Thursday, June 26, 2008


That's better. I feel like this design suits "me" better than the last effort. It's not quite the summery effect I had in mind, but the summery effect just isn't me...or at least I haven't found something that is summery that feels right yet. LOL. Anywho, it's a little darker than it has been, though...does it hurt your eyes too much to read the words?

One moment please, while I go update the credits and obtain a screenshot to put in this post for future reference. *grin*
Okay...there we go. All done. Off to do more time-wasting activities....teehehe....


  1. Okay... you are TRYING to confuse me, huh?? Love the new look! And you are right, this does suite you better!

  2. i like the new look. love ya

  3. You know me...I be loven anything brown (and orange). :o) LOVE your new look! :o)

  4. I like it and I love it. I am not really satisfied with my colors but I don't have much time to go in and play. Maybe one day.


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