Thursday, January 31, 2008


Well, what a waste of a perfectly good day.

I just got out of court at 3:30. UnREAL.

Sum it all up...BioM actually was put on the stand. Got caught lying through her teeth during cross examination about drug screens, made it sound like she's making incredible progress on her case plan in the last week and judge gave her another 60 days to maintain stable housing, get a job, and complete at least 4 consecutive negative drug screens.

Good grief.

Judge ran down this LONG list of plausible reasons (including, but not limited to, serious psychiactric health issues and questionable use of extremely strong prescription drugs--prescribed by a doctor in the county that is KNOWN to be one that will freely write prescriptions that aren' much so, that it's almost a JOKE among county, actually, it IS a joke!) that BioM should never have custody of any kids (PERIOD) and then turned around and said here, you're making fine progress, have another sixty days.

I had to sit through six hours of absolute torture for THAT?

I felt like crying.

Now I have a headache and I did not get anything done today. I'm so bummed out.

I'm going away now to figure out what the surprise giveaway might be. I think it may be a cool papercrafting book (although we're going to leave the details to be a surprise) and I think I'm also going to include a few other goodies that I've got around here.....I think it will be cool.

I can tell you one thing....I know one judge who won't get my vote this fall. One day of listening to her decisions and I'm ready to campaign for any one of her opponents.

I'm off to sulk and try to get something done that will make at least part of this day worthwhile now.....



  1. Bummer. That is a disappointing day. I am so sorry for the setback. Keep your chin up, anything can happen in 60 days.

  2. I'm sorry it was such a bad day. Was the hearing for Munchkin or K-man? I hope tomorrow goes much better for ya. I'll be praying for ya'll. Love ya!!

  3. Ditto to what Casey said. And don't give up, just remember "who's got your back".

  4. Hey Sweetie,
    Don't forget the Judge of all judges has already got the case down pat. He is just and fair. Keep your hand in His and He will see you trough all the dissapointments!
    I wish I had known, I could have came down to be with you after our foster thingy-ma-bob. Let me know next time okay?
    I hope you have a blessed day today!
    bunches of Love

  5. it was for K-man...munchkin's court isn't for another couple of weeks.

  6. oh and thanks for the encouragement, yall. =)

  7. Hey faith,
    I'm sorry to hear that you had such a hard day! I have never had to endure that kind of stress but I admire your fighting spirit and the obvious love you have for K-man and munchkin! I'm thinking about you all the way up here in cold!


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