Friday, March 21, 2008

I Been Thinking....

(LOL....and I know what YOU'RE thinking about that title, but I won't say it)

So I been thinking....I said last post "...I wouldn't trade'm. And sure, I'd take more if they called us."

But now....I'm thinking, sure, I'd take more....but just not on trips. Actually, right this minute I'm still kinda het up at the kids for being such royal pain about going to bed. It's just cuz they're tired. I know that. But I'm tired, too, and you don't see ME being completely defiant of all rules and refusing to comply even with very nicely put requests from understanding parents.

UGH. TERRORS. Ya know. I can't say the B word, but I'd have to say "terror" is quite accurate, too.

We DEFINITELY paid for last night's 11:00 bedtime and the rough night the K-man had with sleeping somewhere besides his familiar crib. And the fact that they didn't do so well napping today since we were in the car during naptime and they decided to nap in shifts, which meant that the one that wasn't sleeping didn't let the one that was sleeping....ya know....SLEEP. Or at least not sleep for longer than a half hour.

I didn't stress over cuz I thought....ya know...maybe it will be enough.

Well. Turns out.....maybe I should have stressed. HAHA.

This is the first 'long' trip that we've taken with both of the kids. Munchkin? Well, she's an old pro at it now....the hotel rooms, bathroom stops, naps....she can go with the flow....but I think maybe the K-man being along has thrown a wrench in her "flow" (along with ours). LOL. After all, now when one doesn't go to sleep like they're supposed the car OR the hotel room.....well....neither does the other.....and of course, it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyways....neither do mom and dad. Haha.

It'll get better. Munchkin was horrific on the first trip we took with her....can't expect K-man to be any less of an adjustment. that I've complained a bit, I'm going to go get some rest....I have a feeling I may *NEED* it before this trip is over....and while they're both asleep....this is as good a time as any. HAHA.


PS Do you think it would be reasonable to consider the work on the "love chapter" on hold until we're all back home again? *wry grin* Um. Cuz....well....I haven't done so good with it on the trip...something about being confined inside a medium sized SUV or a one room hotel unit for the last two days just makes it LOL.

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