Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Few Pics...

So I think someone asked me in the comments on one of my last posts where we went this past weekend, after I mentioned that about my dream and not wanting to wake the kids cuz we were in a hotel room. Anyway, the answer to that question is: OHIO. We went up to visit with friends (and KC's grandma) and it was a full weekend. We left at 4:30am on Friday and got to the motel room sometime around 11:30. That part was sweet. And the kids did go back to sleep for about 2 hours in the car after we left. That was sweet, too. They did really good being that K-man was a bit sickly for most of the trip. Anyways, we came back on Sunday afternoon and got home around 8:30pm, which really isn't too bad either.

It was (with a few little exceptions) a pretty fun weekend. I got to see my old friend from way back when and meet the last two kids that she had since the last time I saw her (2 years ago...yikes). Her oldest one is only a week younger than Munchkin, so they really hit it off when they finally got to meet. *grin* Anyways, that part was great b/c usually when we go to Ohio, we just get to see a lot of KC's old friends. You know how when you get married, you sorta pick up friends by default b/c they were your significant other's friends? Not that that is a bad thing, that's just how it is. *grin* Some of our best friends happened that way! LOL.

ANYWHO. So here's just a few pictures from the weekend....

I'll start with a really good one of us that I took while passing time at GG's (that's what the kids call KC's grandma)..... Isn't that just gorgeous? I never did get a good one of or both of us looked hungover in every shot. OH WELL.

Here's the kids being all sweet as we were going to the car to leave the hotel on Saturday morning (or maybe it was was sweet)

Come on, you know you want to say it....AWWWWWW! LOL!!!!

And this is Munchkin and her new best friend, "Kenz." What's really funny is, I look at this picture and I see her mommy and me. Course, her mommy and I were a few years older than this when we first met and got to be friends, but still. It's great. I wish we lived closer so they could hang out more often.

Here's a couple of pictures of Sis Karen Wilks' children's was great.

And back at GG''s munchkin with her GG....

And then you have the big girl attitude and a matching little more pictures I guess....
Oh and one last one....GG is making banana bread to send home with us. YUM.

And there you have it.

Well, it's kinda late and my dear hubby is already konked out on the couch beside me, so I guess I'm gonna close up shop for today.



  1. So that's where you went. I was wondering. Yes, your kids are adorable! Love ya!

  2. great pix! glad you are home!

  3. Okay... the 1st pic is my fav of all time!! :)

  4. Ahah! Ohio. Great pics! :o)


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