Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Messages (another headache edition)

Dear Monday,
You are perfect for creating headaches. Today, at least, I guess I'm thankful it's just a headache in my head....not a headache in my wallet like it was a few weeks ago. I'm really tired though, and you haven't done much to help me. Not that you ever do....
Agrees With Garfield

Dear Knot on My Finger,
You are freaking me out. GO AWAY. According to my blood, you are not arthritis. So what does that mean you are? You are definitely getting on my nerves. Literally. *sigh*
Freaking Out

Dear Work,
Precisely 12 more working days. I think I'm happy about that. When I'm not worried. You know I don't like change. But I think I'll manage. Maybe.
Not a Career Woman anymore......

Dear life...
could ya let up a bit again? I find myself in need of another breather. Oh well. Perhaps in 12 days, huh? Right. HA.



  1. Oh, did I miss a post about something important happening in 12 days? Or maybe I'm just slow tonight...

    Thinking of you tonight girl!

  2. 12 days huh? Are we gonna have a party?? *grin* Just kidding. Hope tomorrow is better for ya with no headache. Let me know if theres anything I can do. Love ya!!

  3. Hang in there. Take a deep breath hand it over to God and RELAX! I am praying for you.
    I love you!

  4. I'm up for a party in 12 days!

  5. I agree with Amy.. did we miss something here !!?!?!? what is happening in 12 days.. I am sorry about the headaches.. I will put you on my pray list..and pray that God will help you. It's really hard to take care of children with your head pounding!!!

  6. Congrats to you in 12 days! If I remember correcting in 12 days you won't be working any more? That is what I understood anyway. Hope your Tues. is less stressful and headache free! (I know the pain).

  7. correctly...that is what I meant.

  8. LOL...yes, to clear up the confusion....only 12 more workdays at this job (11 after today) and then....heaven help...upon suggestion from one of my good friends, I think my new job title will be "Domestic Goddess" ROFL. Just kiddin. Well, about the "goddess" part anyways. LOL.

  9. Well, hopefully I will be back in town in 12 days and I say we celebrate with a Mommy's Luncheon. I'll provide the house if everyone else provides the food...*wink* Actually I SHOULD be able to get groceries by then, at least I hope so- for my family's sake.

    So YOU GO GIRL! I feel the need to be very truthful in saying that staying at home with small children is no easy task. For me, working out in the "real world" is a piece of cake in comparison. But honestly, it is sooo rewarding. I think you'll love it, especially with your daycare schedule. You'll be a new woman!

    Hey, maybe we should set up a babysitting exchange so I can be a new woman, too. *double wink*

  10. Well.. I would just love to babysit for all you young moms and give you all a day off so you can feel like a NEW WOMAN !!!.. I love to babysit..of course you could always move to OHIO.. *smiling*


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