Thursday, June 19, 2008


I am having some serious cravings for several things right this minute. I'm not sure why, all I know is I would ALMOST drive all the way into town to get a Dr Pepper right this minute. Of course, I'm not going to spend the gas, but.....wait a MINUTE.

I think I have a 12 pack that I bought to have for the yard sale that I didn't end up doing last week....I think...I think I stashed them in the cooler in the garage so I wouldn't be tempted to drink them. OH MY. OH THE TEMPTATION! It is huge. But if I break open that 12 pack, I won't just drink one. Oh my. Oh my.

I must resist. I have not had a Dr. Pepper since last weekend. I am doing swell. Must resist.

The other craving is definitely out.....cuz I don't have time to drive all the way down to the library today or tomorrow. But I might have to go next week before Friday b/c I have NO fun reading material. *SIGH* Not that I have time to read anyways. I have a ton of things I need to work on.

But after my morning....I really could use some "fixes."

K-man had a temp last night and it kept going up during the night and I just alternated between tylenol and motrin, so I took him to the doc at 9:40 this morning. At 10:40, we were still sitting in the waiting room. At 11, we finally saw the doctor. He does NOT have strep, just a small viral infection that is going around, and the doctor said there would be no problem in having him out and about, just to give him the tylenol/motrin if his fever went up a bit.

The unfortunate thing is that I thought we would only be gone for no more than an hour or so, so I didn't take the diaper bag, just threw a couple of diapers in my purse.

So. I had nothing for snack. I had no toys. I had no drinks. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. Well, after I left there, I had to run by DSS for a moment to pick up a there and the folks I needed were out of the office, so I had to wait for them to find somebody to get me the paper.

Again.....I had two hungry kids and it is now their naptime and they have had neither snack OR lunch and I still have to go to walmart to pick up another bottle of motrin along with other essentials (you diapers for home....the last ones were for school and dummy me didn't think to buy for both at the same THAT would be thinking ahead).

I get out of DSS, run by and get the kids some chicken nuggets and then hit walmart. I spent kaboodles of money. Kitty litter, cat food, diapers, shampoo, air fresheners,.....well, you know...stuff adds up fast. The GOOD news is that I SAVED $25.00 by using coupons. So I did really good since I bought things that we NEEDED for the house and family and I spent less than I would have if I'd bought the things we NEEDED without the coupons. Yay, me. *grin*

Anyways, then we came home and I laid the kids down. They're still sleeping, thank goodness. By the time we left wallyworld, K-man was in tears.....poor thing. Munchkin does really good even without a nap.

Oh speaking of my really good kids, while we were in the waiting room at the doctor's office, and my two kids were behaving like little angels and sitting quietly on their seats with no toys or anything to play with for a whole hour, I couldn't help but appreciate the way that our kids have learned to behave. Particularly since the seats next to us were occupied by a mother with her four children (ages infant to around 8). I was in shock. I tried not to stare, but I couldn't help but hear most of it. Her older two were out of control, she kept telling them to sit down, and I kept wondering why she allowed them to ignore her and not do anything about the fact that they weren't listening. The next one was about 3 and he was arguing with her (loudly), calling her names, telling her SHE was grounded, throwing himself on the floor, running back and forth and climbing on the tables, dumping his toys in the floor and refusing to pick them up. She would say, if you don't pick those toys up, you're going to get in trouble. Or if you don't sit down, you're gonna be grounded. Well, he never sat down. And SHE picked the toys up. And the baby? Well, it was the only one that wasn't climbing the walls, but it sure had a set of lungs.

Munchkin says to me, "That's not how we're supposed to act!" I tried not to judge, b/c our kids used to be like that....well, not exactly, but I told myself that maybe they weren't really her kids. But even if they weren't her kids, surely she could have done SOMETHING.....or at least stop telling them that she was going to do something and then not follow's no wonder they didn't believe her.....I didn't even know her, and I didn't believe her. I just wanted to tell her, LOOK, why aren't you taking away those gameboys or giving them some kind of consequences....or pick up that 3 year old and hold him in your lap.....or just do what you're saying you're gonna do, for pete's sake. Anyway....all that to say that I'm really thankful for the progress our children have made. I'm also thankful that we have stuck to our guns and been consistent with disciplines so that when we say something, our children know how it's gonna be.

Yesterday when I took K-man to his play therapy, we were sitting in the waiting room there for him to be called back for his session and he was his usual sweet self. When I had to get after him or asked him to do something, he would listen. Well, after they took him back, the people sitting across from me asked me how old he was, and I said "2" and they were like, "He is such a well-behaved child!" I said, "He does really good." and I How cool that someone noticed and made an effort to say something.

Now at one point, he would not sit still for anything and he was one of those kids that would be trying to climb the walls. And sometimes, he still has those moments, but he's a kid and every kid is going to have moments. Hey...I'm an adult and I still have moments. LOL. But anywho, they both know that when I say that's enough and stop, they better listen or they'll have to deal with the consequences. And that's the main thing. There is no way I could live with letting them run the house like that poor woman today. Whew.


Well, mother, hope you enjoyed this update. *grin* I'll take your suggestion, to update at least three times a day so that you'll be able to read something new every time you check in, into consideration, however, like I said on the phone....once a day is challenging enough. LOL. When I accomplish that, then maybe I'll think about twice a day. *grin* Oh, and I'll also take into consideration that you are at your computer all day long and occasionally need something to look at to break the boredom, so that I won't think you're being really obsessive....HEHEHEHEE. And I am totally kidding about that. LOVE YOU! *winks*

Catch ya'll later!


  1. I can vividly remember working front office for the pediatrician and dealing with kids whose (mis)behaviors were similar to the ones you described.....As a matter of fact, there was one patient (little girl 6 or 8 yrs old) whose behavior was SO bad that EVERYtime she came in for an appointment, the DOCTOR sat her in time-out. Poor little Mom was oblivious, had no control over her daughter WHATSOEVER.

    When Garrett came along and I became a SAHM, I remember running errands together (just Garrett and me) and SOOO many people would compliment how well behaved he was for his age. Time and again, nearly every time we went somewhere, people took notice and were nice enough to say so.

    And then Levi came along.....and there are still sweet people out there but now they say things like..."Boy, he has lots of energy"..."You sure have your hands full"..."He is adorable"....but SELDOM do I hear, "He is so well behaved for his age."

    Wonder why? LAUGH OUT LOUD!

    He is mine and I love every inch of him but let's face it, he dances to the beat of his own drum!

    BOYS! Aren't they GR8?....

    ....maybe I should take Munchkin's advice and just 'get a girl.'

    ...or maybe I should just write a book since this comment is turning into a 17 paragraph you...bye.

  2. Your kids are great. And the progress they've made is amazing. You and Bro Casey have done a wonderful job!

  3. Sorry you had to wait to long at the doctor's office. (Even though i don't work in that office anymore...I can imgaine what it must have been like.) Where you upstairs or down? We've had to get onto some kids out here too. What's even worse, is when a parent is misbehaving and you have to get on them to. Dr. Man has had to come up to my desk more than once to set ppl straight and let them know they don't treat his employees like that. They can have a seat or leave. Sometimes when it's the kids screaming and throwing fits, I ask the nurse if she has a room to take them to b/c my nerves can't handle it sometimes. :o) Glad you have such good kids. :o)

  4. This reminds me when the girls first started coming to church. I was really embarrassed to come to church but I think that have made a complete turn around. As for your kids....they aren't the same kids when we first saw them. Discipline has some to do with it but LOVE has the majority, I think. I think with both of them they just need attention and that is what most kids want. But you guys have done a wonderful job with both of them and all the congrats go to both of you guys.

    Kelly your book was hilarious!!! I might take your advice and not have another child because Lord knows what that child will be like.

  5. Well... first off... you deserve as many DP's as you ever want in life. You are doing awesome with the kids! Both of you are!! I remember when I first started reading your blog and you were just getting going with the whole foster mom process... now look at you both!! You have a beautiful family with "normal" ups and downs and bumps and twists in the road. But you have God on your side and a blog to vent! :)


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