Saturday, June 07, 2008


I don't know about everyone else that was busy today at all the parties, but I'm wore out! We got the kids home and I gave them their Saturday night baths and put them into bed, and they were both out like within ten minutes. That was so lovely. I love the nights when I don't have to fight with them to get them to go to sleep. LOL.

Well, I'm feeling pretty positive right now, so I think I'm gonna do a positive post. *grin* Well, okay, so the other side of the picture is still in shouting distance, and I'm sure I could quite easily find some negatives, but I think tonight will be positive. *grin*

Ten Positives -- Day: Extra Credit (LOL)

1. I slept in til 8:30 this morning and it felt SO nice.

2. M came last night and he and KC moved the monstrosity that was my scrapbooking desk to M&K's house for the time being. They needed a desk, and we needed the space for a dresser since the desk was being used to stack Munchkin's clothes on it. So now they have a desk and we have the space to put the dresser upstairs again.

3. M helped KC move the heavy dresser out of the crawlspace and bring it upstairs before he left last night, so it's all set up in Munchkin's room now.

4. After I got up this morning, I cleaned all the dust and cobwebs off of it and put all the drawers in and everything.

5. Went to the first party at 11 for Baby G, who is now THREE...OW! My goodness, it was hot. There was a bunch of folks that came out, and I was especially glad to see Jules and Lori again. Of course, I saw Jules the other night, but I never get a chance to chat with Lori, so it was cool.

6. We left there a little early, which worked out well, b/c it gave me time to get the kids home and laid down for naps while I went to party number two by myself. It was a baby shower for my neighbor's daughter (who also lived next door up until several months ago). That one lasted a little longer than I expected (2 til....well, I left at 4), but they played some baby games and then opened presents and I didn't feel comfortable enough, since most of the people were strangers, to just leave in the middle....LOL. Anyways, the next 2 parties were combined and started at 4, so we were about an hour late to that, by the time I got home, changed my shirt ( was REALLY hot today), and got the kids ready and in the car and got down there.

7. Played volleyball and a little badminton...that was fun...didn't really help the crick in my neck much, but at least as long as I didn't stop moving, I didn't really notice it so much.

8. The only miserable thing left from my few days of "sick" is just that ol' crick. So at least I was able to enjoy the day without being miserable, for the most part.

9. I got my exercise on the volleyball court. That should last me at LEAST six weeks....maybe eight. LOL!!! Just kiddin.

10. I only drank ONE cup of Dr. Pepper and ONE cup of Wild Cherry Pepsi between all four parties....the rest of the stuff I drank was non-caffeinated...go me. LOL.

Anyways....all in all, it was a pretty good day....maybe a little busier than the average Saturday, but still fun. Especially when our team won that last game of volleyball...hehehe.

Off to bed now...gotta get some rest for tomorrow.


  1. How nice - another positive post!

    V-ball sounds like a fun one. ;-)

  2. Glad to hear someone got some sleep and was able to sleep in on Sat. My Sat. was nice too. Only it started a little after 6 AM. :o)

  3. Saturday was a busy day wasn't it? I enjoyed myself in spite of the heat, I think everyone else did too.


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