Monday, August 31, 2009

August Photo Hunt – The Pictures

Well, it’s the end of the month….which means I get to post all these pictures.  I did REALLY good this month and didn’t procrastinate (as bad) so I only had 5 pictures that I had to run around this morning and find.  LOL.  YAY ME!  And I had most of them already uploaded to this post and ready to go, too.  Wahooo! 

All the details of this photo hunt: Photo Hunt 3 - Details
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When the favorites are selected for voting, they will be posted in individual posts with a poll for voting.  Check back in Sept for the posts with the selected favorites for voting. Photo Hunt Blog

Okay…so here’s mine. 

  1. A fountain
    North Myrtle Beach.  It was near a disgracefully discusting thrift store…we were not happy with the thrifting on our vacation.  BUT WE WON’T DISCUSS THAT HERE.  LOL!

  2. A Road or Pathway
    Almost to the ocean…woohoo!

  3. A Fence
    Beach fence…love it.

  4. A symbol
    Community Watch Eyeball…teehehe

  5. A Black & White Photo
    This was a wedding gift from some of my mom’s family.  It’s a photo of my mom’s parents and siblings.  Mom wasn’t even born yet.  The second picture is a close-up so you can fully appreciate the looker my pap-paw was in his younger days.  LOL!  It’s been on display somewhere in our house during the entire (almost) eight (gasp) years that I’ve been married.  I love it. 

  6. A clunker car
    I think this one clunked for the last time…and is taking up TWO parkings next to the NO PARKING sign.  WOOT!

  7. A cool car
    Oh yeah.  Hummer, baby!  Can’t get much cooler…well, it’s cool as long as we’re not talking about gas mileage. 

  8. A Portrait 
    My friends…I love these chicks!

  9. Amusement
    Munchkin again falls prey to the old: “look down in this hole” trick.  This time at least it was not a mud puddle that splashed her….LOL! 

  10. Back to School
    Yep.  Munchkin is officially a Kindergartener!!!

    Didn’t get a “CITY” shot this month, so I dug one that I took in Atlanta out of my archives. 

  12. Suburban
    This was one view from our condo at the beach a few weeks ago.  Not your typical suburb, I guess, but wikipedia defines suburban as “the residential areas of a large city, or separate residential communities within commuting distance of a city” in which case, I’d say this applies.  I mean…Myrtle/N. Myrtle is definitely larger than my town.  LOL. 

  13. Country/Rural
    Middle of Nowhere, SC.  Nothing but fields.  And a water tower.  And a single, solitary fence post (well, okay, there were more fence posts.  Just not in this pic).

  14. Something Domestic
    LAUNDRY!  I LOVE washing towels.  No really, if I HAVE to do laundry, my favorite load is towels.  They’re all so standard.  Makes my OCD tendencies so happy.

  15. Something Wild
    This little mermaid I found half buried in the sand while we were at the beach…wild in more than one way…LOL!

  16. Something Silver
    The handle of my umbrella.  Today is a rainy day.  JOY.

  17. Something Gold
    This is the Golden Silk Spider which is one of the largest spiders in North America.  According to one place I read, it is second in size only to the tarantula (in North America).  Spotted this one on our SC beach trip a few weeks ago.  It was easily larger than the palm of my hand (including the legs) but I wasn’t about to stick my hand up there to show you.  It’s called Golden Silk because of the golden/yellow color of its web.

  18. Something Shiny
    The inside of a Gi-normous flashlight.  And this wasn’t even ON!

  19. Something Miniature
    Munchkin’s dollhouse crib…it’s sitting in the dollhouse nursery: a room that is 12.5 inches tall. 

  20. Something Delicious
    Sallie’s homemade bug cakes for Brother’s birthday party back at the beginning of August.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Trip Pics Part 1

Some of you who are my friends on facebook may have seen most of these already, but since I haven’t had a chance to edit much more of the trip pics, I’m going to post all these here anyways.  Hopefully I’ll get the rest of them edited and posted soon.  I think clicking on any of them will make them larger…maybe.

On the drive down, must have been some precipitation up in the clouds because they were rainbow clouds…looked way cool….and you know me…have to take a picture of stuff like that.
IMG_9530 IMG_9531

Beach feet, exhibits A and B

Sunny beachy mornings:

Our condo at Tilghman Golf & Beach Resort…we were on the 14th floor (in a 15 story building and we were oceanfront) and second, fourth, & fifth pictures are the view from our condo, third picture there is the kids playing on the splash pad near the lazy river and pool at the condo, and last pic is in the condo. 
IMG_9701ewebIMG_9540IMG_9657ewebIMG_9538IMG_9539 IMG_9542 

Evenings on the beach:
IMG_9666ewebIMG_9696eweb IMG_9695ewebIMG_9715eweb  IMG_9745eweb  

More pics with the kids faces are HERE on the private picture blog.  Email me if you need access. 

And more to come when I get time to finish editing.  *WHEW*

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One Of MANY Pictures:

I’m working on these pictures from the beach…(I mean, my goodness, I only took about 500 pictures) and ran across this one and thought I’d go ahead and post it while I’m working on the other 499. 

IMG_9841ewebThis shot is all about the umbrella!  After getting a little cooked on day 3, we got the brilliant idea that maybe if we went out and bought and umbrella, maybe it would enable us to spend a longer amount of time out on the beach.  (Hindsight, that was wishful thinking because when you have two preschoolers and lots of other things you’d like to do on vacation, it just didn’t work out to stay out on the beach ALL day.) 

BUT ANYWAY.  Back to the umbrella.  So we go in one of them zillion beach souvenir shops and KC picks out an umbrella.  He picked out this one for the UV protection…it had the highest UV rating.  He didn’t see the name on it until after he’d purchased it, but we thought it was pretty cool that Guinness World Records actually makes an umbrella. 

Funniest thing though, people kept asking us if we had anything good to drink in our cooler.  Just the strangest thing.  *shaking head* 

LOL.  Well, I’m kidding about all that, but we did get a pretty good laugh about KC’s oops moment. 

Back to picture editing now.  LOL!


I love this song.

Everyone knows there is pain in this life.
We've all seen our share of tears,
But I choose to live on the positive side
And I won't be held hostage by fear.

I'm a prisoner of hope, bound by my faith,
Chained to Your love, locked up in Grace,
I'm free to leave, but I'll never go,
I'm wonderfully, willingly, freely
A prisoner of hope.

Some people doubt what they don't understand,
But I know what's true in my heart,
Now I can't control what's out of my hands,
But I can lay back in Your arms.

I'm a prisoner of hope, bound by my faith,
Chained to Your love, locked up in Grace,
I'm free to leave, but I'll never go,
I'm wonderfully, willingly, freely
A prisoner of hope.

IMG_9905With that… 

AND the fact that I have the best friends in the whole wide world, as evidenced by one of them coming to my house bearing comfort food yesterday and just hanging out for awhile……

Not to mention, all you guys who are sending happy thoughts and prayers…

And not listed in order of importance, but the way God’s been answering our prayers thus far…

I feel better today. 

But don’t stop praying.  ;-)  It’s not over yet.

PS…it’s a family situation, but not about the kids or foster care (thank God).

PPS to the Parents and Inlaws and anyone else who cares (or not…LOL)…I will get to the pictures from vacation as soon as possible.  I’m on task overload right now.  Speaking of said tasks, I gotta run.  But I WILL GET TO IT.  SOON.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I Am Speechless

But it will be okay.  I have to hope in that.  It’s not God’s fault.  I know that. 

And I don’t know what else to say.  Except I wish it would stop hurting. 


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ay yi Yiii

Suntan lines are not my friend. Especially when mixed with squint wrinkles. Ugh.

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Time To Go Home…

Vacation over...heading home. What a bummer. *Sigh*

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Beach…

IMG_9697ewebIt is wonderful!

For reals.

And although quite a bit more crowded than we are used to (since we usually come the week school starts and miss the majority of the crowd) it still isn’t terrible and we’re coping by getting out early.  Love it. 

More pictures later…it is wondrous.  *smiles*  At this particular moment, the kids have just gotten up from nap and we are getting ready to go to either build-a-bear or build-a-car, so I must run. 

IMG_9583eAnyways, it’s been great so far…how is it that the postcards always go?  Oh yeah…

”Wish you were here!” ;-)

Friday, August 14, 2009


I shore am glad that I’m not the only one not blogging these days.  My IRL friends seem to have dropped off the face of the blogging planet. 

I’m just assuming here, but I’m thinking everybody must be as busy as me.  LOL!  Just so ya knows though, I really miss ya’ll posting. 

In my dreams, I think you miss me posting.  Then I wake up.  *sad sigh*  (LOL)

IMG_9500Anyways, if you had told me a week ago, that my brother would be home this week and that he would go from the person he was when he got here to a completely new person in such a short amount of time, I would have probably laughed at you.   Not that I doubt the power of God or anything, but God can only go so far if a person doesn’t want Him, and I had my doubts about my lil brother ever getting to that point. 

But I can say this much, I am real, REAL, happy about it. 

Now, some OTHER people need to get to that point.  Can’t say I don’t have my doubts there either, but hey…there is proof right in front of me that miracles still happen.  YEAH!  I could shout.  Ummmm….well…..anyway.  LOL!

We played tennis tonight and now I’m whooped and I still need to go clean the bathroom and work on some laundry to IMG_9499get stuff packed for the beach.  The bathroom is kinda gross and I’m all nice enough to clean the house for our friend who is going to stay here while we’re gone.  LOL!  Anyways.  REALLY need to go do that now.  

If I can move.  This chair is mighty comfortable right this minute.  *sigh*


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Whoa, Nellie!

This week has been a ride!  Not just in busy-ness, but in lots of stuff.  Well, I guess I shouldn’t say “WHOA” because when it comes to some stuff, I don’t want it to stop….in which case, I guess it would be “Giddup, Nellie!”  LOL

Good stuff.  YAY!  Can’t really talk much about any of it except to say that, oh my, God is so good! 

Yesterday, I got up early and went over to K’s to do more painting.  We’re doing her kitchen cabinets red.  That turned into a larger project than we originally thought.  Red is not a forgiving color.  YIKES. 

Worried myself all that morning about a situation and finally about 3, my worries were eased….and then I was happy and still a little worrying but I flew around the house and cleaned and fluttered and made myself stay busy…which honestly is not a hard thing for me to do.  Anyways.  Yesterday ended well.

Got up this morning and continued the worrying over stuff, but God’s still good and he’s still taking care of business.  My worrying isn’t about God, my worrying is about the humans.  LOL.  But so far, so good. 

Went back to K’s this morning and did more painting until we ran out of paint four doors and several coats short.  BUMMER!  Came back and some of the guys came over and hung out with KC…

The guys’ wives didn’t come, so while the guys were hanging out, I did some digi-scrappin and posted it.  Actually, I’ve done and posted several pages recently….I’m on a roll.  This is great!  And here’s something else really cool….my Sweetness layout made the MADE YOU LOOK MONDAY post at Faithsisters.  AWESOME!  You have to scroll down, the names are off a little on the listings….but seriously, i’m totally amazed.  So cool!

Got a bunch of stuff on the agenda for tomorrow, so I’m gonna hop off here.  Just wanted to post real quick…all is well, life is good, but keep on praying…

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Youth Trip

Well, not that KC and I have much youth left in us (I personally don’t feel young at all right now….I feel quite sore and ancient thanks to yesterday’s workout) but for some reason our friends in the youth group at church have invited us to do more stuff with them, so Friday night we piled up in two vans and went to play laser tag. 

FUN.  Afterwards, we went to a little ice cream shop and had a little more fun.  BWAHHAHAHAH.  Anyways, it was great.  We have a good group of kids…except just a bit camera shy….

The pics I got weren’t so great because none of our youth OR THE YOUTH LEADERS (LOL) would cooperate on camera…lol.  OH WELL.  So I had to take candid.  If the picture stinks, ya’ll need to remember that next time and not be so difficult when I pull out the camera.  HAHAHA! 

Here’s some pictures:

At the laser tag place:
IMG_4105 IMG_4108

At the ice cream place:

On the menu…


wait….is there another KC?

IMG_4111Uh. I hope that’s BESSY and not KC!  Uhhh….

Moving on….

IMG_4122 IMG_4118 IMG_4117 IMG_4116 IMG_4114

Yah.  It was fun.  I feel young again when we go with them.  LOL.  Except for the next day.  Reality comes back fast!


Anyway, thanks to the youth group for inviting us along, we had a great time!