Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Need Some Visuals?

I was very naughty and didn't take very many pictures on Saturday, but here are a couple from the first party. This was the only one I took pictures at.....LOL. Oops.

Then there is the gardening stuff....
The first picture in this set is the tomatoes and cucumber plants that I transplanted to a bigger planter this morning so that maybe they will keep growing and eventually give us some tommy toes and cucumbers....hopefully.
Second picture is the cucumber plants I planted in the ground below the back porch. I worked really hard and mixed potting soil with the original dirt and broke up the ground to make a really deep hole and added plant food and everything, so hopefully the red clay will not hinder their growth....and hopefully getting about half a day less of the "scorching, desert sun" will keep them from withering too much.

Third picture is the sunflowers....some of them aren't doing so hot. LOL. I need to find some stakes for them.

THEN....there's the plant disaster: I planted these two planters at exactly the same time, with exactly the same plants, and placed them both at the bottom of the steps.....so why does one look absolutely deathly, while the other is flourishing.....????

The lillies finally bloomed....I was beginning to wonder.

And a couple of the recent projects that we actually COMPLETED. LOL!

The front beds....

(all the flowers are on the steps because it was coming a storm with RAIN last night, so KC decided to save us some water and put the flowers out where they could get some of it. *grin*)

And the flower bed with the gazillion and one flowers in it....so far I think all gazillion might be doing okay....hehehe. Thank GOODNESS....that was a LOT of planting...I'd hate for it to have been in vain! HAH.

THEN.....THERE'S THE ROCK. You wouldn't think we had a long driveway or anything....but SHEEEEEEESH. As you can see, the mulch/lights/monkeygrass stuff isn't quite completed yet. It's cuz those monkeygrass plants are like planting in solid rock and takes FOREVER to do those.

And there's the gigantic rock there at the bottom that nearly killed me. LOL. It looks good though. Except for the two little solar lights that I had to pull out and poke in the ground there out of the way to lay the rocks....so we haven't placed them back in a good spot yet.

Okay...that's all I've got for that stuff today.


  1. Again, you guys have done a really GREAT job on your yard. It looks really NICE...or maybe I should say SPECTACULAR! I love the way it looks. Doesn't hard work pay off? Love your little garden too! :o)

  2. Wow, your yard DOES look great! Now....do you want to come over and do something with mine?

    BTW- What a CUTE little boy....has to be one of the cutest in the world!


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