Friday, February 08, 2008

Pictures (Ladies Night Out and Sam)

Meet my new dog. I'm gonna call him Sam. Sam THE dog. He fits perfectly in the angle between the dash and the perfectly in fact, that he doesn't move more than a fraction of an inch while I'm driving. And for the record....the look on his face? That's not a general look of passengers in my car....just the ones who ride backwards on the dash. night out...........snort, snort!!! ROFL.
These masks were in a kids book that K bought for Vi's party and me and R decided to have a little fun ourselves. LOL.
Oh and yes, there were a few ladies with us......
Ladies who almost broke the camera with that drop dead "DON'T TAKE MY PICTURE" look. LoL. Don't worry, the camera survived....looks can't kill. =) *GRIN* was a backwards night out....we did everything backwards to how we normally do first and eating last. It was great.

And then today everything at work just BLOWS UP.

Joy. Welcome to my life.


  1. Anonymous2:38 PM

    "And then today everything at work just BLOWS UP." least lunch was fun.....huh??????

    Your $5 is coming..........


  2. I so need a girls night out... whether forward OR backwards... I just need one! :) Sorry you had to go back to work. That takes all the fun back out of it!

  3. Last night was Gr-8 wasn't it?

  4. Okay, is this blackmail or something? "Laughter is good like a medicine."

  5. i said no pictures. we had a great time. love ya

  6. R---and i said are you nuts? course they'r goin on my blog!!! HAHAHA. LOVE YA!!!


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