Friday, July 31, 2009

July Photo Hunt Blitz!

Well, I couldn’t find one, so I made up my own, and then found another one so I did TWO.  Here’s the first one that I made up, and the other participants are Sherrie, Jules, Leann, and Kelly, who I haven’t checked yet to see if she finished or not.  The second hunt is below this one.  So here goes:

  1. A hat
    1-1 Hat
    Shopping in Pigeon Forge…I tried the hat on her…JUST for this picture!  LOL!

  2. Something Furry
    1-2 Furry
    Snowball up close…

  3. Warm
    1-3 Warm 
    I love hot tubs.  Especially after a chilly walk up the hill from the pool…at 7:30pm.

  4. Space
    1-4 space 
    The sun is one of the easiest pieces of our solar system to catch on camera.  And that’s part of SPACE, right? LOL.

  5. Something Yellow
    1-5 YellowA 1-5 YellowB
    I used this list item to complete one of the photo editing class assignments and for the second one, I got a little corny.  LOL.  Sorry.

  6. Hands
    KC’s hand on the steering wheel.  MMM.

  7. Stripes
    1-7 Stripes
    The Stars & Stripes

  8. Something Triangle Shaped
    1-8 Triangle
    The doors on the building below (#13).  Actually, more like an X, but if you look at the shapes inside the X, they’re triangles. 

  9. Death
    1-9 Death1 1-9 Death2
    Some random graveyard.  I picked it because it was super old and I LOVE super old graveyards.  Yeah, I know.  I’m weird like that.  I think the first picture (the tall headstone in the middle) might have been a confederate soldier (at least, there is a confederate flag right in front of his tombstone).  But I’m not sure because these graves were so old that only a FEW had any writing on them…most of them were just rocks placed in the ground.  Or maybe it was a war graveyard and they didn’t have names for them, they just buried them.  Who knows.  The second picture must have been the rich folks in town that could afford to have a name put on theirs.  Mr. Goode died 100 years before I was born. 

  10. A Lock
    1-10 Lock
    The lock on my trusty camera case

  11. Wrinkle(s)
    1-11 wrinkles
    The leather on the van seat

  12. Something Blue
    The Blue Ridge Mountains

  13. Repetition
    1-13 Repetition
    This building is a STUDY in repeating objects: windows, doors, those three things on the roof…

  14. Something Irritating
    1-14 Irritating 
    Let’s see…let’s go over the things pictured here that irritate me.  Electric lines that interupt perfectly good pictures.  Red lights.  And those little signs that say No Turn On Red.  Those are generally at intersections where you would really LIKE to be able to turn right on red.  UGH.  But I don’t.  USUALLY.  And I especially watch for traffic cameras.  HA.  Had to throw that in.  LOL!

  15. An Emotion
    1-15 Emotion

  16. Tool(s)
    1-16 Tools
    K-man’s tools.  He got these for Christmas 2 years ago and as evidenced by the many dents and nicks, has spent MANY hours playing with them in the last two years. 
    bang bang bang “Can we fix it? YES, WE CAN!” bang bang bang   - K-man

  17. Black & White
    Black (the new van) & White (the old SUV in the background)


Part Deux (this one is from Phun with Photography and the post with the participants who completed it is HERE.)

  1. Disney character
    2-2 Disney 
    Cinderella in front of Melissa & Doug’s Castle.  LOL (I borrowed munchkin toys for this shot.  Seriously…they’re not mine.  hahaha)

  2. someone in uniform
    2-2 Someone in Uniform 
    This was an interesting one to get…she saw me taking her picture and I wasn’t quite sure how to explain what I was doing…so I opted to just keep moving…LOL…then KC called me down and said “HONEY, TELL HER WHY YOU’RE TAKING HER PICTURE!”  So then I had no choice…lol!  She laughed.  But at least she didn’t throw me in cuffs or anything…haha

  3. work of art
    2-3 Work of Art
    The adorable birthday card that Kelbs (a girl at church) made for the munchkin’s birthday.  It pops up.  Totally cute!

  4. A word spelled with unusual lettering
    2-5 Unusual Lettering 
    A word on the back of a truck when we were coming back from Ohio…

  5. a hat
    2-5 Hat
    K-man’s hat hanging on his bunkbed. 

  6. a tree native to your area
    2-6 Native Tree
    I *THINK* this is a River Birch.  If so, then it’s native to our area.  If not, hopefully one of the other trees in the background will qualify.  Otherwise I’ll just have to get an A for Effort.  Haha.

  7. a bug
    2-8 Bug
    My arch-enemy – the June Bug (well, that’s not the correct name for them, but that’s what my momma always called them.  I think they are actually Japanese beetles.  Whatever, I don’t like them.)  My ferns are looking green again, but I spotted another one the other day, so I guess it’s time to Sevin again.  Oh, and this was a GREAT grand-daddy one that we found in the cabin in TN.  HUGE.  That railing it’s perched on is a 2x4. 

  8. library/book
    2-8 LibaryBook
    I like to call this one “Reading – Interupted”  (a scenario that is frequent around here)

  9. sign in more than 2 languages
    2-9 Sign in Different Languages
    Couldn’t find this one, so had to google it and snap a pic of the screen.  LOL!

  10. money/ foreign currency
    2-10 Foreign Currency
    The foreign currency that KC’s Aunt framed for us for Christmas last year.  If you’ve never thought about using foreign money for house decor, it’s veryyy cool looking!

  11. a pool
    2-12 Pool
    This picture makes me laugh because K-man looks to be pointing at his foot…in front of the ONE FOOT sign in the kiddie pool.  LOL!

  12. the colour purple
    2-12 Purple
    On our back deck…not sure what kind of flower.

  13. a window - or looking through a window
    2-13 Window 
    The view from the back window-paned door….

  14. crying
    2-14 crying 
    Puddles of sadness

  15. a fruit
    2-15 Fruit
    Watermelon in our fridge.  This thing has been here about 4 weeks.  Anyone have a clue how long they can sit in the fridge and still be good?

  16. a sport
    2-16 Sport
    Take your pick…the sporting goods aisle in K-mart…haha

  17. sky
    Fireworks in the sky – July 4th

  18. license plate from another State/Province/Country
    Some random tag in Virginia.  THEY weren’t out of state, but I was.  LOL!

  19. Height
    The Longaberger building in Ohio.  HUGE…there is definitely some height going on…check out the little fence along the road in comparison.  hahaha!

  20. Music
    The Dan Tyminski Band on stage at a bluegrass festival.

And that’s it.  WHEW.  I left probably half the pictures to the very last couple of days.  I am such a procrastinator.  LOL!

thanks for looking!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just To Let Ya Know…

There was an individual in our house that violated a speed limit regulation and there’s a little piece of paper on the table to prove it.

Hang on….I need to giggle again.  Kay.  I’m back. 

IT WASN’T ME!!!!!!!!

And since our children aren’t old enough to get them yet, it wasn’t them either. 

Process of elimination here, people. 

But my guy, Lord love him, is trying to tell me that because it was a TRAFFIC CAMERA and the ticket came in the MAIL, that it doesn’t count. 

Well, it happened in Ohio.  I didn’t do any driving in Ohio until the last day when we were leaving because he knows his way around and I don’t.  The ticket was the first day we were there.  So I know it wasn’t me.

But get this…and here’s the REALLY messed up part…the tag hadn’t yet switched out cuz ya know, we just traded so I could be a MINI-VAN MOM, so the tag was still registered for the Pilot and I was the only person on the title on that one.  SO I GOT THE TICKET in the mail yesterday.  HOW DUMB IS THAT?

I’m not even DRIVING and I still manage to get a ticket.  This is messed up.  I have said it before.  It’s just me they’ve got it out for.  KC can break the law all day long and not get in trouble for it, but ME?  I get in trouble when KC’S driving.  That is completely messed up. 

But I know the truth.  This is proof that it’s not just MY driving.  Because HE WAS DRIVING.  Even if I got the ticket.

PS Honey, yes, it DOES count, it’s a picture of OUR van and the readout of the clocked speed was 48 in a 35 going through an intersection.  Camera or cop, the clock’s the clock. 

Just so ya’s know.  It’s not my driving.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I’m Back (again)

You didn’t even miss me did ya?  I didn’t think so.  LOL. 

Well, this time I went with a few of the girls to Pigeon Forge, TN to a cabin for the weekend.  Our hubbies went on a whitewater rafting trip to WV and we weren’t invited, so we decided they weren’t going to get to have ALL the fun…

I’d say it would be debatable about who had the most fun.  Some of the girls’ kids were gone to their aunt’s house, so we only had four kids and five adults in the cabin…and it was a blast.

Here’s some of the cabin:


IMG_9321ewebAnd of course, ya’ll know me….when I’m away, one of my favorite things to do is find thrift stores.  Lucky for me, I was with girls who shared my love.  I think they even spent more than I did.  Well, maybe.  *grin* 

I did find a few things.  I could have spent more, of course, but I tried to be good.  *smiles*

Then there are a few pics of the kids….

IMG_9324ewebIMG_9325eweb IMG_9333eweb2IMG_9353eweb  IMG_9368eweb

And finally…the whole crew.  I look weird…I was leaning in so I wouldn’t look like such a giant Susan in my tall shoes.  LOL!

OH WELL.  It was a ton of fun…I hope we get to do it again sometime!


Oh and I almost forgot…one of the OTHER fun features of the cabin:IMG_9342eweb

I will hopefully get back to blog stuff again soon…but this week is pretty full with getting all unpacked and cleaned back up from the vacationing.  Plus helping K paint her kitchen, so busy busy busy.  Anyway.  Later!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well, here’s a few of the not so hot shots.  Considering about 40 of the 50 looked like some variation of these, I had plenty to choose from for this little collage.  But I’d have to say…between me and the kids trying to get one stinky little shot for that biz-ness card, I’d give the three of us an A for Effort.  LOL! 


This collage was the final assignment for the photo editing class I just finished.  I was sad…it was way too much fun to be considered class.  LOL! 

Anyway, no creative cropping was done for this collage.  If my head is missing or body parts cut off, that is exactly how the picture was taken.  OHHHH WELL!  Next time I know…don’t try to use the kid in place of a tripod.  But then again, next time I get the wild hair to try to get her to take a decent shot of me, she may very well be an old pro at the photography stuff and I can just hand her the camera and say “Go for it.”  Haha. 

Here is one I wanted to use for the business card but it IMG_4053ewouldn’t work because the cut lines on the business card would have gone right through my eyeballs.  That would have been lovely and maybe a little morbid…ya know…a photographer without eyes…..  HA.  (Sorry, I thought it was funny….LOL)

Still, I foresee some potential for use on the blog header on Always Faith Photography.  It’s been awhile since THAT’S been updated.  LOL!

IMG_4016eIMG_4025eAnd these were the other two that were halfway decent but for one reason or another I nixed.  LOL.  As photos, they’re perfectly fine.  As photos of me….not so.  LOL.  Yuck.  OH WELL. 

A little funny: I don’t know if you can see my shoes very well in a couple of the pictures in the collage, but I got these tall shoes that make me look like a giant from the thrift store the other day (mostly cuz they were American Eagle and in good shape and $2 and I needed them for a skirt that was a little too long…yes, a little too long on ME.  That’s LONG!).  ANYWAY, so for some reason, I thought, hey…maybe I’ll just put these on…and K-man was like….AHHHH, MOMMY, YOU TALL!  YOU SCARE ME!!! 

BWAHAHAHA!  Typical guy.  Scared of tall girls.  LOL.  But I was like, no, I’m just giant…like SUSAN!  (You know, from Monsters Vs Aliens) and K-man is like, NO, you not Su-san!  And Munchkin is like, no, she’s just TALL like Susan.  And then K-man was like YEAH, She’s GIANT SUSAN!  LOL!  So now, I wore those shoes today with that long skirt and the kids were both like, are you wearing your Susan shoes???  Funny kids!