Thursday, February 25, 2010


Will. I. EVER. Learn?

So tonight I’m going through all the gajillion photos I’ve got from February and trying to sort out which ones go to what thing I was doing.  I just keep on overloading myself with projects.  I just don’t learn.  Seriously, I’m so busy I barely have time to take photos of what we’re up to, much less get them posted or heaven forbid, BLOG about it.  LOL.  And then I go do something silly like add a little more to my scrapbooking plate…lol…oh well. 

Speaking of being gluttons for punishment, remember that giant foyer paint job?  Well, we decided we didn’t like that color after all.  So we repainted it on Tuesday.  I’ll get pictures posted sometime…when I get to it.  Ha.  So…anyone need 2.5 gallons of leftover pastel green/gray paint?  We are insane. 

Well, while I’m working on all that other stuff, I just thought I’d update this project that I did a little more on…

Took this frame…
IMG_5710eweb IMG_5770eweb 
…painted it, added scrapbook paper (covered with contact paper since it’s on the side of the bathtub and there was no glass in the frame) and voila…a tray.

And now I’ve got to get back to those photos.  Later!

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  1. You are very creative. Love your style.


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