Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oct. Photo Hunt – The Pictures

Photo Hunt Challenges – The Blog

Well here we are again…another month flown by and another collection of pictures for the scavenger hunt! If you want to see the other entries, go here.

  1. A Fall Activity
    Playin’ in the leaves.

  2. A Fall Treat
    IMG_4720ewebIMG_4719ewebIMG_4716ewebOkay, I couldn’t pass up any of these pics….they are so yum looking. The first two are gorgeous but the last one is my fav! MMM….BUCKEYES!

  3. A Harvest
    Yep, they appear to be harvested…

  4. Leaves
    Fake leaf decorations on the tables at the fall festival at church……

  5. Fall Colors
    Sue me…I couldn’t decide. LOL

  6. Something Orange
    Sallie’s killer pumpkin cake. Well, the top half of a pumpkin…;-)

  7. Something Spooky
    An abandoned building complete with spider and web in the corner of the doorway (it’s hard to see from this angle but it was there)

  8. A Cemetery
    Also kinda spooky…all it needs is some fog…lol

  9. A Costume
    The K-man in the costume our neighbor gave him a few months ago. We didn’t go trick or treating or nothing, but he likes the costume. LOL!

  10. A Black & White Photo
    Munchkin “being a bal-ewwina” when I was trying to take a picture of her.

  11. A Critter
    Ick. A fake rubbery freaky looking critter.

  12. Symmetry
    The gate/fence on an old southern plantation near Atlanta…thought it looked cool…

  13. Contrast
    Oh dear. These are the Pioneer Woman’s Apple Dumplings. As she so eloquently puts it, “…the top gets delightfully crisp and flavorful, while the underneath side remains soft and mushy and more “apple dumpling-y”.” Yeah. Contrast. Hang on while I suppress the urge to run to the store right this second and buy the ingredients to make a whole ‘nother dish of them. If you have never had them, you don’t know what you’re missing. And if you ever make them, you’ll need to ask forgiveness when you ask the blessing. Moving on…

  14. Texture

  15. A Logo/Mascot

  16. Something Neon
    The drink sign at sonic…neon green!

  17. Something Inspiring
    I’m not sure why I love steeples so much…I should totally have that checked.

  18. Something Entertaining
    Watching a group of young people try to eat those yummy goodies pictured in #2…LOL! (They are going to kill me!)

  19. Something Fast
    The car…see the blur beside the mirror of the scenery flying past?

  20. Something Slow
    Um. A turtle. This one doesn’t even move…so it’s REALLY slow!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Clone

IMG_4711ewebYou know you’re parenting a future blogger when you hand your daughter her camera and the following conversation sounds something like this:

K-man: “Oww, I banged my head!!”
Munchkin: “Is it bleeding?  Let me take a PICTURE!”

I caught my little clone on the video camera doing a “photo shoot” only I have no idea how to get it on here, so you’ll just have to use your imagination.  But trust me, it’s hysterical!!

“Stand beside that tree, K-man!  Like this! No, not like that, like THIS!  K-man!  STAND HERE!  Oh that’s PICT0115good.  Just like that.  NO!  Stand up!  Got it.  AWESOME!”  checks camera  “Oh that’s not cool!  We gotta do that again!”

She did eventually get one of his face…(which of course, I can’t post here) although I don’t think I’d call it awesome…what can I say…he’s not the most cooperative subject (trust me, I know!).  I don’t know that it’s her skills though, b/c she shows promise when she has a halfway cooperative subject. PICT0107

I am only halfway cooperative.  I was too busy laughing at her because she sounded just like me. 

Then we tried to get K-man to get one of me and Munchkin….

We’ll just note that he did NOT get his momma’s mad photography skillz. 

What?  You need proof?  PICT0124

I gave up after three tries and just did it myself.  That’s what ya gotta do, ya know?  If ya want somethin done right, NEVER GIVE IT TO A MAN!  Just kidding.  …Sorta.  ;-) 

So here’s me with the cute little girl.  When I get the pictures I took edited, there may be more to come….LOL!  Maybe not, too….since I just realized today that I never did finish the promised beach pictures.  YIKES. 

PICT0125 Anywho…and just like that, another afternoon quickly disappears. 

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Spooky Blog Train

The other CT that I design for is doing a blog train this week.  I’m not part of this one, but here’s a heads up for you readers who are interested in halloween goodies…

Here’s the Designer’s Blog (Sweet Tomato Designs) if you want to start there.

The cool thing about the kit they’ve used is that it’s super versatile, so if you don’t want to do Halloween pages, you can totally do other stuff with it.  Here are a couple I did with it, and you can go to the shops by clicking on the pages. 

HDOct - WeddingCowbellswebsm Spinetingling websm

They have some cool freebies…have fun riding! =)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Busy Saturday

Well, we took a drive over to TN for R & M’s wedding.  We overslept (thanks to KC taking a Benadryl at 6am and falling back to sleep…and of course, I was expecting him to wake me up, so we woke up 45 minutes before we were supposed to leave) and then everybody out on the road was in no hurry to get anywhere. 

I took pictures on the way over there and on the way back, but not one blessed picture of the wedding.  I was too busy appreciating the fact that I could go to a wedding without any of my family having any part of the stress.  LOL.  Well that and the fact that we were about 10 minutes late and slipped in to the way back corner, far out of picture zone.  I wasn’t mad about it.  I was just relieved that we made it over the gorge without getting a ticket or a wreck and that we got there in time to slip in the back before the processionals started…lol!  I won't say how fast KC was driving, but it was way faster than he allows me to drive.  A cop even came flying up behind us with his lights flashing and KC almost had a heart attack and got over in the slow lane but the cop went right on around.  What can I say?  It’s KC’s luck.  It’s like he’s got a free pass on cavities and tickets.  *sigh*

IMG_4656ewebWell, the leaves were beautiful and the drive was lovely.  The wedding was very nice and it was nice to see everyone again (even if it was for a very short amount of time).  Anyway, here’s the pics (of the drive, not the wedding)…  IMG_4633eweb IMG_4637ewebIMG_4636eweb

And then home…isn’t the house so pretty with the colorful trees behind it?  Wanna buy it?  We’re thinking of selling it.  We’re moving to Honolulu.  JUST KIDDING.  We’re not moving far away or anything.  Just need more space.  IMG_4657ewebIMG_4658eweb

IMG_4662ewebSpeakin of space, we left the girl at Mawmaw’s this weekend because mommy needed some space.  I felt so much better when we got back that I even was all nice and put her hair in curlers for church tomorrow…she LOVES doing that and I am NEVER in the mood to do it.  As a follow-up to the haircut debacle -- after her awful beginning and middle of the week, she had two really good days on Thursday and Friday which made me very happy.  I’m not sure if it had anything to do with the consequences she got for her self-inflicted haircut (and for thinking it was hilarious when mommy was talking to her about it) or if she just decided to be good.  LOL.  I’m just happy she had better days.  Hopefully they will be the start of a better trend!

And now, I’m going to hop off…I have a splitting headache and I need to get to bed.  Can’t do another late night because I’ve got the sunday school class in the morning (the 8-12’s in which I am usually the “assistant”)  Yikes.  G-night!

Friday, October 23, 2009

One Of Them Weeks

You know the weeks I’m talking about…the weeks where if it can go wrong it will.  The week in which you have mood swings that are only explained by your gender.  The week your daughter decides to hack off her entire pigtail during crafts at school…and convince two of her classmates that it’s fun and they should do it, too.  The week you’re not in the mood to do anything.  The week you scrub the main bathroom tiled floor on your hands and knees with a toothbrush (three times and the grout still isn’t clean).  The week you paint the front porch.  The week your back is killing you and you think it was just from being on your hands and knees for two days in a row and then you realize it’s all about your gender.  The week you decide to make Ranch Chicken Tacos and pull the chicken out of the freezer to find that it’s one solid mass of freezer burn.  The week you make the best of and attempt to salvage everything that’s gone wrong…and although you may be somewhat unsuccessful, at least you can say you survived. 

I’m trying to get everything caught up…unfortunately it’s just been one of them weeks.  But the house is semi-clean. =)  And the front porch is painted.  And the bathroom floor is sparkling.  And a ton of pictures still need to be edited.  Gotta get in the mood to do something and FAST!  Off to work on that.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Freezer Burn....

Can frozen chicken that wasnt sealed good (brand new bag...) be recovered if its frozen in one huge chunk and completely white and iced over??? i was gonna have ranch chicken tacos but now i guess its plan b....

Monday, October 19, 2009

Blue Monday

Wow.  Creative block, moody, depressed…so much fun stuff and it wasn’t even raining.  Bummer.  Just one of them days, I guess.  Hey, I’m still alive.  Laundry is half done.  Could be worse.  Could ALWAYS be worse. 

AllDayMtg lgFinally shoved through the block on this page…i created the page and then didn’t know what to do with it…nothing fit right, was just kinda “eh” about it and still am to some degree, but it’s finished, and one less thing I need to scrapbook so I’m going to shrug off my perfectionism and just go with it. 

That said, here’s the page credits:
All papers/elements: Simply Susan Godfrey's Harvest Blessings Kit
Brushes: House of 3 (from Jessica Sprague photo editing class)
Fonts: karabine, daunPenh

Thanks for dropping by…I’ve got a better mood on order, so stop by again soon and hopefully it will have arrived.  ;-)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


The good news is – no cavities.  The bad news is I’m terrible at flossing so my teeth are now KILLING me from the intense poking and scraping of the pearly whites.  At one point I was dozing off in the chair (couldn’t help it…they play sleepy music and it was raining) as the hygienist was scraping my teeth, when she hit a particularly sensitive part of my gums…and my eyes flew open ---- when I finally got focused on her gloves, I started feeling around my mouth with my tongue to make sure my teeth were all still in my head because her gloves were…um…splattered….  Then I wondered if she was grossed out – because I was…and it was MY blood!  Are you nauseated yet?  Sorry.

Anyway, isn’t this lovely?  I post twice in one day and I talk about gross-ness.  LOL.  My bad. 

In non-gross stuff, my friend, Jules, at Directed Paths, is having a blog giveaway from some of her scrapbooking stash that she’s cleaning out….go comment for a chance to pick up some goodies.  ;-)  I probably should take a page from her book and clean mine out and give it away…lol.  I keep thinking I’ll need it.  I’m such a packrat!  =(  Oh well.  There are worse things one could packrat.  For instance, I have vivid memories from my childhood when my great grandma passed away and my brother and I were subjected to tag along for the great house cleaning.  My most vivid memory was climbing up into the old attic and seeing the enormous pile of empty mayonnaise jars…if I recall correctly, they had yellow lids (Duke’s, perhaps?).  And she also had a penchant for used tin foil…quite a few kitchen shelves dedicated to carefully folded sheets of used tinfoil. 

Whoa.  How did I get on that?  AnYwaY…I guess packrat characteristics could possibly be genetics at work, huh?  So I wonder where I get my tendencies to wander off topic so easily?  Probably dad…hey dad, do you still start singing one song and end up on a completely different song?  I did that the other day.  Yep….must have got it from my dad.  Lord, deliver us from genetics….especially those we’re fighting against in our kids….but that’s a totally different topic altogether.  LOL!

Well, I’m off here.  I need to work on more wedding edits and design stuff. 


Another Round

Of playing catch up on the blog. LOL.  I have been a busy little chick and haven’t had much time to do any blogging or even facebooking here lately.  That’s not good because if I don’t write my life down, I have a bad feeling that I won’t remember it.  Then again, that could be a good thing.  Haha. 

Like yesterday when I was on my hands and knees in the master bathroom floor with a bottle of Kaboom and a toothbrush, scrubbing all the grout and tile, and baseboards, and yes, even the outside icky-ness of the porcelain throne.  Bathrooms are NOT my favorite thing in the world.  Wait, I mean, CLEANING them….I have to say I would be pretty unhappy if we didn’t have one.  Anyway, at least this time I wasn’t painting the wall…just the baseboard trim after I cleaned it.  And the doors, but that’s not near the toilet, so I can handle that.  (teehehe)  Next project is the main bathroom, which needs the same treatment to the floors and baseboards.  I’m not looking forward to it…will probably put it off for a few more days…it’s the bigger bathroom…and we have a four year old boy (PEEE-EWWW) (lol).  Yeah, that’s not really something I want to remember…too bad I just wrote it all down…LOL!

CTphotolg In much less discusting happenings, I was accepted to another creative team on Tuesday and yesterday I completed the homework that one must do to get going on that…(one of the homework assignments being that “scrap a photo of yourself and your user name” over there to the right).  I’m now creating with Sweet Tomato Designs as well as the team I was already on for Simply Susan Godfrey Designs.  I won’t be joining any more creative teams right now, since this brings my page count per month up to around eight or so pages.  I just couldn’t resist applying for Sweet Tomato Designs team because I have been eying her designs for months now.  But this will keep me hopping so I’m going to settle back and just work with these.  *grin* 

SSG CT THURSDAY 10 15Speaking of those design teams, don’t forget the blog train for freebies.  It’s at Amanda’s blog today…click on the image to go get your freebies.  If you missed the other stops, here’s the list again:


(Click on the image for day five)

Also, don’t forget Simply Susan is having a great sale until Oct. 31st and you can get everything in her store for $25.  That’s enough digital goodness to keep you creating for a LONG time!  Click on the image to the right to check it out !

And this is totally random, but in case you are walking through your house and see a “leaf” laying on the floor next to the trash can, you should turn a light on and make sure it’s a leaf before grabbing it to throw it in the trash can.  Because when you grab it, feel the cold slimy-icky-ness and instantly realize you just picked up a slug, you will throw it down while screaming like a girl, and run wash your hands…shuddering the whole way.  And then you can calmly pick up a napkin and without touching it, remove said slug from your house.  Just sayin’.

And now I have satisfied the neglected blog and I must get moving.  I don’t feel like I have accomplished much this morning.  Oh, and I have a dentist appt this afternoon…ya’ll pray for my mouth, okay?  Wait, let me be more specific…pray that I don’t have any cavities and that KC does.  LOL.  Just kidding about the second part – although I have to admit to momentary frustration over the fact that I always have cavities and he never does (no exaggeration!)  *sigh* 


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blog Train Goodness!

Do you like freebies?  Here’s a couple goodies for ya! 

SSG CT TUESDAY 10 13Click on the image to go to the download link!

And here’s the entire blog train schedule in case you missed any…

Sunday 10/11 - Susan -
Monday 10/12 - Heather -
Tuesday 10/13 - Always.Faith -
Wednesday 10/14 - Lovely -
Thursday 10/15 - Artful Pioneer Amanda -
Friday 10/16 - Damsel Designs -
Saturday 10/17 - Tanya -

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Want Some Freebies?

It starts soon…


October 11 – that’s tomorrow (or today if you’re reading this on Sunday) go to the first stop on the blog train…. Simply Susan’s Blog

Friday, October 09, 2009

Ya Can’t Win

For losin. 

Least that’s what my mom always said.  I think it was mom that said it.  Well, it’s true, anyhow.  I’m still kinda creaky and although my mental state feels like I’m better, my body is still mildly protesting.  Only now, what little sick time I might have had is gone…KC’s got it.  And now I’m the only one left to take care of little people AND big people. 

It sure helped his case, though, that I just got over it because I am currently FULL of empathy.  As I took the 19th reheated rice pack to him in bed for his achy chilling body, he moaned, “Bless you, child.”  A few trips later, he said, “Oh honey, now I know exactly what to do when YOU’RE sick like this!” 

I smiled.  I couldn’t help it.  IMG_0209eweb

And then I sat in the living room with no adult company on a Friday night and felt slightly sorry for myself.  Until I remembered that I really needed to get back on top of my computer world after being sick myself all week.  So I turned on some background noise and started working on picture edits again.  One of them is over to the right and the rest are posted here.

I put that one over there because the feeling I get from that photo just says exactly what I feel like right now.  And that was a totally candid shot.  I love it when that happens.

And now….I’m off to bed.  Or to find a snack.  Whichever hits me when I get up.


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Just A Bug

Well, for a little bit of random…(you miss that lately?)

Apparently I don’t have the flu…Just a guess, since I haven’t been to the doc.  I’m just assumin’ since the fever and aches seem to be slowly going away and it’s only been 4 days.  But hear me on this, I AM NOT COMPLAINING about them going away.  I even managed to make a semi-decent attempt to get back on top of things today.

Murphy’s Law of Public Appearances – LVIII
If you take your child to school early in the morning, and you only throw on jeans (or a skirt) and wear the shirt you slept in, skip the shower altogether and just go – bedhead and all, you will meet every single parent that you knew in real life before kids even though you have (in the last six weeks) been completely unaware that they even HAD kids going to the same school as your child.

My library books are all turned back in as of today.  My overdue movie was, too.  The fine fairy magically made it disappear by the time I got back up there to check out.  Totally unexpected, but hey, I wasn’t complainin about that either.  For one, I didn’t have the energy, and two, well…who complains about a blessin?  Not me!  I LOVE the fine fairy! 

I turned in my passport yesterday.  About passed out from the effort of it cuz I was still feeling rotten but had the appointment and didn’t know how to cancel it without going in anyway.  Besides that, we were out of milk, so I had to go out anyway.  Yesterday was a bit rotten.  I was coming out of the grocery store and was SOO whooped that I looked down and saw a dollar bill on the ground and didn’t have the energy to pick it up.  Mostly cuz I’m the type to look around and figure out who lost it instead of just pocketing it, but anyways.  I saw it.  Stepped over it.  Got in the car with my groceries.  Drove home and fell back into bed until time to drag myself out and go get the munchkin. 

Today’s been better.  I fixed taco salad for supper and was actually hungry enough to eat a plate.  Well, I ate what was ON the plate, not the actual plate.  I was ready for some real food after 3 days of chicken noodle soup.  I was getting a little hungry…finally.  Although I must say, a diet of nothing but sips of sprite/water, chicken noodle soup, and a few crackers pulls the belt a few notches tighter really quick.  Not that I was dieting on purpose, of course.  =) 

Anyway, there’s your daily dose of random.  Wash your hands, take your vitamins, and stay away from nasty bugs!  =)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Oh Dear

I am pretty sure I have the flu.  I really don’t have time for this. 



Monday, October 05, 2009

Killin Time

Today has been a bit of a dud.  Not complainin, just seems like nothing is going like I planned.  And you know, if I could plan ahead that things wouldn’t work out, I would plan something else.  LOL.  Yeah, that makes sense, right?  ANYWAY. 

At this particular moment I am waiting for 156 pictures to upload to Walmart so that I can print them for a “seasoned saint” who wants the pictures from youth camp but can’t use the cd I originally made.  LOL.  SOOO.  Have you any idea how long it takes to upload 156 pictures?  Let’s just say that my passport photo evidently won’t get printed today because all the other photos won’t get uploaded before I have to leave to go get Munchkin from school.  Just another thing that isn’t going on schedule today.  Haha.  What can I say, it’s Monday! 

PP1Speakin of passport photos, do you know how difficult it is to take a photo of yourself that fits the passport photo criteria?  I was trying to save a few dollars and do it myself but it took longer than I anticipated.  Yep, just another thing that didn’t go as planned today. 

Trying to get the angle and background and everything else just right so that your face is about 1-1 3/8 in of the photo is much more complicated than you’d think.  Not to mention, trying to make it NOT look like a mug shot…

OH WELL.  Hopefully that one to the left over there will work.  This one below would have been preferred but I thought it looked too portrait-y.  LOL!JustPlayin2

I won’t even tell you how many pictures I had to delete.  I hate pictures of myself.  EW.  Have I mentioned that before?  Oh.  Just about a zillion times?  Right.  Oops. 

Well, gotta run.  Time to get the munchkin from school. 

Have a lovely (and hopefully more productive than mine) day! 


Friday, October 02, 2009

Apples, Autumn, Aging

A A A, What begins with A?….

uh, pardon me, I had a little Seuss-y moment there.

October is off with a bang…

IMG_4191webOn the first day of October, I had a field trip to the apple orchard with the K-man, then baked a cake, cleaned house, ran errands, had a small party for the K-man’s birthday, did laundry, and on the list goes…

Second day of October, hit the floor runnin’ at six fifteen and haven’t stopped since.  Errands and running around this morning to pick up the unsold consignment items/check (WOOOHOOO…I did GOOD), back in town to pick up a couple things for canning, and then over to K’s mom’s to help with their zillion apples that have to be processed.  The juicer got a WORKOUT today!  And we didn’t make much headway…I’m not kidding..they got apples!  Anyway, I finally got home and showered all the sticky apple off and did more laundry, sat down and almost fell asleep, redesigned the blog, edited pictures, put the kids in the bath, and on and on….


IMG_4225web And I’m feeling old.  Old and tired.  And tomorrow’s the all day meeting.  No rest for the weary. 

Speaking of weary, these boys were GA-GA over that nerf ball gun that I found at the consignment sale for two bucks.  They were all into it in this picture…and it has been thoroughly enjoyed in the last day…and thoroughly wearied the parents.  *sigh*  OH WELL

And now I’m gonna TRY to get some rest…so I’m gonna hit the sack now…

Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

October Photo Hunt!

Yeehaw!  Here we go again!!

photohunt4-badge-475x475Click on the picture or right here to go to the Photo Hunt Blog

And here’s the list:

  1. A Fall Activity
  2. A Fall Treat
  3. A Harvest
  4. Leaves
  5. Fall Colors
  6. Something Orange
  7. Something Spooky
  8. A Cemetery
  9. A Costume
  10. A Black & White Photo
  11. A Critter
  12. Symmetry
  13. Contrast
  14. Texture
  15. A Logo/Mascot
  16. Something Neon
  17. Something Inspiring
  18. Something Entertaining
  19. Something Fast
  20. Something Slow

Hope you join me…it’s soo much fun!