Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Too Bad I don't Live in 1930

Back then, I would have not just been a "good" wife....I'd have been SUPERIOR!!! HEHE!!!
Poor KC....if only he could have had me then! Hahah!


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

Anywho, the earplugs worked great. And they were a little quieter last night, too. Not sure if they were really quieter or if KC's dose of Nyquil and my earplugs just made everything SEEM quieter. ROFL!!! Either way, we got a full night's sleep....and i used the earplugs to take a nap today, too. Wonderful invention, those earplugs! *GRIN*

And today, the K-man did "Ew, Gross" on the potty telling me he needed to go....and this time, he didn't wait until he'd already started doing it in his diaper. He didn't really want to go tonight, but I'm hoping it's cuz he really didn't need to and not cuz he's regressing again. LOL. He did wet through TWO outfits tonight though. I'm not kidding, the kid has a TON of liquid excretions!!! I took him to the potty and he did enough to put out a small fire....and then he STILL wet through another pair of pants not even an hour later!!! What in THE WORLD?

We took the kids to see the Sea Monsters 3D at the Imax down at Broadway on the Beach. K-man LOVED it after the first initial terror of seeing these monsters on a giant screen in 3D....all except for the few times the monsters with the sharp teeth came flying right at his level,....if they looked like they were going over or under us....or to the sides, he was fine....and even for the parts when he got scared, wouldn't let me cover his eyes or hide his face for NOTHING. The kid is gutsy. LOL. Unfortunately, Munchkin cried the first five minutes and spent the rest of the time cowering on KC's lap and only looked at the screen during the desert scenes of the archaeologists finding the bones. But then of course,after she found out that K-man enjoyed it, she said she just LOVED it . She is so four right now. All attitude. Boy, I just can't wait til four-TEEN. I'm sure this is only a teeny tiny glimpse of the joys that await. *huge sigh*

Well, going to go to bed's almost midnight and the elephants do not seem to be winding things down upstairs, so I'm off to round up those trusty earplugs. Night!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Gotta Love Vacations...

Well...still sittin here in 2B...listened to the pounding and hollering all day up in 3B....can only hope they're getting it all out during the daylight hours.

But just in case, I bought a set of earplugs for tonight.

The realty company said they'd do some digging into it today when KC called to complain for the SECOND day in a row. They called back a little while later and said that the condo above us is not managed by any realty company. It is either the owners up there or the owners renting it out on their own. They said they'd call the property management and have them contact the owner and tell them to keep it down when it gets late. They wouldn't really give us an option of moving to a different condo.

So, friends who will be joining us at the end of this week....bring earplugs and any party-crashing supplies you think could be handy. HAHAHA. KC said if they keep us up again tonight, that he is going to go up there about 5:30 in the morning and beat on their door long enough to disturb THEIR sleep. I said while he's up there, he can just polish the doorhandle with a good handful of vaseline. And maybe while we're at it, we'll just have a little fun with any of the shoes they may have left outside their supergluing them to the floor. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA....evil. I am SO evil.

Anywho, today was rainy, so we did a little shopping. I bought a sweatshirt to wear inside the condo cuz KC is freezing me out. LOL. But speaking of freezing, poor KC started running a fever around suppertime, so he started chillin and achin and then he turned the air up and I got comfortable for a little while. Hopefully he's not getting the flu. I took the kids and ran down to Walmart, leaving him in bed to rest, while I got Theraflu, Nyquil, Extra Strength Tylenol...the works to hopefully knock whatever he's got out....FAST.

I am, however, considering the idea of chugging a couple of gulps of that Theraflu myself to ensure that the earplugs do their job and allow me to get a GOOD night's rest in SPITE of the herd of rude elephants stampeding around upstairs. Speaking of the rude elephants, I think they must be wrestling now....cuz judging by the even LOUDER than usual crash/bang, one of them just got bodyslammed.

On that note, I think I'm gonna call it a night. It's early, but given the likelihood of me being unable to sleep later on tonight...or even right now, I figure I should get an early start on the sleep problem.


PS I'll get some pictures uploaded soon. So far I haven't really gotten anything good. I need to work on that. *sigh*

PPS I ALMOST FORGOT. K-man did EW GROSS on the potty TWICE TODAY!!!!!!! I'm not really sure what brought this about, but he started both times in his diaper and told me when I was changing it that he wanted to go try on the potty and both times he got more out. And of course, I was desperate enough to see that this trend continues, that I did this crazy happy dance which he LOVED. The second time he did it, HE did the happy dance with me and I think that was more of an incentive than any candy...particularly since I forgot about that part and he never even asked or was bothered by that. LOL!!! Anyways...I was happy. Happy enough to be stupidly silly and forget the fact that I have absolutely no rhythm and can't dance. HAHA. I don't think he cared. All I know is...TWICE....IN ONE DAY. YEEHAW!

Aren't Vacations Supposed To Be Stress-FREE?

So yeah...we're on vacation....down here in the lovely North Myrtle....

One of our very best friends is staying at our house to keep the kit-kats company while we're gone.

Funny thing is, right at this particular moment: much as I appreciate our friend taking care of our babies for us, I would almost prefer to be back at our lovely QUIET house keeping the kit-kats company MYSELF!

I am ashamed to admit, I am having very un-christian thoughts right now.

For the second night in a row, there has been a party going on upstairs between the hours of 10pm and 3am. Last night we called the cops at 2am b/c the music was loud and they were either very drunk and trying to sing along or else they just really couldn't sing. I'm pretty sure it was the former, since you could smell the alcohol from our balcony. I am also pretty sure that there is a basketball involved due to the incessant pounding that goes on every time they are up there. And we do know EVERY time they are up there, have no doubt. If they're not doing any of those other things, they're rearranging the furniture or SOMETHING which involves the noisy scraping of solid objects across the floor.

Like today...naptime. The kids were rudely awakened after a very short time, thanks to the herd of elephants upstairs. Munchkin couldn't go back to sleep. She claimed her ceiling fan was a monster. After lying in bed tonight for over an hour looking at the ceiling and listening to the banging above us, I can understand perfectly why she would think that. And as a matter of fact, I determined if they wake her up tonight, I will take her upstairs and knock on their door and then explain to front of them.....that it's just the people being loud and it's not a monster in her ceiling fan. Of course, after they woke KC up a little before midnight tonight, he was aggravated enough, that he marched up there and knocked but they wouldn't answer, so they probably wouldn't have answered the door for me, either.

I have seriously wished I had a few tubs of vaseline to take down to the parking give them a little irritation in return. All I'd have to do is find the cars with the parking permits that are so handy to have the apartment numbers written on them....and a big gob of vaseline would be waiting for them when they pulled the handles to open the door. Luckily for them, I have no vaseline, but I AM still in possession of a conscience, as well as the memory of several Bible verses..."A soft answer turneth away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger" as well as the "turn the other cheek" commandments.....*SIGH*

So now I have given up trying to sleep and decided to come vent a little. And it will do no good to call the cops again, last night, they turned off the music after the cops came, but everything else got louder. We called the realty company today after last night's drama, but they can't do anything....there are no house parties allowed in their condos, but they don't have control over the one above us...they said to call them back if it continued....please, God, let them move us to the other side of this condo....and on a different floor....surrounded by condos in which house parties can be controlled.

After not sleeping last night, and then the kids not getting all their sleep today, we've had a rather testy bunch today....guess I'll have something to look forward to tomorrow as well. UGH. the stress, the STRESS!!!! On the bright side, K-man has LOVED the beach and waves so far....this being his first trip to the ocean and all. And also on the bright side, Munchkin (while being a little more tantrum-y than her usual self) is not even close to being the Jekyll/Hyde creature that appeared on our last trip to the beach (you know, the one that throwing the most disturbing things up at us in her little....and not so little....fits). Well, I consider that pretty major progress. I'm going to be positive and count on it continuing to not be like last year.

If only I could have been asleep before they got home tonight...they went out around 7:30 and got back sometime around 10:45....we went to bed at 10:30 and I was THISCLOSE to being all the way out when the pounding started up again and then there was no rest for the weary. I tried to take a nap today, when the kids were taking a nap, to try to make up for the hours of lost sleep last night, but no good there either...for me OR the kids.

How incredibly frustrating.

We even checked the other rental places to see if the place above us is operated by any of them so that we could report them, but didn't find it listed anywhere. I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining, b/c vacation is wonderful....except for the inconsiderate hooligans in 3B who happen to be doing their best to stress me out. See, the whole time I am typing this, I am listening to them pounding above me. It is now after 1am, I have yet to find a wink of sleep, and I am exhausted. Last night, it was 3am before they finally went to bed. And then our kids were up at 6:45-7am....

I absolutely cannot deal with this all week. Wow, this has turned into a book....I should go away now.

I'm going to go google this condominium again just to make sure we didn't miss finding someone to take care of this problem.

(not so good here) night.

PS If you pray, could you please pray that we parents somehow get 8 hours worth of sleep in 3 so that we can keep up with our kids tomorrow that are so far (miraculously) sleeping through this? And that tomorrow the realty place will solve this problem with no hassle other than perhaps the inconvenience of us having to cart all our stuff to a different floor? I'd really appreciate it! Thanks.

PPS This is not to discourage our friends who are planning to join us this coming weekend...hopefully, we will have this irritating little problem taken care of by the time you get here....and if not, we'll have three men we can send upstairs together to "take care of business" (ROFL....just kidding on that last part, but serious on the first part...LOL) Oh, by the way, I'll call you guys this week if we can't get the problem solved and you all (since we are such experienced car decorators) can bring plenty of supplies....toilet paper, crisco, the works. ROFL.....sorry...I'm still having a bit of un-christian thoughts plaguing me....guess I could use some prayer for that, too.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

PSA: Comments

I think I may have mentioned this before and a few of you were kind enough to help me out, which made me very happy....however, recently, I've had more comments (thank you, kindly) that I have not been able to respond to, b/c when I hit reply, it goes back to that no-reply at blogger whatever email.

So here's the deal. I could respond by posting another comment on my post replying to your comments, but if you're like me, you never remember to go back and check that post again for any replying comments. Actually, if you're like me, you have a hard time remembering that you even commented sometimes, and I never, ever (okay, well, mostly never) expect a response. BUT...I know that I'm weird and most people aren't like me, which is why I'm posting this lovely public service announcement.

If you're expecting a response from me for a comment left, please make sure that you go to your blogger profile and put in an email address under identity. That way when you leave a comment, it puts your email in there so that when I am notified of the comment, I can hit reply and it does this nifty thing and goes to you instead of bouncing around in neverland. And that way I don't have to figure out how to contact you when I want to reply. Of course, if it's something that needs a public response for the sake of people that might read it later, I can do that as well, but it is SOO much easier to just reply to that little email directly to each person if you have that filled in on your profile.

If that has been clear as mud, then perhaps this screenshot will assist you: (I THINK...if you click, it MIGHT get bigger. a perfect world.'s not a perfect world. Okay, so go find your magnifying glass. LOL)

Thanks again for your sweet guys always make me smile...and sometimes laugh out loud (most recently thanks to johnnyism...LOL) and I do appreciate the doubt about that! I just want you guys to be able to get my responses when they might be expected. *smiles*

This message has been paid for and approved

Course, blogging is free, but it sounded funnier to say it the other way. HEHE.

Works For Me Wednesday

Since it's taken me like 5 months to get one WFMW pulled out, don't expect this to happen...but just to share a little tip that works for me when it comes to changing the sheets on the bed....

Maybe I'm the only one who hasn't figured this out yet, but up until a few months ago, I would pull the comforter off the bed into a pile on the floor and then change the sheets. Then when it came time to put the sheets back on the bed, I'd have to figure out which end was up on the comforter and wrestle the heavy thing back on the bed and get it even...and it was just a big hassle.

So now, here's what I do, and it works ever so much better: (by the way, pardon the irritatingly pitiful pictures....i have fixed that little problem now, but the bed was already made by the time I figured it out. hahaha)

First you have a bed that needs the sheets changed. So you take the top of the comforter (you know...the part that you tuck under your chin at night) and fold it in half by pulling it toward the bottom of the bed so the top is even with the bottom of the comforter.
Then you grab the middle, where it's folded at, and pull it down so it piles neatly on the floor with the halfway fold at the top.

Then, when it's time to make the bed back up, you grab that little fold (see lovely illustration below) and repeat the process in reverse. (In other words, pull the folded half of the comforter back up to the midpoint of the bed and then grab the top and unfold it by pulling it back up to the "under the chin" point of the bed again.)
Ending, of course, back at the beginning again. Doesn't that beat having to sort out which end is up on the comforter?? I think so. *GRIN*
I hope you enjoyed this little tip....maybe you even laughed (like KC just did -- LOL)....oh well....maybe everyone else has already taken bedmaking 101, but either works for me.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This Is What Happens

When your camera accidentally gets set on the wrong picture quality settings. UGH. I wondered why all my pictures were looking so pixellated....*SIGH*

That first picture is also what happens when Faith's hair meets straightener...hey frizzies...and I didn't photoshop them out, either!!! LOL!!! is fixed now....see fat cat?

By the way....KC is blogging again. Not sure how long it will last, but he's done two in a row now...LOL! Go leave him a comment. *grin* And be sure to tell him to leave Faith's Youtube choices alone! HEHEHEHE.

There's A Hole In My Sidewalk

Got this in an email today and thought I'd share. I would just like to know why we have to be so human? Why can't we just go from Chapter 1, learn our lesson the first time and skip straight to Chapter 5? *sigh*

by Portia Nelson

Chapter 1
I walk down the street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I fall in.
I am lost....I am hopeless.
It isn't my fault.
It takes forever to find a way out.

Chapter 2
I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I pretend I don't see it.
I fall in again.
I can't believe I am in the same place.
But, it isn't my fault.
It still takes a long time to get out.

Chapter 3
I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I see it is there.
I still fall's a habit.
My eyes are open.
I know where I am.
It is my fault.
I get out immediately.

Chapter 4
I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I walk around it.

Chapter 5
I walk down another street.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mommy's Tired

Funny quote from Munchkin as I was putting her down for a nap the other day:
"Mommy, you need to take a nap, too. You're tired. You have gircles (circles) under your eyes. You're tired. You need to GEEP (sleep)."

Munchkin has talked non-STOP all day long today. Even after being told repeatedly to just hush for awhile. And a good part of it was mommy-harassment (arguing, asking questions she already knew the answer to b/c I'd already answered it five times in a row...etc), so in an effort NOT to be so negative feeling about it, I thought I'd post a couple of her funnies.

After drawing a picture of me (well, her version of what I look like, I guess....I hope it's not really how she sees me....a fat ball on two little sticks with frizzy hair....but we won't go into the hair.......haha):
"Mommy, look, I gawed (drawed) you....don't you look gawgus (gorgeous)!"

While I was working on the church newsletter (on my computer):
"Mommy, you need to clean the house! You better get off your puter (computer) and get to WORK!!!!!"

(I was like, "Uh, I AM working, thank you very much, boss!" And for the record, the house was not that dirty, so I don't know what she was talking about, but it was a little bit funny, even if she was being more than a little bit bossy! LOL)

When I told her she could pull the towels out of the dryer if she wanted to:
(jumping up and down excitedly and clapping her hands) "YAY!"

Anyways. Mommy's been kinda grumpy today. I hope I'm not getting sick....vacation is this weekend, and I really don't want to be so tired. *SIGH*


Saturday, August 16, 2008


Picture overload *MAY* be finished. For now....I went back and added a couple more pictures to the CUT OFF post, too, along with the rest of the ones I had uploaded. I think I have a few more from when we went to a different park on the last day of our trip that I haven't even uploaded yet, but I don't know that I will bother posting those.

For now though, it's back to regular posting. I have forgotten what that is like.

I'm still having lots of things I'm trying to process in my head...things that I really can't go into here, for numerous reasons. I guess this is a good thing though....more to pray about, right?

Last night, I left the kids with KC and went down to Charlotte to the CK Scrapbook Convention. A couple of friends went with me, and we all stayed at the Marriott City Center. Wow. I HATE Charlotte. I especially hate one-way streets. PARTICULARLY when they are going the opposite direction of the way I'm trying to go. It took us 4-EVER to find the parking deck for the Marriott, so when we finally found it and got parked, we decided that whatever we decided on for supper *needed* to be in walking distance. So we unloaded our overnight bags and then hit the streets. Let me tell ya, the downtown streets of Charlotte are quite a different experience at night. AND quite a different experience than our little town altogether. LOL. At the recommendation of the valet at our hotel, we walked about 3 blocks and found a nice little place called RockBottom Brewery....yes, they made beer, but they had really good pizza and chips....our other options were clubs and bars, which were out of the picture...for me anyways. Walking back to the hotel after we ate (which ended up being around 10 when we got back to the room) was another experience. The streets get much more *interesting* the later it gets (apparently). Leah carried her pepper spray the whole time, and me and Tina were like glued to either side of her....LOL. Okay, so we weren't SUPER paranoid, but it was a little freaky being in a place where there were people living on the sidewalk and people throwing cuss words out in very loud voices....and street bands on every corner...and skary people asking for money....and..well.......okay, so we were SUPER paranoid. But we TRIED not to look like we were little country girls spending an evening out in the big city. HAHA.

We survived it...and the scrapbook convention today was awesome. I like the streets (except the one ways and the construction) much better in daylight. HA. It was funny, after we parked the car to go to the convention center, we walked up the street and crossed and saw like three people and no was pretty obvious that the people around there are not morning people. *GRIN*

I was glad to be home tonight. Got home right after KC changed a stink bomb, so I timed THAT one perfectly...ROFL!!! The kids drove him up the wall today....Munchkin's little attitude was apparently off the charts today....hehehe....I'm just glad it's not just ME. *GRIN* She is a good kid, but she is SO four. *sigh*

Well, I'm gonna hop off here....might come back and add some pics to this after Leah sends me copies. *Grin* We all took cameras, but Leah was the only one pulling it out for every little detail. What a switch, huh? *GRIN*

*huge sigh* I am totally exhausted. So goodnight!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tuesday Night - Uncle Mark's

Tuesday night, we all went over to Uncle Mark & Aunt Margaret's for dinner. Mmmm...grilled corn, chicken, veggies....yum-o.
The guys kickin back around the grill at Uncle Mark's. A very tired munchkin. A munchkin with motor mouth that got rather embarrassing....and she wouldn't turn it off.
Yeah...this little attitude and she just would NOT turn it off. UGH.

Monday Night Dinner at Brazil's

The best part about THIS Italian food was that we were there on "Kids Eat Free" night. That saved about $10 between the two of them, since both of their kid's meals were about $5 each...LOL. Can't see K-man in this shot, but he was next to me at the table and ended up behind me.
And then a few goofy shots of some of us....

Nate (above) and me (below)

No, it was just water....but it's a pretty goofy shot (Uncle Mark)

And then a pretty good shot of Dad and Grandma Lynn

Another one of Uncle Mark, Dad, and Grandma Lynn
And finally...I uploaded all of Uncle Darren's pictures from his memory card, and this is one he took of me....taking one of him....LOL.

Park Stop 1

I forget which day it was, but one of the days, either Monday or Tuesday, we checked out this park after hitting a thrift store (one that wasn't so impressive). It might have been Saturday....I really don't remember. Lost track of the days while we were there. Except for the food...didn't lose track of the days on FOOD time....haha.

Anyways, the kids loved it. My mom took some rather interesting pictures of me. I posted a couple for your viewing pleasure, but you'll have to excuse me for leaving off the one of my rear end sticking out of the slide as I peered up into it.....ROFL. You'll just have to use your imagination for that one....LOL! (Thanks SO MUCH, MOM, for such flattering shots...hahahaha)(No clue what THAT was about....hehehehe)

Me - Checking out my poor skinned elbow that I got when I tried to fit my adult sized body down a hard plastic, kid sized slide. UGH.

One of the funnier moments was watching Munchkin pretending. Don't ask me WHAT she was pretending, but I know (at least in the second picture here) it had something do with driving somewhere and talking on the phone. ROFL!

And poor little short guy has a tough time reaching those hang things....

Sunday Night - The Pier and Nick's

Met a bunch of family for dinner at Nick's near the lake. This is the group shot after....
L-R: me, mom, Dad, K-man, Nate & Munchkin, Carla, Aunt Paula, Grandma Lynn, Darren, Cousin Linda, Uncle Mark, Aunt Mary, Cousin Tommy & his wife. Right before dinner, we stopped at the pier....this is the type of picture you get when you have a random stranger take it....LOL.

Munchkin....I asked her to say "cheese" and she said it like this: "CHEEEEEZE!!! UGH!"
"Look, the swan's head is UNDER WATER, MOM!!!!"
the pretty swan

Making Currant Jelly

Grandma had bushes full of ripe currants in her backyard, so mom and dad took some jars up with them, and picked them. Then mom spent an entire morning canning them into and dad helped. I documented. LOL. And I helped clean some of them, too. The kids helped pick them....they LOVED picking.

Dad gets a little crazy after going through and cleaning four grocery bags full of currants, ready to wash and cook....

Dad makes a little bit of a mess, when he overfills one of the to the rescue. *GRIN*

I don't remember how many jars they had when they finished, but there was plenty to share. *grin* A beautiful jar is in my fridge now. *smiles*

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Home Again, Home Again....

Jiggity, Jig.

I have never been so happy to get back home. Absence, in this case, made the heart grow EXTREMELY fonder. LOL!!!

Anyways, we left Grandma's at 4:45am this morning and pulled up in the driveway in NC at 7:15pm. That was pretty good time considering we stopped for potty and stretching breaks every few hours, plus stopped to get lunch (to go) and dinner (eat in). I was SOOO happy to see the home stretch!!! The kids did MUCH better on the return trip even though it was extremely long (like 15 straight hours on the road). *grin*

Going to go get ready for bed now, but here's a few of the pictures that I had ready to post, but didn't have a connection to post them. Haha. (I missed that, too!!!) Anyways, I have a bunch more, but I'll have to post them later. I want to hang out with my very missed hubby for a little while. *GRIN*

These pictures are from Tuesday and a couple of random ones....

The younger generation....Nate, Carla, Darren, me, and Liam in the front....this was on the front steps of Grandma's house.

Bowling....Darren (above) and our scoreboard (below). LOL. Don't laugh too hard, okay? case you can't read the scores, just know this...most of us were just bowling for the fun of it....*GRIN*

Dad and Darren (above) and Uncle Mark bowling/me laughing at Dad (below)....not sure what was funny though. *grin*
And this is Grandma on a bench in her backyard. Dad snapped this one, but he did pretty good!

And then here are all the ones that show K-man that I have to post privately....

Okay. More pics later. =)

Thanks, ya'll, for the comments while I was gone. Will try to reply and read all ya'll's blogs really soon...*grin*

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Have Decided

I am homesick.

The kids are homesick.

That is the only explanation I have for their behavior.

They are having a really tough time doing things they know they’re supposed to do and they are having a really tough time NOT doing the things they know they’re NOT supposed to be doing. Listening to mommy is a good example of the former and arguing and talking back is a good example of the latter. And mommy is having a tough time b/c they’re doing things they KNOW they don’t get away with at home b/c they somehow know that here, mommy would really rather NOT create a scene. But mommy is still going to do what mommy needs to do. And somehow they’re just not getting that, which is really frustrating for mommy right now.

The other tough part is that everyone else thinks they’re just cute.

And they are.

But cute can get obnoxious in a hurry and they’re pushing it real close to that border. I’m ready to get home before they push it that far.

Parenting is not for wimps.

I have obviously decided a lot of things.

I have also decided that you don’t really realize how much of a comfort zone you’re in when you’re around people who have a similar belief system until you’re around people who are decidedly different.

Also, it’s a definite, that blogging is my therapy. Prayer works, too, don’t get me wrong….just in a different way.

I’m having a hard time putting my thoughts/feelings into words that won’t offend anyone, so I guess I’ll just go spend some time in prayer before hitting the sack.

Only one more day to get through, then we’ll be heading for home. I wonder if I’d be able to talk mom and dad into leaving tomorrow night and just letting me drive all night while everyone sleeps. Knowing mom, probably not, but it might be worth a try. LOL.

Gotta hop off here now, we’re getting up early in the morning to take my brother back to the airport. Night.

**This post was written 8/12 (Tues night)....feel some better today (Wed afternoon). Last night I was ready to cry, but somehow, knowing we get to go home tomorrow is making me feel much better. We told Munchkin this morning that we get to go home tomorrow and she got all excited and was like "YAY!!! OKAY!!!!" LOL.**

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cut OFF!!

I’m going nuts. This is the worst part about hanging out here at Grandma’s….absolutely NO internet access. Here’s the goofy thing: We’re right behind a wireless hotspot. I’m not sure but maybe the walls of Grandma’s house may be extra thick or something. If I walk out in the backyard, I pick up about 5 networks from nearby houses. All secured of course. If I stand in the front door, and stick my foot behind my head and rub my belly while balancing the computer, it will connect to the hotspot for all of two seconds….oh I forgot, the wind has to be blowing just right, too. Anyways, it has only connected for real like one time and just long enough to say, “Hey, welcome to the hotspot, don’t do anything illegal online,” before it kicked me back off….and it wasn’t nearly long enough to post or anything. I guess tomorrow I might just get in the car and drive over to their parking lot and post this.

No internet is killing me.

No really. I’m so pathetically addicted.

I was going to go out and sit next to the mailbox to see if I could get the signal there, but I was too embarrassed to do it in broad daylight, and it rained tonight, so it’s all wet out there and I can’t do it now that it’s dark. LOL.

Anyways, I’m sitting here in the living room now – in the dark cuz everyone except me and my dad’s brother, Darren, has gone to bed and it’s only like 10:32. So Darren and I are talking while he waits for my dad’s other brother to come pick him up to go back to his house. (Only he hasn’t talked for a little while and his breathing sounds suddenly even, so I think my click-clicking must have put him right to sleep. LOL) My brother, Nate, took off with our cousin, Carla, a few minutes ago…something about hot wings. LOL. The kids went to bed around 9:15 or so and fell asleep pretty quick, and since the rest of the family was ready for bed, I had to go ahead and bring Munchkin out to the living room to sleep, so Mom and Dad could sleep on their bed. K-man is camping out in their floor….he’s not in the way, so they said they didn’t mind letting him just stay in there. Anywho, Munchkin’s asleep out here, so that’s why I’m sitting here in the dark. I’m tempted to turn the TV on low and find a movie or something cuz I’m like way too keyed up to sleep. Plus I’m not really looking forward to climbing back on the sofa bed with her….i got gut-kicked so many times last night b/c she couldn’t stop kicking her legs that I lost count. UGH. Didn’t really go well with the PMS stuff either.

Not doing a whole lot except hanging out. Visiting with family some…playing a few board games and stuff. We all went out to this place tonight called Bill Gray’s or something….they have the best hamburgers…wow. I guess it’s kinda like a Fuddruckers or something, but they’re great burgers. After that, went to Seabreeze (a small-town amusement park, but still a blast)….there was about 9 of us all-together, and we waited until after 5 so we could get cheaper passes.

See me and K-man there, third car from the front? Munchkin and Cousin Carla were fifth from the front. Kids got a little terrified on this ride. LOL. Munchkin talked about the kiddy coaster going up and down and up and down but did NOT want to go again. LOL!

Click this link for a couple more of these shots with K-man in them....just can't post them here.

The kids had a good time. They got to ride a good handful of little kiddy rides. I’ve got pictures that I might try to upload to my computer tomorrow before I hit the hotspot. (haha) Mom and Dad watched them a couple of times while I rode a few with Nate, Carla, and Darren. That was fun, too. We’re all pretty close in age…mid to late twenties, so we had a good time hanging out in line and riding the cool rides that the little ones were too short to ride. Mom and Dad took the kids to the giant merry go round for about 5 rides while waiting on us. (That’s what they were wanting to ride anyways…LOL) It was nice. Until it rained and they closed all the rides for an hour. Yuck. And we were drenched. It was kinda funny. That's when we went to the merry go was under cover. HAHA.Well, it’s 10:53 now, and I know I can’t post this, but it still feels sorta like blogging and I feel much more relaxed and ready for bed now. *grin*

So maybe I’ll just go ahead and crash. The kids aren’t sleeping in very well, even though they’re pretty beat every night, so I probably should take advantage of the quiet time and hit the sack.

Oh yeah….no air conditioning….another reason I feel quite certain that KC is thankful he’s at home right now. HAHA. It’s not really bad, cuz the humidity isn’t high, and the temperatures have been like 68-75, but KC (bless his heart…hahah) is a “67 degree all night long or he can’t sleep” kind of person, so he probably wouldn’t have been too comfortable. *grin*

Anywho….well. I know it won’t be night when I post this, but “Goodnight” anyways. LOL.

**LOL....and right now it's 1:08 on 8/10 and I'm sitting in the Wegman's Cafe parking lot with mom....we're getting our "fix" hahaha. The kids are napping at Grandma's with Dad and we decided to sneak away for half an hour. LOL. Hopefully dad won't wake up b/c Grandma will not remember where we told her we were going...LOL. So anyways...gotta run. Sorry I don't have time to reply to all the emails, but here's a couple quick answers to some of the comments: We're in NY at Grandmas, the stateline treats worked WELL, and yes, we've had a better couple of days since I last posted. LOL. Catch up with ya'll later. Miss reading blogs, but will probably not get to catch up til later. C-ya'll later!"