Saturday, April 05, 2008

It's Over

Hopefully my last fund drive....unless I decide to visit as a non-employee (LOL).

I am SOOO exhausted. I lost track of how many times I could have killed a crazy kook during this week. Bad part is that it was a different crazy kook almost every time. That's a lot of crazy kooks. UGHHHHH! And did I mention that PMS stands for Potential Murder Suspect? LOL! Double UGH!!!!

I'm so exhausted. Did I say that already? Oh yeah. I did. Well, it's a true enough statement that it's worth saying twice anyways.

Kids are back home. K-man was sweet enough to bless my wonderful darlin hubby with a few more deadly stinkbombs before the mom got home, so my hubby is now completely broke in. YAY FOR MY HUBBY!!! Oh I love that man!

For the record, when I said, "It's not as bad as you thought it'd be is it?"

He responded with, "NOOOO, it's WORSE!!! ROTTEN!!!!"


Guess I'll still get the majority of stinkness. Oh well. It's nice that I can feel confident about leaving them with him without worrying about him freaking out over it though. Well, you know....within reason. LOL.

Yes, the K-man is nothing if not regular. Three a day, boys. Except he won't do it in the potty. The little turkey. Oh well. We'll get there.

Well, I'm haulin my tired self off to bed now.


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  1. Goodness girl... I forget how busy your life is!! I hope you slept well!!!! And lol about the stink bombs!!


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