Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Day In Pictures

I'd say this pretty much sums it all up in one picture. My day in a nutshell. Poppin lots of green, yellow, purple, red, & orange happy pills + chocolate + dr peppers out the ying-yang.

but then there was the highlight of my early birthday present from my mummy

she made it....ain't it cool?
It's official. I can now join the granny team....I have my country girl granny smock.
ain't it just beeee---U-tiful?

Yeah. I thought so....and this is my beee---U--tiful mom who lovingly handmade all the bias tape around the edges for her only daughter to have a lovely granny smock that she's been wanting for ages......and my crazy dad who is just like me. LOL

The rest of the day went downhill and I didn't take pictures of it. Got stuck on the hwy home for an extra 15 minutes or so because of an accident blocking the road. Finally got past that (it was a tractor trailer belly-up in the ditch...looked really bad) and got home....the church newsletter wouldn't print right....I got grumpy cuz munchkin kept getting in my way when I was trying to figure it out....KC told me to lose my attitude cuz I was 25....which made me grumpier.....and the night ended in much the same way.....URGH.

So basically....except for my lovely early birthday gift, my day was this.

and I savored the very last of the king size Reese's on the way home from church. And needed more. UGH. That's bad. Considering I like that maybe once in a blue moon. *sigh*
I'm going to finish my last Dr. Pepper now and then go to bed. And I seriously hope that tomorrow is better.


  1. I think our diets are similar!

    And I hope you have a better day tomorrow too!

  2. LOVE the smock!! It is so cute, and I can't beleive your mom made it!! Tell her I think she did an excellent job!! I hope your day goes better tomorrow! Love ya!!

  3. Hey i liked the smock. and i too hope you have a better day tomorrow. love ya

  4. Angie Dawn12:33 AM

    Happy early Birthday!:) Also the Dr.Pepper & Reese Cup looks really good! That is why I have been on a diet; because I think I had 1 to many!LOL! Anyway I hope you have a great day tomorrow!

  5. Your parents are adorable.

    Great menu!

  6. Wow, me you and amy must have very similar diets! From what she said, and you posted, and for the fact that I am chowing down on my second piece of b-day cake THIS MORNGING and remembered that I have a dr. pepper in the frig...we're hopeless when it comes to food. *lol* Actually...I normally don't eat so much "junk" food...but since yesterday was my b-day...I'm going to party all weekend. *lol* :o) Hope you are having a better day today.

  7. Good golly.... that looks SO good. Mmmmm. I don't do DP anymore though. I am strictly a DC fanatic now. (I gianed too much weight on DP!!!) When's your bday again? Mine is coming up too. I got an eary present today too. A garmin which is a GPS device for when I run and bike. It is SO cool!

  8. Well, since I went to Kelly's like a month ago, I have been addicted to DP, but I have switched to Diet DP, except last week when Mariano brought home the REAL thing, since then been down hill...HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. I confess after all those years that Julie, you and I have spent, I only remember Julie's Birthday. Because it is the last day in Feb. At least I think so.

  9. yep you're right wendy. :o)


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