Friday, May 30, 2008


Well....I got up early this morning and got a bit of a late start b/c I couldn't find the truck key, so I had to spend extra time searching, but then we found it and took the truck to get more rocks, then came home and changed vehicles and went back to the place I used to work and ate lunch with mom and Susan. Oh yeah, before lunch, I took the munchkin to the library b/c the library in that town is SOOO much nicer than the local library, and since I still have a card, it's worth it to do that when we go visit mom every couple of weeks. Ran some other errands, too, but I think I'll save that for the positives list. LOL. he beat me again, but my excuse is that I was out and not at my computer at all today. *grin*

10 Positives - Day 2

1. KC blogged two days in a row. And I didn't have to harrass him about it either....actually, I didn't even REMIND him! WOW.

2. I found an electronic drum set for $1.75 for the K-man at the thrift store half price sale today. It's really nice and the only one of the little drum heads doesn't work....the other 7 work fine. I just have to find something for him to use for drumsticks. He's gonna love it.

3. I also found a few other cute little things at the thrift store that were great deals. I took some pictures but I'm gonna have to come back after the list is posted to put them on here. I'm trying to finish before KC gets home and makes me go outside and work. LOL!!! (I'm kidding....sorta...HEHEHE) *Edited to add pictures....this shirt and pants were altogether $ new!*

4. Got to see Mom and Susan and some of my other friends at the old job was a very brief visit....but still nice.

5. Munchkin has not pushed the limits far enough to need consequences very often in the last two days (knock on wood). She's pushed the limits, but with small reminders, has not made choices that lead to consequences very many times. That is SO nice.

6. Oh yeah, and she's doing much better about whining, too! Hallelujah!

7. I think we're almost halfway done with the rocks down the drive way....I will be SO glad when that job is finished.

8. Oh, but I've gotten tan from being out there working on that project, so that's another positive...hehehe.

9. I've got a good handful of new books from the library, and I love, love, love having new stuff to read.

10. I found a really cute skirt at the thrift store, but I was able to remind myself that I didn't need to spend the money b/c I have plenty of skirts and just b/c it's cheap doesn't mean I need it. That is HUGE for me, people!!! I spent $6.30 total at the thrift store today and I ONLY bought things that we NEED. Well, okay, so the drumset probably wasn't a need, but K-man has definitely got a thing for drumming, and I want to encourage his musical abilities, so that kinda makes it a need. Oh, and the tracing plates for munchkin are to encourage her artistic abilities, plus they will occupy her for at least a few that's a need, too. HEY. I PUT THE SKIRT BACK. That's progress! LOL! *Edited to add pictures...note that they were $.19 each....that means I got them for 9.5 cents each at the half price sale....double whoohoo!!!!*

So there's my list. I'll try to come back an post some pics later. *edited to say....I JUST DID! Yay Me!* LOL!


  1. That's one drum head not working you will be thankful for later on. lol!!

    And about my stress fracture... I haven't really blogged the details of my last dr appointment yet, but they are not 100% it's a stress fracture. It might be something called Osteoid Osteoma which is a benign tumor. If it is stress fracture it's large, and it's in a rare and terrible spot and they told me I'm lucky I haven't broke it because I was still putting weight on it. (It's in my femur bone.) They have ran a few tests and have a few more to run, but they are waiting to see if staying off it will allow enough healing - if so then it's not a tumor. It's kind of a long story... like you even wanted this much detail!! lol! (see... this is why I haven't blogged about it... I just ramble on!!)

  2. Very nice! Next time you go to see your mom tell her and everyone else I said hello. And yes that library is great. I still go there too. As a matter of fact I have books that need to be returned *grin*.


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