Saturday, May 24, 2008

What Have I Been Up To? are off with the grandparents until tomorrow morning before Sunday School, so we've had a weekend with no little ones.....

And so we spent it working our tails off.....I am SO sore. Started putting rock in the ditch down the drive, mulching the landscaping, putting in flower beds, you name it. Sheesh I'm tired.

This morning I went over to Kel's and we attempted a yardsale. Rained in the middle and dampened everything...including our prospective shoppers....made about $10-15. Oh well...had fun hanging out with Kelly anyways.

Came home and back at work on the landscaping stuff.

Oh yeah...and I've worked on a few more of Vi's are the ones I just did. I think these are some of my favorites.

And as in the last few...Pioneer Woman gets credit for those actions again. I am TOTALLY loving those actions!!!! Woohoo!


  1. You forgot to mention how you "worked your tail off" at my house, too. Thanks again for coming over and hanging out with me.

    As for the pix, they are BEAUTIFUL! I love them! I guess it helps to work on such cute little subjects but your creativity and skill top the cake!

    Love ya!

  2. I so wish you lived close to me! These pics are awesome! I had a yard sale like that once - at least it was fun hanging out!


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