Saturday, February 23, 2008

(SPRING?) Saturday

Heavenly days, the weather was bea-UTIFUL today!
Got all kinds of things done today, but now I'm whooped!

Let's see....cleaned the house (more than just straightening up, I actually washed the MIRRORS in the bathroom, got out a dustcloth and vacuumed with carpet cleaner--among other things...woohoo for me), did about five loads of laundry (AND FOLDED AN PUT AWAY...that's like a major MAJOR accomplishment for me, people!!!), straightened the kids rooms and kept the place picked up after them all day, helped KC paint up the edges of the back porch that needed to be finished, sewed a bag holder for K-mans room, took the kids outside and played ball with them for a little while, baked some cinnabon muffins, made popcorn and lemonade, gave the kids their baths.....all KINDS of fun stuff!

However, "wore out" me did think to take pictures of some of the things that drained all my energy today. Most of the energy drainers were under three feet tall, so I can't post pictures of them on here, but I did post them on my myspace (which is only viewable by friends) so if you're my friend on myspace, go check them out....if you're not my friend, go be my friend on myspace. *GRIN*
Here are the other pictures....the ones I can post here....

Sewed up this little booger to hold plastic bags in K-man's room. It was getting messy just throwing them in the drawer with his diapers. We have to bag his toxic waste. Goodness if that stuff shouldn't be classified as radioactive or something. Anyways, this is perfect.

Close up picture
This is where the tube came from. This pair of his pants was still in excellent shape, but had a very faulty fly. Oh well. I fixed THEM!
I did the munchkin's hair this morning. It turned out really cute! I french braided the sides to the back and then tied them together. She looked cute opposed to slightly ragamuffin-ish as she normally looks when I don't do anything to her hair....LOL!

And then there was the back porch that we painted. Well, technically KC and the guys had already painted the most of it, but we had to go around all the tops and bottoms and sides of some of the railing to get all the places they didn't get with the rollers. It looks done now. YAY for us! And the weather was soooo nice to get it done!

I also fixed popcorn and lemonade and we had a family night. It was great. And the lemonade was SOOOO yummy. It totally hit the spot on a day like today!

one family member that isn't really into getting his picture taken....

and just for fun....hows about some pictures of my fat cat.

This is where he lay most of the afternoon. Lazy bum of a couch potato! HAHA.

well, speaking of lazy bums, i'm going to take my NOT lazy bum to bed now cuz it is TIRED!



  1. Phew i'm tired jut reading! Good for you, hope you guys have great weekend.

  2. Phew i'm tired jut reading! Good for you, hope you guys have great weekend.

  3. glad to hear you had a productive Sat. know what I did? that's right, laid around...alot like y our cat..only I was trying to get better. :o) We did take a car ride for a little bit, but not long. Amazing how tuckered out one can get after being sick. :oP

  4. AWWW! Cute kitty Faith!


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