Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Quickly....before the day is completely gone....

Wow. The last two days just seem to have hours that are running on overdrive. Because I look at the clock and the day is gone and it doesn't seem like it should be that far gone yet.

Anywho, munchkin is at Morg's house today so it's just me, myself, and I. I really need to work on the church newsletter while I've got time to concentrate, but I had to take K-man to his therapy before I could take him to school this morning, so my morning just kinda disappeared and now I'm having trouble getting started.

Hang on...I really need to go turn the water off that is watering the plants and change the laundry from the washer to the dryer.

Kay. I'm back. So. Yesterday I did get a lot accomplished, despite the hours flying away from me in such a way. Let's see.....
  • Got the K-man to school
  • Left the school and ran up to town to pick up another six-pack (of monkey grass....not drinks...HEHEHE) and also had to go by Wallyworld to get K-man more of the pullups. So munchkin and I got back home around 10.
  • Came in and changed into some work clothes and then went out and hacked out 5 more holes for the plants to go the rest of the way down the drive. Hacked b/c it's like diggin in solid rock. *sigh* Got those planted, put the rocks along the edge and then got the mulch down around them. Then went and hooked up the hose with the sprinkler on them so I could water all the monkeygrass without having to make 500 trips up and down the hill with the watering can. Watered all the monkeygrass, and then used the sprinkler to water the flowers around the tree and a few spots in the yard where the new grass hasn't quite completely withered away in the desert sun. LOL.
  • Then I decided to go ahead and water all the flowers on the porch. Got that finished and looked at the porch and decided it was as good a day as any to go get the cleaners and wash the pollen and dirt off the porch. So I went and got sponges for the munchkin and myself and the bottle of Greased Lightning and a bucket with some cleaner to mop with....and of course an old mop. And then we tackled it. I washed the front door....but that made the siding look really dirty, so munchkin started on the bottom siding and I worked on the top and the windows, and when we finished that, the rails needed some work. And then the window boxes that were hanging on the rails. And then we mopped the floor but some of the mud wouldn't come off, so we had to use our sponges.....anywho. The front porch is sparkling now.
  • At that point, I was starting to feel a little hungry so as we were cleaning up, I popped my head in the door to check the clock. OH MY word. I had missed munchkin's lunchtime, and it was time for her to wake up from her nap......only, she was still helping me so she never even laid down. YIKES. And she never once complained of being hungry or sleepy or got whiney or anything. I was incredibly impressed. Guess it was because we were virtually playing in water. *grin*
  • So I run in and we get our wet clothes off and get showered/bathed and then I get her a corndog and realize that I can't put supper in the crockpot b/c I don't have any sauce. UGH. So instead of napping, we run BACK out to the store to pick up the sauce.
  • Come back and I lay her down with a book but no nap since it's late, just quiet time, while I put supper in the crockpot, load the dishwasher, clean the kitchen, sweep the floors, mop the floors, dust, tidy up the house.
  • She gets up after the floor is dry and cleans up her room and then we go get the K-man and I get ready for supper. We had company last night, which was why I mopped the floor. Hehehe. I didn't realize how dingy it was. I've kept up with most everything, but that one kinda slipped away from me b/c if I don't mop it, they don't spill as much stuff. HAH! The moment I mop it, is the moment they drop their drink. LOL.

Yeah. yesterday was busy. Today not so much. I need to be busy....I need to work on the church newsletter. Must make myself do it. Just do it. *GRIN*

Going to do it. now. Or maybe I should get something to eat first.....LOL. Nah. I'm gonna get started.


Oh wait. (I'm such a good procrastinator) I forgot a couple of things. I filled the birdfeeder on Monday I's been empty for awhile cuz I was tired of feeding the squirrel, but today there were three birds on it. YAY!!!

Oh and a random conversation from yesterday. (You'll appreciate this one, Kel)

Munchkin: Wevi's a boy. Gawwett's a boy. Wait. MOMMY! Why don't Auntie Kewwy have any girls?? She needs a GIRL! And another boy. Auntie Kewwy needs LOTS of chiwwen (children), RIGHT, mommy??????!!!! Two, Fwee, FIVE chiwwen!!!! Right, mommy?

Mommy: Ummmmm.....why don't you just pray about it, huh? ROFL!!!!!!!!!


  1. Laugh My HEAD OFF! That is too funny. What does she think we are RaBBitS? hahaha....or more likely....There was an OlD LadY wHo liVeD in a ShoE?

    Okay. That is really cute! You tell Munchkin that Auntie Kewwy will have to work on that for her. *wink*

    BTW- Your Tuesday's Accomplishments reminded me of "If Give A Mouse A Cookie.... he will probably ask for a glass of milk".....if you clean the door, you will probably notice that the siding needs washed....

    Love ya! Glad you are being so productive as a SAHM!

  2. i agree with her she does need a little girl.

  3. MixMonk8:34 PM

    MONKEY GRASS!!!???!!!???


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