Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: Talented?

10 Things You’re Really Good At
  1. Worrying.
  2. Folding Laundry (Note that this is things I'm good at, not things I enjoy.....ROFL!).
  3. Having Weird Dreams.
  4. Waking up grumpy.
  5. Organizing things.
  6. Scrapbooking.
  7. Being inspired and never following up on it.
  8. Feeling guilty.
  9. Getting distracted.
  10. Reading (I'm not a speed reader, but I'm pretty fast with pretty high comprehension).

Well....okay....there it is. My ten things....not all things to be proud of being good at, but certainly honest....hahaha.


  1. Guess what my 10 on Tuesday today is!!!!
    1. I miss Faith.
    2. I MISS Faith.
    3. I miss FAITH.
    4. i Miss Faith.
    5. I MISS FAITH.
    6,7,8,9 10 get the idea....
    Today is Telluride :)

  2. I am good at waking up grumpy also! I hate mornings! LOL

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. I'm good at waking up sleepy. :oP

  4. Hi, Faith. Thanks for commenting on my Ten on Tuesday. I'm so glad to meet you! I'll come back to visit again!

  5. Love the puppy pic. I'm so good at folding laundry, my fiance "lets" me do it all the time.

  6. A quick lesson I learnt from work: if you are good at it then more than likely you will be doing in more than what you care to. As far as grumpy I have gotten over that stage because the Lord has told me that that isn't a good spirit to show at work. So I had to overcome that....there's more to that story but that is the moral. No to sound like I am preaching at anyone either....

  7. I am the world's best procrastinator!


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