Thursday, April 03, 2008

Our Little Interior Decorator

Here's a funny I forgot until I was driving home tonight. I thought I'd better hop on and write it down while I'm remembering it.

Last night when I got home from work, I sat down at the table and watched KC and the kids eat their supper and KC mentioned the idea we've tossed up several times about just adding on to this house instead of looking for a bigger one. He was like, where's some paper, let me draw out what I've been thinking, so he starts sketching and we're discussing what we could put where and everything.

Munchkin, who has been listening quietly to the conversation, suddenly says, "I KNOW. I can help you! We'll get some pink paint and paint the living room."

"PINK?!" Mommy and daddy look at each other and inwardly bust out laughing.

"Yeah! Pink! And PURPLE. Pink and purple, daddy!!! Pink and purple living room! I can help!"

"Sounds like a Barbie Dream House," I said, trying to sound serious!

Okay, then we just couldn't help it. We had to laugh. She was just SOOO serious! LOL.

So next time we have company, and the living room is pink and purple? You'll know whose idea that was!!! LOL!


  1. Hi, Faith! So sorry I haven't been here for awhile. I have missed hearing about your life. I am going to spend some time getting re-acquainted.

    Love the Barbie Dream house idea! When I was little I wanted to drive a pastel polka-dotted SlugBug. Now I can so see my daughter dreaming the same thing!

  2. At least she's willing to help right?? Although I have the feeling that if you gave her the pink and purple paint and a paint brush, it wouldn't just be the living room that's pink and purple *grin*

  3. You would have to buy all new furniture if you paint your living room pink and purple!
    I don't think it will work.


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