Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: Positives

Actually, the official ten on tuesday is not to do positives, but I'm skipping the actual tuesday ten today.

So....Ten Positives - Day 6

1. I took time to draw with chalk on the driveway with the kids tonight. We drew around each other laying down and made a little crowd of chalk people on the driveway. Munchkin tried to trace me, but she made my chalk body look like a round ball with legs, so I traced myself inside her round ball. LOL. Maybe another day I'll take pictures, but KC washed them off when I brought the kids in for bath.
2. Munchkin and I went up and ate lunch with KC on his lunch break and then went to Wallyworld together. (Yeah, I know....isn't that romantical? LOL. NOT. Had to buy more grass-seed. And toothpaste. And pullups. Life is so unromantic....hehee)
3. I found two different ABC movies at the thrift store. We're working on a collection....more for mommy's sake than the kids....cuz while they wouldn't mind watching the same thing over and over, mommy gets tired of listening to it. LOL.
4. An old friend of mine (Directed Paths) that I don't see much of these days stopped in this evening and visited for a little while....that was sooo nice. We don't get to spend much time together these days but it was cool to get to chat for awhile. Hope her hubby didn't get upset for her being home late. *GRIN*
5. The munchkin let me sleep in this morning....all the way til 7:45...wow! *GRIN*
6. KC grilled chicken out for supper tonight....mmm.
7. The kids played together very nicely for a good half hour at least without fighting. Hey...progress. Baby steps.
8. I got the stupid coupons clipped and the expired ones weeded out. I despise that little chore and I always put it off until I have a massive stack of coupons to look through, but now the stack is gone and it wasn't even a big stack this week. YAY.
9. We (okay, mostly KC) straightened up the garage tonight.....eek...it was in terrible shape again.....it's like our big junkroom b/c we have no room to store anything. Anyways, it looks much better. Still needs cleaning out but that will be a massive job and we can't really do that until we get room to put the stuff.
10. Grass is coming up majorly across the yard.....hallelujah!!! It's now visible in more than one spot and is covering some of the bare spots that we have tried and tried and tried to get grass to grow on....so the topsoil is working. YAY! I'm so glad...cuz that was a lot of work and I'm glad it wasn't all for nothing! hehehe. I didn't go get any more rocks or anything today b/c I was out running errands and stuff. I don't know if I'll do any tomorrow or not, but anyways, the yard is looking really nice.

Alright. That's ten....and only one more day and then I can go back to my normally negative self. LOL. NOT. I'm kidding....I'll go back to my BALANCED self. HEHEHEHE.

Anyways, I'm tired from all the running today so I'm gonna hop off here and get to bed. Can't believe it's almost 11. Yike.


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  1. Don't worry, my husband wasn't upset. And I had a really nice time visiting too! :o) My husband was glad I got to spend some time with you. Glad I made it to your positive list. (Hahaha).


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