Thursday, January 17, 2008

Vacation Over.

Wouldn't ya know it. A snow day.

They cancelled school (including preschool, which means the kidlets are bouncing all over the house today).

They closed the college where I work (not that I was going in today anyways since I was supposed to go to court for munchkin today).

They cancelled court.

So I'm sitting here at home....once again, not getting anything done. Everyone seems to be in an ornery mood today, myself included. And it's COLD.

I'd send them outside to make a mess and get into everything if it wasn't so stinkin cold out there and the fact that they don't have any kind of snow boots, no snowsuits, not even heavy enough jackets or gloves.


Oh well.

*HEAVY sigh*

I miss mean work. LOL. Pathetic.



  1. Oh, it would be so fun if they had snow gear!

  2. Jules6:42 PM

    What are their sizes?

  3. Awww.... they have got to get hooked up!!


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