Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Hate Sick.

Yesterday, coming home from a birthday party that I took the kids to, K-man hurled....

I hope you're not eating. No, really...if you're eating, you should stop now b/c I plan on describing it in detail so ya'll can completely empathize with my I hope you're not eating.

Cuz he had just ate a cupcake with green icing (it was a john deere birthday party). And that...along with everything else he'd had to eat that day.....was all over him, his coat in his lap, AND puddled in the bottom of the car seat.

It was so bad that when the smell filled the car, I had to immediately roll down all the windows and me and Munchkin were STILL gagging.

Being still a good five to eight minutes from home, AND not knowing how much of the hurl was back there, I pulled over and got out. I gingerly unbuckled the K-man and lifted him out, stripped him down to his diaper (which got green hurl all over him, from his legs all the way up in his hair) and then tried to wipe him off with the few diaper wipes I had with me. Being that it wasn't that warm outside, and the wipes were cold, he wasn't real happy about that, so I thought...forget this, let's just get home. So I got home and handed him off to KC to take inside, finish stripping, and dump in the tub, while I pulled the hurl filled carseat out of the car and proceed to use the hose on it and the clothes.

Oh, it was discusting. And after I finished cleaning the car mess and came in and gave him a bath, washed my hands and changed clothes....I could STILL smell it.

I'm not sure if it was doing puke duty that made me nauseous or if I've just got a virus, but after all that last night, I was queasy the rest of the evening and started getting achy despite taking some Aleve. Today, I woke up, still achy, and my stomach has been churning and I've been just yucky feeling all day.

I hate that.

On the bright side, I did work on the pictures I took on Friday while I was having all the couch time today. On the dark side, it took me all day to get them done because I was also having to take care of kids and feeling sick and napping. It was probably about an hour and half or so editing job. LOL. Anyways, it was a fun session.

Well, I think that is about it for today. I'm going to take my rolling stomach off to bed now. I've gone to bed early every night this weekend, so hopefully that will do some good on "sick and achy."

Or at least make me less grumpy. Sheesh.

PS Random Munchkin quote:

(overheard from Munchkin who was riding on K-man's little dumptruck through the kitchen and stopped---apparently at a drive thru) "I want chicken nuggets and fries (short pause) and that's it (longer pause) HANK you!"

The part that struck me funny??? "and that's it" We always say that when we're ordering at a drive through....she sure picks up on the strangest things.


  1. Hey, missed you yesterday!

    The pictures look good. Do I know those people? The older guy is real cute. Can you introduce me?

    Hope you are feeling better today.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. i love the pictures. i hate that you all were sick. we miss you when you dont get to come to church. if you ever need me to help you out i will. i love ya

  3. Great job on the pix. Just wondering when I will get some.... I'll have to put dibs on them right away.

    Do you know I still haven't passed out pix from Garrett's photo shoot? SHAME ON ME!

  4. Great pics!!!! I didn't read all the details cuz I was eating. Thanks for the warning. :) Hopefully your tomorrow will be filled with less drama!

  5. ok the pic w/ everyone in the trees...
    so totally cool!


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