Sunday, January 10, 2010

We Have Internet

It’s still having some issues, but at least I can check e-mail, right?  Well, that is WHEN I have a minute to sit down and check it.  I don’t really have free minutes right now because I’m beat and ready for bed, so I’m gonna *try* to make this quick. 

Here’s the photo album of the house…it’s public now.  I took out the main view of the house until after it’s no longer listed on any realtor sites and stuff…just being cautious, sorry.  People who know us are welcome to come visit and see the outside.  *grin*  Everybody else just gets the inside and back views.  LOL. 

I do have to say that these photos do not show the true actuality of the filth we’ve had to clean inside…seriously, these photos look like the house is pretty clean…and at first glances, it does look clean.  It’s not till you start taking a rag to stuff and realizing that you’ve only washed 8 inches of molding and you need to change the water, that you really realize how dirty things are.  Oh well.  It’s okay.  It’s a house, and after a large bill to fix the broken motor in the heat pump, it’s a WARM house, and for that (the heat, not the bill) I’m grateful. 

One of these days I’ll have time to write all the stuff that is going on, and by then, I’m sure I’ll have forgotten most of the important stuff…can’t win for losing.  LOL. 

Oh, one more thing before I go…poor Jango.  He can’t ride with me alive OR dead.  :-O  The last time I took the cats for a haircut, I had to hit my brakes and the poor cat went flying in his cage to the floor.  Made him puke and do other nasty things…oops.  Well, Friday, I went back to the old house to get the last bit of things, and Jango (which we haven’t buried yet because it’s been so cold).  Well, I put the other stuff in the car and went back around and got my poor baby (he was in a container) and put it in the one last spot in the car.  Came on down the road, around curves, all that, the box never moved.  Next thing I know I turned a corner and here he goes flying and off comes the lid and my poor baby is being tossed around the vehicle once again.  This time, I was the one who was about ready to puke.  And I knew he wasn’t going to care, but I felt all bad AGAIN!  My poor cat.  I could still cry over him.  I have never cried over a pet like that.  So sad.

Anywho.  Goodnight.


  1. 1st OH MY about poor Jango (and you) in the car!!!!!!

    2nd... HOLY COW!!! That is one AWESOME house!!! I can't wait to see the pix for when you make it your home. All that room (and the POOL!) must be totally worth all the stress and energy you've been through in the last few months especially weeks.

    Many blessings in your new home!

  2. so sorry bout the kitty. that's something you'll never forget!!

    i'll try to come help you scrub the filth later this week, k???? and at least you get to scrub dirt from a nice, new home. whereas i get to scrub ketchup and peanut butter from the walls of my own home-- not so new. but hey, it's home :o) and i share it with some pretty awesome guys. so i can't complain!!! ;o)

    love ya friend!!!!

  3. wow! what a gorgeous house! even if it is covered in filth, once you clean and decorate it will be amazing! all that room and the pool...lovely!

  4. First- Poor you and poor Jango. I'm sure I would have puked.

    Secondly- Awesome house! What's wrong with the paint colors? I think everything looks great...especially compared to the first house you almost got. Wow. That is a LOT of space! I'm excited and it's not even my house. LOL. Your new house is like a palace compared to what you moved out of. :o)

  5. Okay
    I am not jealous. ;0)
    I am happy for you. About the house I mean. The Jango thing? Well, I just don't know what to say.
    I do love your laundry-shoot though! How cool is that!

  6. Oh, so sorry about Jango!

    House is awesome!!! Looks like all the parties will now be at your place. haha

    And oh, the basement bath looks identical to mine except the paint isn't blue. LOL

    Happy un-packing!

  7. Anonymous5:18 PM

    You know I LOVE THIS house!! lol love ya! =)


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