Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just a little vent

I think I'm getting an ulcer. I hate tension, and I hate confrontation. UGH. It's quite an unpleasant situation, and I just needed to vent for a moment. Sorry.

I really can't go into detail b/ know.....people read this blog. LOL. But really. I am overdue for a post and it's late, so I just thought a quick let off of some steam would kill two birds with one stone. A post and to (hopefully) keep me from exploding on anyone. And maybe later I'll go let out a larger amount of steam on the private blog, but like I's late tonight and I need some rest....another key point in keeping me know.

Thanks for listening. =)



  1. Vent anytime!! Let off that steam!! That's one reason why we blog, right? :)

    Praying you have a good night's sleep and may tension and confrontation be far away from you!!

  2. I'm with Rochelle on this one. That why we blog, huh? No one likes or enjoys tension or confrontation, but sometimes life takes us there and we have to deal with the situations at hand. Christ had to deal with it, so I'd say in order to be Christ-like, we do to. However, it is NEVER fun. I hope that whatever the situation that God will see you through it quickly and calm your nerves. I know how you feel girl cause I've been there too! Thinking of you and hope all works out.

  3. Awww, I had no idea! Guess the telepathy thing wasn't working for must have been out of range.

    I'm sure it had something to do with being in Ohio...hang on just a sec...(blah, ugh!, kick, scream, puke).....OK I'm back! *wink*

    There's nothing quite like OUR home state, right? No place like home, no place like home...

    Love the 'Ohioans', not the Ohio. Ohhhh the sacrifices we make for our northern husbands. They must be worth it!

    Hugs to you til all is well.

  4. Hey, I hope the tension has dissipated since your return home! It was good to see some familar home faces over the weekend. ;-)


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