Sunday, June 01, 2008


I must hurry....I just nagged him into doing his list just now and if I don't hurry, he'll beat me tonight. Hah.

10 Positives - Day 4
1. K-man only used TWO pullups today. And no smelly ones today. WAHOO!
2. Church was awesome. Both services were very good.
3. Kids are doing much better than they used to do in church....we only have to take them out a minimum of 12 times now....haha...just kidding. Actually maybe once or twice and some services not at's SO nice to see progress.
4. Heheh....I just sneaked a peek at KC's screen and he is typing that gas is coming down a few cents, so I'm gonna say amen and use that for one of my positives. LOL. Shhh....don't tell him. HAHA.
5. Okay no more sneaking....what next. Um. I made a card for my friend K's birthday today. I was a little late with it, but maybe Dawn will remember to pass it on to her tonight so it won't be completely late. But if it's late, oh well. That's one of the great things about K.....she's very sweet about everything and she wouldn't get mad about it.
6. Hey, there's another positive. My friend, K....she rocks. I don't even know the words to use to describe her or our friendship. I guess "much appreciated" will do for now....until I think of something even more better. LOL. (More better...hahaha....)
7. I'm going to start tutoring Algebra 1/2 for my friend Morgie at church....she's like my little that's like two positives....but I'll just count it as one. Anyways, yes, math is positive for me. I loved tutoring at the college after I breezed (okay, maybe not exactly breezed, but I did make an A) through the Math 115 class....anyways, at the end of the final class, the instructor asked me to tutor for the next few semesters, so that's saying SOMETHING. Especially given that he was one of those kind of instructors that when you were talking to someone and they asked who your teachers were and you mentioned him, they broke down in tears and said they had to drop or fail his class....hehehe (kidding...sorta). Anyways, I miss doing that, so I'm kinda excited. This tutoring isn't like a job or anything, I'm just happy about getting to hang out with Morgs for a little extra time a week. *grin*
8. We had KFC for lunch. Prices are going up, and we went down one income, therefore we have kinda curbed our eat-out, so it was nice to enjoy some take out.
9. was pretty out today but not as hot as it has been.
10. EEEK.....KC's on 10. I'm going to be thankful that I'm winning this round and that will make 10 and i'll hit post.....bye

*PHOOEY.....edited to add, he hit publish two seconds before I did, so technically he won that round. LOL. *SIGH* I have a really great husband to be competitive with....even when I lose. LOL.

Kay....I'm goin now....I'm all positive'd out and I have a headache, so I don't want to talk any more. LOL!



  1. Just a quick note to say, I am loving #s 5 & 6. Read them like 17 times and thought...."she can't be talking about me....what other 'K' does she know with the same birthday as mine?....hmmm." So, you just made my day (or should I say night) a little better. After all, you never really know how someone feels unless they tell ya.

    BTW- No, my sis did not give me your card but after reading your post, I raided my diaper bag and found it. Your sweetness made my day (ok, actually night) AGAIN! I really needed a pick-me-up so it went a lot further than you probably thought. So thanks. And just for the record, I LOVE your creativity but you already knew that!

    What happened to my "quick note," I'm not sure cause I just typed you a 7 page essay (just a wee exaggeration there)...but it's STILL my birthday, I should be celebrating. Ta-ta for now!

  2. LOL! I was cheering for you to win this round!! You two crack me up! And so proud of your ability for #7.. will you help me study for the GRE???

  3. OH!!! The slave driver said something nice about me! How sweet. By the way mama and Casey are alreay pushing for me to get home work done!! Come on people my brain is still Fried!!! LOL!


  4. Thanks for today and doing it so happily!
    Love You!


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