Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow-less Snow Day

So I took the Munchkin to school today at 7:45.  At 9:40, I got a phone call that due to winter weather, school was closing at…wait for it….9:40.  Oh yeah, thanks for the heads up.  So I immediately got up from my nap on the couch (shhh, don’t tell anyone) and took off for the school.  And as I did, I noticed that the temperatures were above freezing and it was barely raining.  What winter weather?  And then two hours later, the sun was shining and the temperatures simplysusan_snowfriends_preview-blogwere (still) above freezing.  Um…okay. 

But since it was a snow day, how bout some snowy layouts (photos from when we DID have snow…lol) from this new Snow Friends Kit by Simply Susan. 

I think you can click on the layouts below to see them larger. 

Credits for below layouts:
All papers/elements from Snow Friends available at Faith Sisters, Scrapbooks Gone Digital, & Pretty Scrappy.
Fonts: Times&Times Again, Pea Sadie, VT Portable Remington

realWinter web SnowCat web

And it’s really kinda getting late, so I’m gonna hop off here.  It was another day full of painting (after my nap) and I’m kinda bushed.  Later! =)

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  1. Nice layouts. I like the cat. RIP Jango.


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