Saturday, January 09, 2010


Man alive this place is FILTHY. We are up to our ears in cleaner and dirty rags. Our internet is slow and we havent got it all working right-- not to mention, at this point having a clean shower and potty is taking priority over checking email. The house is slowly getting cleaned, not an easy task since everything from the ceiling to the baseboards and everything in between has to be thoroughly washed and in some cases--SCRAPED off. I have never seen such filth. I dont think these people EVER washed their hands (or toilets) judging by the gunk that is all over the doors and lightswitches....Yuck. Okay...I'm done complaining and now I need to get back to cleaning. I dont have time to get on my computer right now so if u have emailed and need an answer u might wanna text me instead. Lol. If u dont hear from me again, i might have died from cleaning product inhalation...rofl. Have
a great day.


  1. right!

  2. it could always be worse, right???? :o)

  3. oh nasty! That is one thing I insist on doing when we move to a new place... new toilet seats on every toilet!!!

  4. Moving is never fun, I feel for you.. Take this opportunity to get rid of stuff, that's the only thing I can get good out of moving lol. Stuff I didn't use in the past year..

    At least it's a house right?? It could be a camper??


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