Friday, January 11, 2008

Still here....

Still makin' it.

What a week, though. And it is imPOSsible to get anything done at home when you're here with sick young'uns. They (K-man especially) just wants to be attached to my hip permanently and for the munchkin, she turns into superbrat when she doesn't feel good. Thank God, he's given me abundant grace. I can handle a child not feeling good, and even being all whiney and everything yet just laying around and wanting to be babied or petted, but a child who doesn't feel good and shows it by being extremely bratty and doing her best to push every last anger button I've got (you know, the ones that get pushed when they scream in the highest decibel possible because you said it was time to pick up the stuff they dragged all out, or the buttons that get pushed when they narrow their eyes at you and call you meanie mommy and start tearing apart their room for just as small a reason), just drives me up a wall. Ugh.

Thank God for extra patience. I've certainly needed it this week.

So far I'm still above the sick bed, but no guarantees on staying that way. Still downing lots of water and vitamins and spraying lysol through the house, non-stop.

Oh yeah, and today I opened all the windows and turned the fans on. That was actually this evening. And it was comfortable and felt like spring weather. What is wrong with this picture? You should not be able, in the middle of January, to open your windows at 4pm and feel a nice spring breeze flowing through the house. That is just discusting. And yes, I'm sure if anyone reads this blog from the northernmost regions of the continent where it's probably like 14 below with lots of frozen precipitation, they're probably rolling their eyes and turning green with envy right about now. LOL. Anyways. I am just ready for this sick junk to go AWAY!!!!

K-man was running a fever part of the day and Munchkin ran one last night again. It just comes and goes. I'll be veryyyy happy when it goes and doesn't come back. LOL.

Okay...well, K-man is sitting beside me sleeping slumped over against me, making it very hard to type, so i'm going to go put him to bed now.


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  1. I am loving this weather, too.

    I do want some snow, but having the kids play outside and run off steam is beautiful!

    I am thankful that God have given you what you needed this week. It sounds like you have been tested!


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