Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sometimes I'm Not So Smart

Like this afternoon, when I decided to mow our entire hill....er....yard with a push mower. Because, you know, I'm sweet to my hubby like that....and you know, I wanted to be more understanding of his efforts in yard mowing. And push mower b/c I haven't used a riding mower since I was living with mom and dad seven years ago, and it wasn't this much of a hill and I was a little nervous about trying to do this hill when I'm that out of practice.

Oh and then I didn't wear gloves.

And it's not a yard. It's a gigantic hill.

My blisters got blisters. Not that I'm complaining. Just much more understanding now!!!!!

I will sleep GOOOOOD tonight.


  1. How very sweet you are to want to be sympathetic to your husband plight! I am sure he appreciated it! Or did he say, "Honey, what did you do that for? I was going to do it tomorrow."

  2. Hey girl! I mowed this week too, only I left our giaganic hill for husband to mow later. But I did mow everything else! :o) Sorry for your blisters. Maybe if KC kisses them, they will feel better? :o)

  3. Last summer I mowed our yard just to get away from the kids!

  4. OUCH!

    Have KC kiss those little boo-boos and all will be well again, okay?


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