Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Messages: Uneventful Edition

Dear Monday Messages....
If my Monday's continue this uneventful trend, in which there is nothing catastrophic or unusual to gripe or complain about, then I shall be forced to find something different to do on Monday's besides writing messages. Because I'm having to dig rather deep to find anything interesting to write about now that I'm not in a state of constant aggravation on Mondays, and do you know how impossible it is to have any kind of deep thought while hanging out with a 4 year old all day? Yeah. Hence the reason I haven't blogged in like 5 days. So don't feel bad, my dear messages, it's not just your messages that have suffered.
Mourning the loss of intense thought-provoking topics/think-time,

Dear Munchkin,
Really. You were already in your birthday suit and the bathtub is RIGHT BESIDE THE TOILET. Did you HAVE to have an "accident" of the brown kind in the bathtub? It's not that difficult. Come on already. *sigh*
Love you anyways but NOT happy about the dirty water problem,

Dear Cashier at the Grocery Store,
Honey. You could totally be friendlier. I mean hey. It's your job to be nice. I'm sorry I inconvenienced you by purchasing groceries in your line but hey....get over it. On a scale of 1-10....I'd say you were pretty close to -5. Good thing nobody asked me to rate your service today. Then again, I tried not to be too irritated about it b/c I've sure woke up on the wrong side of the bed more often than I care to admit. Just ask my husband.
Trying to be Patient

Dear Stay At Home Mommy Position,
I find I am adjusting rather well to not going to a "paying" job every day. Several things I have noticed are: 1. I work harder for less pay. 2. I am not minding in the least that if I want to lay down with the Munchkin for half an hour at her naptime and end up snoozing myself....then hey....I CAN! HAHA. That's LOVELY. 3. I check my email maybe twice a day if I'm lucky and I'm not constantly thinking about stuff on the internet....except on the rare occasion when I've decided not to do anything around the house and end up surfing the web out of boredom.....but most of the time...I've been too busy to think about it. That is amazing for me. LOL. 4. I am TOTALLY understanding what I've always heard about needing some adult conversation after a full day of conversing with a four year old. The days when I don't get out of the house are ten times worse. 5. I don't miss the's great to be able to just say...hey. Didn't get that done today....oh well...maybe tomorrow. LOL.
Anyways....all things considered, I haven't gone crazy yet and I'm pretty happy with the situation.
The Domestic Diva
(only occasionally a desperate housewife....ROFL!)

Well....that's it for now....catch up again later....hopefully will do better about the occasional posting problem. Maybe.

=) Later!


  1. I have to say I was suprised that the Monday messages were lacking, in say, drama. ROFL. But I think in this case it was a good thing!

    Glad you are adjusting well!!! I can't imagine living without deadlines.

  2. Well I would love to be in your shoes, even though Mariano says that I would get bored out of my mind, I would at least like to give it a try. Taking a nap during the day, surfing the web, acting like a kid all day is just right down my alley.

  3. Its uneventful over this way too. Therefore my lack of blogging. Although I think I'm going to have to come up with something for a the way I don't quite agree with Amy Lizzy about lack of drama. I think that munchkins accident was dramatic least for you *grin*. Am I right??

  4. Ugh. My sweet 20 month old boy loves to have "movements" in the bathtub. Sorry about that!

  5. Okay, am I missing something? Cause I don't have time to get bored at my house.

    Maybe I should have a huge yard sale where I get rid of 50% of our stuff and that way I wouldn't be constantly picking it up off the floor... but then I would miss my precious belongings and go spend money to buy something else. Vicious cycle.

    As for the lack of adult conversation....I am TOTALLY with you on that one.

    Love ya!

  6. Thanks for the laugh or two. :o) I needed that today. Glad to hear that your Monday's are less dramatised, but I agree with Casey...the bathtub "floaty" is a little too much drama for me. *lol* :o)


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