Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: Travel

10 Places You’d Love to Travel To (That You Haven’t Gone to Yet)

I think I posted something like this a while back but I cannot find the post....oh well. Maybe I'll come up with some new places since this is just dreaming and and I'm not even going to be frugal in my dreaming. HAH.

Kalmar Castle (Sweden) - Kalmar Castle, located near the site of Kalmar's medieval harbor, has played a crucial part in Swedish history since its initial construction as a fortified tower in the 12th century. Today, it is one of Sweden's best preserved renaissance castles. (Source: Wikipedia)

Sydney (Australia) - Australia’s oldest and biggest city, gateway to Australia, set on one of the world’s most stunning harbours, which extends either side in a golden chain of easy-to-reach, inner-city beaches....sounds great, right?

A Treesort (USA - West Coast) - Oh....the kid in me is SCREAMING over this one!!! Particularly the kid in me who absolutely adored reading the Swiss Family Robinson and dreamed of living in a treehouse........

Italy - I'm not sure the part of Italy that my ancestors are from, but I'd love to find out and then go there and see it. Just for fun.

Hohensalzburg Fortress (Austria) - Salzburg, where the hills are alive...

Grand Canyon - What can I say....I loved the Southwest when we visited Vegas and I was really bummed that we didn't make it out to the canyon while we were there.

Disney Cruise Cozumel - cuz I really wanna go there and what kid doesn't love Disney, so they could tag along, too. LOL!

Puerto Vallarta (photo right) - yeah....this sounds like where I want to spend some anniversary trip....know what I mean?

Montana Ranch Vacation - yeah, well, what can I say? sounds like fun.....plus a sore rear end....LOL.

Austria - the ultimate ski vacation....this one just sounds like something out of a really good romance novel....LOL.

Okay....I think that's ten. Wow, that was tough. I love Google. And Flickr. Wow. Now I really want to take a vacation. *sigh*


  1. Can I come too? :o) LOVE the Treehouse!!! I read a little Treehouse town once, and I'm like you: The kid in me...who loved Swiss Robinson Family...would love to go one day! That would be so cool! :o)

  2. kalmar castle is a good choice!


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