrate by Cara (Sweet Tomato Designs) available in her store at Polka Dot Plum

Fonts: You are Loved, Tahoma

Morgan copywebMorgan:
Template: MeSTD_GC_Shamrock_Preview

Kit: You (Sham)Rock My World Collab by Geek Chic & Sweet Tomato Designs available at PolkaDotPlum

Fonts: CK Solid, Retro Rock Poster, Pea Bonnie Script, Tekton Pro

My Family Tree:
family tree copywebThis kit is already out, I just did another 2 page layout with it.  
Paper, Flower, & Leaf from Grateful Kit by Sweet Tomato Designs.
Clock Elements & Branch element from Today Kit by Sweet Tomato Designs.
Fonts: The King & Queen font, Century Gothic

Monday, March 08, 2010


Sheesh the weather is beautiful!! K-man and I are taking a walk...and hes flying his little plane he Love living in a quiet neighborhood where you can walk without much traffic. :-)

Thursday, March 04, 2010


Well, the office didn’t quite get completed in my goal with the challenge….still have boxes stacked in there that have to be gone through and organized, but HEY. A little progress is better than nothing, right? IMG_5210eweb



This is the family room, which is not quite complete (as in, nothing is hung on the wall) but it is feeling better all the time.

Munchkin’s bedroom…again, she’s needing something hanging on the wall, but other than that, I’d call this one almost complete. Isn’t that bed just adorable? Her room looks all Pottery-Barn-ish. LoL.
IMG_5220 IMG_5767eweb
Her closet, which only had one lower rod when we moved in, and nothing else in it, also got the organizing make-over…I would do it’s own separate post for it, but her stuff is super difficult to make look pretty….too much little stuff and randomness. BUT…it’s still organized and much better than trying to get all of her stuff organized in a closet that has nothing more than a single BOTTOM bar.

On other topics, I’m really happy with the electric bill…that sounds weird doesn’t it? But I’m very thankful that it wasn’t as high as we expected it to be. With the dryer broken and taking about four cycles to dry stuff (and it wasn’t energy efficient to begin with) plus the fact that this house is almost quadruple in size from our last one, I was really afraid it would be an outrageous bill. BUT, (and KC corrected me on this one, because last night I said it was about double our last bill) in actuality, it was only about $25 or $30 more than our average electric bill in our old house. I forgot when I said that it was double last night, that our old bill wasn’t wrapped all in one like this one…this one has our water, city services, AND electric all in the same bill, and our last one was all separate. So with all that, it’s not much more than our old house bills at all, which is GREAT when you consider the huge difference in size AND the non-energy-efficient dryer issues that we had going on. We did replace the dryer, so hopefully next month will be even better. *grin*

I’m still sick, I finally caved and went to the doctor, and sure enough, he said I have a “doozy of a sinus infection.” Figures, but even with all that, I can’t complain, it’s not gonna kill me…make me miserable for hours and hours and wish my face would just fall off, but not kill me, so I can’t complain. God’s been good to me. Speaking of a good God, last night my teeth were hurting so bad it felt like I’d just got new braces again…I couldn’t stand it, so I finally asked Bro. K if I could get prayed for, and before I even got up front, my teeth were starting to feel better and after they prayed, they were only mildly hurting. I still didn’t feel great, but my teeth weren’t hurting as bad. I told KC when I got home that next time I asked for prayer, I’d be sure to ask for a complete touch…because really, all that was on my mind was my teeth and that’s all that God touched…lol. Praise the Lord, anyway. LOL.

Even with being sick, I’ve managed to get a little creative team work in…and a few more in the works tonight (like this one) but it seems like being sick is just making my mojo come and go at random. *sigh* OH WELL. Just gotta keep movin. And speaking of movin, we won’t even talk about the laundry…my mojo is GONE on that since I’ve been sick. *SIGH* LOL.

Well…that’s it for tonight. Catcha later.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Happy Dr. Seuss Week!!!

This is probably the only year i will get away with this....lolol. When she is about fifteen or so she will kill me for letting her go to school like this.