Thursday, May 29, 2008


My husband blogged. AW. Yay!

I'm sure I should do a list, too, but I have a diaper to change, a dirty kid who needs a bath, and plenty of other stuff to get done right now. *grin*

Anyways.....random conversation from today while unloading rocks from the back of the truck with Munchkin.

Munchkin: "Let's just do these buckets full, and then when daddy comes home, he can do the rest."
Mommy: laughing "Don't count on it."
Munchkin: "One, Two, Tee, Fow, Five. There, mommy."
Mommy: Turns her head so munchkin doesn't see her laughing because that was just a figure of speech and totally unexpected for her to take it that way.....and deciding to overlook the fact that mommy just said DON'T do something and munchkin DID it anyways.

Ugh. But it was still very funny.

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