Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's Like Living In A Big City!

Well, remember the accident that happened in front of the house at the beginning of the month? You'd think stuff like that would not happen more than once in a year, much less more than once in a month. Seriously, to quote the neighbor, as we were, for the second time this month, all standing out in the front yard watching the showdown at the road right in front of our houses, "It's like I still live in the big city."

So, right as we're pulling in the driveway tonight, we pull over to get the mail and there's this kinda strange looking guy walking up the road toward us and I said...."ooh...that's kinda creepy," but anyways, we pulled up in the drive and started getting out of the car and getting ready to go in the house when suddenly there's like 5 police cars in front of the house and then an ambulance and they're strapping the guy to a board and haulin him off....and looking for his buddy who ran. Lemme tell ya...I feel very safe tonight. As far as we know they didn't find the buddy.

The neighbors actually went down to the road to find out what was going on and apparently the two people were involved in a hit and run like 2 miles away, got out, took the license plate off the car and ran. Apparently a white truck picked them up and then must have dropped them out and went on, but a witness saw the whole thing, followed them and called the cops. Naturally they caught them right in front of the house. I never saw the second guy, but they said he ran when the cops caught up with them. And the cops were combing the woods across from the house. The guy who they caught and took away in the ambulance had a gashed throat.

Anyways, it was pretty nuts.

Wonder what it will be next month!?!


  1. wow, makes a body feel safe huh? hope tey caught the other guy. keep holding on to Jesus' hand cause i wouldn't want to be without Him. it gives me a creepy feeling just thinking about some unknown dude running around in the woods near my home.

  2. by the any current pics of your kiddies?

  3. wow. i am glad i live in the woods. i dont have too see stuff like that. i would be to scared. love ya

  4. Oh geez! That is really scary!

  5. What in the world? How weird is that?


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